12-year-old calls out cop

12-Year-Old Calls Out Cop For Jerk Parking, Viral Video Ensues [Watch]

A video in which a 12-year-old calls out a cop for parking like a jerk has gone viral, and it seems everyone envies the tween’s cojones in baldly confronting the police officer.

The “12-year-old calls out cop” video features the boy, Jeremy, who also filmed his interaction with the officer.

In the video, the officer parks his motorcycle — on the sidewalk, not the street, which irks the young citizen.

Jeremy, clearly bothered by the cop’s park job, calls the officer out with seemingly no fear of reprisal.

The boy begins:

“Is there a reason for you to park on the sidewalk? Is it an emergency or anything?”

The cop ignores the convo as the 12-year-old calls him out, but Jeremy ballsily persists — following the officer, asking for his identification, and basically scootching the man for flouting parking laws himself as a representative of the law.

Finally, the exasperated 5-0 asks Jeremy why the kid wants his badge number, and the 12-year-old retorts:

“Because I have a right to.”

At this juncture, the 12-year-old who calls out the cop is himself hounded for ID, a bizarre request for someone so visibly young. The officer ultimately chastises Jeremy for “loitering,” and never gives up the badge number.

But Jeremy got his point across anyway — posting the clip to the web and snagging 3 million views so far. Here is the clip of the 12-year-old as he calls out the cop for bad parking:

12-Year-Old Confronts Officer About Illegally Parking His Bike

The child even manages to deflect the officer’s ID request skillfully, explaining that he is a “minor,” and then again the 12-year-old (sounding like a cop himself) identifies himself as “Jeremy Drew” before badgering the officer about the necessity of parking a “motorized vehicle” on the sidewalk. Twice.

Jeremy then posted the clip to YouTube, adding:

“Hi I’m a twelve y/o boy named Jeremy who has found a cop disobeying.”

Watch the clip of a 12-year-old as he calls out a cop — bratty kid or bratty officer?