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Zip-Tied 4-Year-Old Bound To Baby Gate, Kicked By Father

Zip-Tied 4-Year-Old

A zip-tied 4-year-old was reportedly kicked by her father after she was bound to a baby gate.

North Carolina authorities explained that 26-year-old Gerald Swinehart secured his daughter to a safety gate with plastic ties before striking her in the face. Police said the little girl was struck with such force that her bottom teeth busted through her bottom lip.

Swinehart is believed to have zip-tied the 4-year-old before heading off to Florida with his girlfriend. The father is now facing charges of intentional child abuse inflicting serious physical injury.

Wake County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Cruden said Swinehart’s girlfriend took the child to a hospital for treatment before heading off to Florida. They checked the little girl in using a fake name.

Although the couple fled to Florida, they were eventually apprehended by police. Cruden explained that 28-year-old Marlaine Coffey was also charged with intentional child abuse inflicting serious physical injury. She is being held under a $50,000 bond, while Swinehart is in custody under a $100,000 bond. It’s unclear at moment if either party has attorneys.

It’s believed that the incident involving the zip-tied 4-year-old occurred earlier this year. Authorities explained that the child was taken into the custody of North Carolina social services on March 31. The condition of the little girl is currently unknown as of this writing.

A judge explained that he intends to keep track of Swinehart should he make bond. It’s believed that the father will be required to wear an ankle bracelet while he’s under house arrest.

While it’s unclear just how long the couple will spend behind bars if they are found guilty of the child abuse charges against them, it’s currently believed they could do serious time.

What do you think about the North Carolina couple who zip-tied their 4-year-old daughter to a baby safety gate before heading to Florida?

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23 Responses to “Zip-Tied 4-Year-Old Bound To Baby Gate, Kicked By Father”

  1. Beatrice Marot

    I just want to hug that little girl. May she find a kind and loving foster family and be blessed with a peaceful life. How anyone can hurt a child is incomprehensible to me. My heart goes out to her.

  2. Anonymous

    They should be zip-tied to a gate and given the same treatment they gave the child before they are sent (hopefully for life) in prison!

  3. Vicki Wells

    Sometimes there is no justice severe enough for monsters like this! Put them to death. If we would do this each time something like this happened…IT WOULD STOP!

  4. Maria Castaldi


  5. Laurie Brophy Roan

    The bond should have been set much higher! And the charges should be attempted murder. It's high time our Justice system protects those that can not protect themselves.

  6. Mella Stormiel

    Why do a$$holes like this always have kids?

  7. Janis Grant Cable

    I like this because I agree with your swift and just punishment, not that it happened.

  8. Laura Smith

    They should zip-tie him while he's under house arrest. Maybe then he would understand what he did to his daughter.

  9. Amanda Swanson-Bunch

    I think he should have a zip-tie put around his pathetic excuse for dick and balls until they fall off.

  10. Althea Stroud

    Where is the mother? He intended on leaving her tied up & left for dead?

  11. Bart Hautala

    I would like to zip tie both of them to chain link fences, naked, in Harlem, covered in a poster board sigh that reads "I am a child abuser". Then let natural law take it course.

  12. Anonymous

    Oh how I wish I could get my hands on these monsters. I hope that poor girl get the love and safety she deserves.

  13. Karena Plessinger

    i would LOVE to spend just 5 minutes with a $%^% like show them how swift justice could be!

  14. D Loren Brayton

    They should zip tie his wrists to his ankles and put him in a prison cell butt up naked.

  15. John Pocher

    Why such a low bond? I hope that the mother loses custody.

  16. Tony Ross

    I would really like to meet Mr Swinehart……………………………………

  17. Tony Ross

    I would really like to meet Mr Swinehart……………………………………

  18. Tony Ross

    I would really like to meet Mr Swinehart……………………………………

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