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12-Year-Old Calls Out Cop For Illegal Parking

kid cop

A 12-year-old called out a cop for parking illegally in Las Vegas.

The boy, named Jeremy, video taped the officer as he pulled his motorcycle on the sidewalk. The boy doesn’t seem to understand why the officer, someone who is paid to uphold the law, would disregard simple parking rules.

The boy asks: “Is there a reason for you to park on the sidewalk? Is it an emergency or anything?”

When the officer doesn’t answer Jeremy’s question, the 12-year-old starts asking for the officer’s badge number. The cop continues to protest, but Jeremy isn’t intimidated by the officer’s size.

When asked why he wants the badge number, Jeremy replies: “Because I have the right to.”

At this point, the cop has had enough and tries to turn the table on the 12-year-old. He asks the child if he has any idea (he doesn’t, he’s 12) and tells them that he should stop loitering.

Jeremy didn’t get any answers from the police officer, but he did start a debate on the internet. Is Jeremy a model citizen who expects his neighborhood law enforcement to obey the laws they enforce? Or is he just an annoying 12-year-old who has no respect for the law?

Here’s the video of the 12-year-old calling out the cop for his illegal park job. What do you think of Jeremy’s video.

Whatever your opinion, I think we can all agree that Jeremy should work on his video skills for next session of citizen justice.

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113 Responses to “12-Year-Old Calls Out Cop For Illegal Parking”

  1. Otto Bellictoff

    An instructor at a gun safety course through general conversation announced he generally only had a dislike for people who think they're "special" and above the law. I sarcastically interjected the irony "A cop that doesn't like cops eh?"….he seemed confused and just bypassed the opportunity to further engage conversation..

  2. Jade Summer

    that cop was so disrespectful, how can one expect kids to respect officers if they act like this guy did?

  3. Jonas King

    By law, any LEO has to divulge his badge number… what a prick and a non-law-abiding cop. Got plenty of those here in New Mexico. I hope this prick is suspended. Good going, young man; you made my afternoon!

  4. Anita Justice Wages

    I don't think this was necessary for the 12 year old to do this.

  5. Carla Sebrina Spahos

    Why not, Anita? Because the hypocrisy should be casually ignored? Don't you know the number one thing that upsets kids the most? Hypocritical adults. The "don't do as I do, do as I say" attitude. And it's worse when it comes from an arrogant police officer who thinks he's above the law. Call them on their bullshit.

  6. Chad Jennings

    His parents most likely don't like cops either so he is acting the way they do. he will most likely become a defense lawyer protecting the criminals that we have to deal with today.

  7. Carla Sebrina Spahos

    People like you, who think that anyone accused of a crime doesn't need or deserve a lawyer should go live in North Korea. You're an idiot.

  8. Christy Follis

    The Officer in this video should be ashamed of himself! He should have simply acknowledged that he WAS WRONG in thinking that he was Special & Above The Law by parking wherever he damn well pleased, while he indulged in his Super-Sized Obesity Creating Fast Food Luncheon. The Officer's behavior and body language clearly shows that HE KNOWS he's been caught in this Act Of Stupidity…..and he further embarrasses himself by his poor attempt at gaining the upper hand OVER A CHILD! What an ass hat!

  9. Victoria Longmire

    That officer broke the law plain and simple. The officer should give that young man a formal apology, and an apology to the department for breaking simple rules for a cup of coffee. Great job young man, this happens all the time. The officer should be ashamed of himself for being so rude to a young teenager. This officer clearly needs a suspension to remind him of what his duties are, instead of taking his job for granted and using his officer badge to park where he shouldn't.

  10. Cindy Lord

    If a civilian parked on the sidewalk and went to get a drink, would the police officer have given him a ticket? Is it against city code for a motorized vehicle to be parked on the sidewalk? Has there been issues before with pedestrians and motorized vehicles in that area? That child apparantly lives in the area and perhaps he is aware of and wishes to end a problem the neighborhood is plagued with. The police officer would not be in the uncomfortable position of having a child attempt to correct this problem, if he followed the rules he is sworn to uphold.

  11. John Hoelck

    Cops do it in all 50 states, glad this BRIGHT YOUNG MAN did what he did.

