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Bulls Beat The Heat In Game 1

Nate Robinson Explodes For 29 Points In Fourth Quarter, Leads Bulls To 3OT Victory

If you’ve been paying attention to the NBA playoffs this year, you’re probably aware of one resounding fact: The Chicago Bulls have no chance against the Miami Heat. Well, you might want to re-evaluate your playoff expectations. The Bulls beat the Heat during the first game of the series tonight in Miami.

It was a huge win for the Bulls who played once again without Loul Deng, Kirk Hinrich, and, of course, Derrick Rose. Oh, and Nate Robinson had to leave the game to get six stitches in his lip after a collision with LeBron James.

The little man came back for the second half and he came back big. Robinson scored 27 points and was huge for the Bulls down the stretch. The Bulls went on a 10-0 run to end the game with Robinson adding 7 of those ten points.

Coach Tom Thibodeau said: “He’s about as confident as they come and that’s the thing that makes him good. He always thinks he’s hot. He’s never afraid. He has the courage to take and make.”

The Bulls were undermanned for game one and will be for the remainder of the playoffs, but they managed to stifle Miami’s offensive weapons. The Heat were held to just 37 points in the first half, the team’s lowest total for the season, and just 86 points for the game. The league’s MVP LeBron James was the only Miami Heat player to show some offensive power but that wasn’t until the second half.

James was held to just two points in the first half. He would end up with 24 for the night but it was too little and too late.

Dwyane Wade was the only other Heat player to score more than 10 points. Wade ended with 14 while Bosh, Chalmers and Haslem were all held to nine points or less.

The Bulls, on the other hand, had five guys with a double digit scoring night. Nate Robbinson led the way with 27 while Jimmy Butler, who was tasked with guarding James all night, added 21. Taj Gibson added 13 and Marco Bilinelli added 10. Joakim Noah gave the Bulls 13 points as well as 11 rebounds. It was an off night for Carlos Boozer who only added 6 points but Bulls big man took down 14 rebounds.

The Bulls were able to steal one tonight in Miami but they’re going to have to play better if they want a chance to beat the Heat.

Thibs added: “This is just one game. We’re going to have to play a lot better in the next one.”

Are you surprised that the Chicago Bulls won tonight? Do you think they have a chance to knock out the Miami Heat?

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3 Responses to “Bulls Beat The Heat In Game 1”

  1. Anji McBride

    I have always been a Bull's girl, but I admit I haven't watched them for a long time, until lately when my Dad told me that the Bulls just might have a shot this year at the championship. I monitored remotely their games against Brooklyn, having confidence but content to just hear what the score was after the game was over, but when they made it past Brooklyn, I decided maybe they were going to make it to the championship, a place I haven't seen them since they decimated the Utah Jazz in 98'. I have missed them and I have been patiently waiting for them to come back into the light, and when I watched them play against the heat tonight, I knew what it was my Dad had seen (he's an avid Warriors fan so for him to say they have a shot meant something), Heart. They need to sharpen up their skills I grant you, but what I saw out there tonight, was the eye of the tiger, hunger. I saw heart and hunger. They pressed and they pressed hard all night long, they were not giveing up that game come hell or high water. They need to sharpen up their offensive skills and they gotta learn how to keep the heat out of their paint without fouling them, but, they wanted that game, they really wanted it, so they took it.

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