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Rick Astley to perform at European Music Awards


Rickroll fans rejoice, because the MAN is back!

According to Bestactever, Rick Astley will be coming out of retirement to perform at the MTV European Music Awards.

And the rumor gets better again: not only will Astley be performing one song, he’s apparently booked for two.

Never going to give you up. Say no more.

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3 Responses to “Rick Astley to perform at European Music Awards”

  1. tiger16

    This Is not true , Rick Astley has NOT even been asked to preform at the awards show . You might want to ditch your source , he's just a “wanna be ” he's not connected to Rick Astley in any way neither is his site !! He filled you with lies and you printed it !

    You can check this out with :

  2. arlene davis

    i wounder sometimes does he get tired of singing the same old songs or does it get better every time he sings his songs

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