  12. Tina Holady

    we lived in Las Vegas for almost 20 years and never had a problem with the officers there. Having said that I think this particular officer should have given his badge number and admitted he was wrong to park on the sidewalk. What would it have hurt him to do so. On the other hand, he made the Las Vegas Police Department look bad by being a snot about it.

  13. Tina Holady

    I would venture to say that the parents maybe put him up to it, but I still think the officer should have admitted he was wrong.

  14. Brandon Johnson

    I've seen cops be disrespectful, this guy was nice and getting crap from a 12 year old.

  15. Anonymous

    It sucked.Yes, he needs to work on his video taping skills.

  16. David Allan Plyer Junior

    Brandon Johnson No, that cop was unreasonable and was breaking a law he should have been upholding. The kid was right in what he did. The cop is also suppose to give his badge number when asked.

  17. Shirley Ramirez

    Not only did this young man have a right to ask for a badge number but the whole time he was respectful toward the police officer. What a shame the same cannot be said for the police who would not give his badge number. Kudos to the 12yr old.

  18. David Allan Plyer Junior

    That wasn't the point of the video. He was trying to show that some cops believe they're above the law.

  19. David Schieler

    even if the kid reported it too his supervisor nothing would come of it all they do is file it under G for garbage the kid wasn't loitering but they could have charged the parents for child neglect or some crap 12 years old on the street with no parents? I agree the parents put the kid up too it so now we can all watch it on you tube or twitter the parents got their 5 mins of fame somebody teach the kid how too use a camera jesus it was like watching a drunk person video themselves.

  20. Francisco Gonzalez

    And people wonder why more and more people everyday are disliking cops. This kid had a valid point bc the cop had a Big Gulp in his hand. Cops think they can do whatever they want and think they're above the law. I hope someone of imprortance sees this video and at a minimum gets reprimanded or fired would be even better. Its obvious this cop has done things like this before.

  21. Julie Reid

    I think the kid should be given a medal or something.if more people do what this young man done more cops would be held accountable for their go little man.

  22. Elizabeth Tedore

    Why not? Do you feel it's ok for a cop to knowingly break the law?

  23. Patti Nearing

    THANK YOU, JEREMY! Law Officers are supposed to show us how to obey the law! I have never understood why they get "special priviledges"! And the cop telling you, you were loitering —so wrong! I confronted a police officer for the same offense in 1975. He was on his lunch break — but NOT in his patrol area! I had a lot of police members hassle me for about a year—-but—I did get a letter of apology from the Chief of Police — and I did not see anymore WRONG parking for a long time, in that part of town! Jermey—YOU did the RIGHT THING — Thank you, again!

  24. Roger White

    Drives me crazy that LEO's are always driving 10-15mph over speed limit, but they'll give us a ticket for that.

  25. Anonymous

    I think it would be great if the boy decides to be a police officer when he gets older and keeps that same attitude, I think he would make a great cop! It amazes me how a 12 year old has more morals, and decency then an adult that took a job that should require those beliefs.

  26. Darcy Miller

    1st off by law LEO'S when asked for their badge number no matter the age of the person asking they are suppose to divulge it immediately.This cop needs to abide the same laws he was sworn to abide.

  27. Kevin L Brummitt

    Funny how he has the balls to park on the sidewalk but not enough to own up to it and give his badge number when called out on it. I say film police every chance you get …. The big brother thing works both ways….OFFICER.

  28. Amber Lynn

    What 12yo would have those questions…and seriously why would he care, obviously an adult was trying to get a rise out of the cop by using this child…hope their solving the henious crime of parking a taxpayer motorcycle on a sidewalk was worth the negative impression they placed on that kid of cops…yep, you sure busted this cop, congratulations.

  29. Libby Thornton

    Cop wasn't the worst I've ever seen, demeanor-wise, but he still had an obligation to talk to the kid and give him his badge number. Disrespect because he was a minor. Cop forgot who he is working for.

  30. Anonymous

    this kid is typical of the way our country is heading…a 12 yr old who shows no respect for an adult police officer and is treated like he cured cancer. By the way a police officer can park his motorcycle on the sidewalk so he can respond quickly if an emergency was to happen…a policeman on a break on his 12 hour day can then respond quickly to help your daughter or wife if she was in danger, and al you idiots who want to jump on the cop should instead think twice and tell the brat to mind his own businessl.

  31. Paula Finkle Labrecque

    A person employed to uplift the law thinks they're able to do what ever they want. We as responsible parents teach our kids what's right and what's wrong, and to respect the law. He had a perfect right to do what he did. I hope this officer is suspended or dismissed from the force. Any one else would be terminated immediately. This little boy should be given a medal by the Mayor and let him know what he did was commendable. Maybe a parade in his honer is in order.

  32. Amber Lynn

    he should have gave the kid his badge number and then had him point out the adult that sent him on this mission…i'm betting this kids parent has had a problem with parking issues themselves and used the child…the cop was obviously guilty of illegal parking but come on…the tactics used were not worth the reward

  33. Anonymous

    Cop was arrogant and wrong. Wrong for breaking the law – Wrong for not providing his badge # – wrong for being a a snot to the young man. Always question authority, young man – good job.

  34. Beth Martin

    the soda in his hand was the emergency.i wouldn't call him a policeman…or anything along that line.he could have just manned up and told the child he was in the wrong, and how proud he was that he knew he was wrong and the child is right.

  35. Anonymous

    It`s also against the law to park a vehicle in the lane facing oncoming traffic, but they do it all the time when they take cruisers home for the night.

  36. Elizabeth Anne Curless

    That cop was a tool. Arrogant and thinking he's above the law. Good job Jeremy!

  37. Lynda Decker

    Well aren't you the brightest light bulb on this page… It's narrow minded a** holes like you that are the problem. Whether or not he likes cops or doesn't, does not justify the cop, or anyone else for that matter to park on the sidewalk. You must make your high school and family proud to know that they have done a great job in your education, to make you qualified to make dumb uneducated remarks like this. What skeletons are in your closet, or those of family or friends.

  38. Ed Ho

    the cop should be as concerned with upholding all laws as they are as concerned with getting their next dough nuts!

  39. Perry Shaw

    The cop was not nice and the kid was right here.Because he has a badge does not make him
    above the law.This crap has got to stop with the cops thinking they can do what they want because
    they CANT.

  40. Herman Tharpe

    How about the fact that the boy put someone else on a video and posted it to the internet. Isn't that a violation of some sort?

  41. Perry Shaw

    This 12 yr old is smarter them most grownups.Good job kid.We do not have to take this and yes he should of gave the kid his number.

  42. Robert Lewis

    What a little wiseass. Hope the little prick grows up soon and realizes that the cop (and his fellow officers) would risk his own life to help him in times of trouble. Oh well, probably put up to it by his parents.

  43. Mark Ammons

    Hope there is an update to this story would love to know if the PIG got Fired or Suspended for being disrespectful and for breaking the Law. Way to go Jeremy hope you get some justice.

  44. Anna Hurlbutt

    This jerk of a cop, had no right to park on the sidewalk! He is supposed to give his # to anyone that asks for it. I can't believe he has stripes, too! Our law enforcement should be held to the laws that they enforce. As a retired Parking Officer I think the kid had a point!

  45. Michael J. Flaga

    Where I live I see cops breaking the laws there suppose to uphold all the time. By making illegal turns or running red lights when there is no emergency they turn them on to get through a light and turn them off when there threw.

  46. Kerry Himmel

    Good for you Jeremy! This world needs more citizens like you! That cop truly earned his name…PIG. Anyone has the right to obtain a badge number of any officer when asked. He (the cop) is a perfect example why cops have a bad name & people don't trust, or like them. Keep up the good work Jeremy! Great Job! (he did not have the right, or need, to park on the sidewalk…..another fine example of cops abusing their authority!)

  47. Kevin Glenn Sr.

    then I would bet my last dollar that you "anita justice for some but not for all wages are a scofflaw just like this so called "officer of the law"

  48. Shannon Scott


  49. Teresa Day

    These guys risk their lives everyday to protect us. I would beat my son if he was disrespectful like this to an adult. It is not a child's place to correct an adult.

  50. David Lightfoot

    In the words of Spike from the Tom and Jerry cartoons: "That's ma boy!" LOL. Seriously, if the police department in Jeremy's hometown starts recruiting teens and pre-teens to help the police out with capers as Irregulars (as well as gaining encouragement to be role models for the community), I'd like to pick Jeremy to be part of that group.

  51. Tammy Lamb Price

    Anita Justice Wages · r.
    ((I don't think this was necessary for the 12 year old to do this.)).
    I hate to say it but your a real dark stink hole! you should stop breathing our air… let the worms eat your only use.

  52. Kay Davis

    Praises for the young man. He was taught well by his parents. This country needs more like him. I would be proud to call him my son. The cop should be ashamed.What he did was wrong and he know it.

  53. Anonymous

    Jeremy should work on his video skills and you should work on your writing/editing skills.

  54. James Silva

    If that was my kid I would make sure he never bothers a cop with such petty grievances like this again. It's a matter of common sense and respect, especially with Metro cops who have to deal with so much bullshit. Metro often parks their bikes on sidewalks near Charlie's in my neighborhood when they have to take a leak or get a drink. They are responsible for those vehicles and if they don't park there some idiot is going to possibly damage that bike and stop them from getting along with their official duties.

  55. David Guith

    Amazing, the calibre of public employees today. This arrogant, scumbag bastard should be fired, but apparently that is what they all are in vegas.

  56. Kelley Bean

    When I called my local police to complain about speeders/crazy drivers in the school zone around my daughter's school, they sent a motorcycle cop to respond. He parked on a dirt patch between the sidewalk and the school parking lot, and proceeded to drive off the sidewalk (nearly hitting several children) in order to stop people. Even worse, there is a middle school across the street, which did not let out at the same time, so that side of the street was totally void of children! When I called back to complain that the cop was making things worse, I was basically told, "oh well."

  57. Chrissy DeMello

    I think the kid did a good job in calling the cop out. He was not disrespectful about it. I have seen cops not wear seatbelts but give tickets for not wearing seatbelts, cops on phones but give you a ticket for being on a cell phone, cops speeding but giving you a ticket for speeding. If there is a law on the books then it should apply equally to everyone, I can give an exception for the cop responding to an emergancy. But in the course of everyday life, the cop is not above the law and should not act like it. I think the kid should have turned the video into the police and reported the cop.

  58. Tracy Calvert

    Brandon, if the officer hadn't parked illegally in the first place, there would have been nothing to write about. This child was asking why he thought he could park illegally, there was nothing wrong with that! Do you think that police are allowed to break the laws they're supposed to enforce? I certainly don't!

  59. Chuck Lewis

    Does anyone really think that cops throughout the country will be affected by this video in any way. They WILL do what they want at all times. They are special. Just like all the ultra right wing whining Texans who would secede from the union if they are subjected to liberal injustices such as any form of gun-control. Last night a cop flew by me going 95+ mph in the middle lane at night, without flashing lights on, so that he could pull someone over for going 85. I was just getting ready to change lanes and had to jerk back over because this clown's actions were not expected as he didn't have his lights on to warn the traffic of his ridiculous speed. So how is he helping? How many times have you been freaked out by the crazy actions of a cop behind the wheel?

  60. Todd Christopher

    Police are a;ways corrupt and drunk on the little bit power that they are alotted to uphold the law. The problem is who polices the police cause they sure as hell don't.

  61. Anonymous

    if he would have been an adult he prolly would have been beaten an arrested.

  62. John Joseph

    The officier should of gave his badge number, but there are more serious issues to worry about. I do not know anyone losing sleep or a bike parked on a sidewalk. Maybe focus on protecting kids and all the horrible crimes against them. You hear about them in the news every day.

  63. Anonymous

    If the cop questioned someone about parking illegally, and the person's response was similar to his, "What are you, a junior lawyer?", what do you think would have happened?

  64. Winifred A. Handel

    The police officer needs a few lessons in public relations. He could have handled the situation so much better and turned this kid into a friend for life.

  65. Melvin Moore

    a cop could kill you and it would be ok…welcome to the real terrifying world we live in son…who do you call when the police are the criminals?

  66. Leasha Dixson

    I don't remember 10 year olds being tax payers. The police officer doesn't work for kids, he works for those who pay taxes. The kid should have shown some respect himself. I wouldn't have shown him a badge either.

  67. Anonymous

    It would have just been cool for the police to just be honest and admit that he parked wrong and maybe even converse with the kid and show interest because these are our future leaders…that was his chance to be an even bigger cop and a better role model for the future.

  68. Robert Paschal McKinney

    this is why I have outfitted my car with 5 cameras! I have been profiled due to the look of my car and get pulled over for no reason. now I take the recording to court and laugh at the cops as I walk out free and with no fine! also I'm tired of watching cops do 45 in a 30 but pull us over for 5 miles over! I now ask the captain to give them a ticket according to my evidence just like I get out of the stupid red light cameras!

  69. Anonymous

    I lived in Vegas for 3 yr due to a military assignment. There were never issues like this, but the cops were not great either. Kudos young man, any Authority figure should be held to the laws that the community is.

  70. Susan Saindon

    I've always told my son that respect is something that is earned. Follow the rules (laws) be honest and don't be a follower. Unfortunately this cop thinks that the law is for everyone else but him. This child had every right to question his authority. If the cop was respectful of himself and his position he would have congratulated the kid for calling him out and then apologized to the kid. Lead by example and follow the rules that everyone else has to!

  71. Eva Schoenfeld

    There is nothing at all wrong with any citizen that questions authority!

  72. Mike Klein

    He parked on the sidewalk so he would have access to his emergency vehicle. I'll spell it out for all the geniuses out there. If he got an emergency call (ie.)Someone in danger. He could get to his vehicle quicker and get to the emergency quicker. As opposed to parking legally 1/2 mile away.To all those who have no problem with a 12 year old bothering a policeman while he is working, I have a 13 year old who would love to go to work with you and make sure you are following all the rules in your company handbook which you haven't read.

  73. Michael Ferguson

    If a police officer gets a call while he or she is trying to get something to eat or drink they shouldn't be 100 yards from their car. If you needed him (which most people do at some point in their life) you'd want him there as fast as possible.

  74. Billy Van Duser

    The cop looked to be Latino or Mexican or whatever they are called. Those people have no respect for the law here or any where. I am glad to see their are still White Boys who will do the right thing and not go off and hide. This boy should get the Keys to the city he is a REAL AMERICA. So what did the local police do about the cops miss conduct? Give him a promotion so there wouldn't any riots in the streets or did they do the correct thing and fire him?

  75. Mia Isacat

    What is the kid doing at a convenience store videotaping people without consent? Seriously, where are his parents and doesn't he have something more constructive to do? This looks like something he was put up to for attention. Cops have a hard enough job without having to be harassed by 12 year old Geraldo wannabes.

  76. James Clark

    The cop didn't ask the kid if he has any idea, as the article states. He asked the kid if he has any I.D.

  77. Laurie Berry- Regalado

    seriously, when did it become appropriate for a 12 year old to question an adult, especially an officer? I think it's disrespectful. We expect law enforcement to be there for us when we need them… he should not have been questioned by this child. It's called , minding your own business.

  78. Kathryn Mousley

    Why not? The child wasn't disrespectful, just direct. The officer should have taken responsibility for his "oversight". Now that would have been a good example!

  79. Frank Milella

    Motor Cops are most all like this. They are the Pricks of the force. I respect law enforcement but when a fat assed lazy motor cop like this one parks on the sidewalk because he is too fat and lazy to walk a few steps for his coffee and doughnut, he needs to be reprimanded. This boy way a great citizen calling the cop out and should be awarded for his bravery and being a model citizen.

  80. Frank Milella

    Brandon Johnson How can you truly believe what you just posted? The cop broke the law by parking on a sidewalk AND not giving his badge number to a citizen. This cop is above the law in his opinion and should be disciplined. Also he needs to lose weight he is an embarrassment to all Peace officers

  81. Erik Joramo

    The 12 Year old kid might not be paying taxes, perhaps because it's illegal for 12 year old to work, with the exception of chores and yard work for a neighbor. The officer should have admitted he parked illegally and moved on.

  82. Donna Lynn Baier

    My guess is the boy's parents told him to do this. they have a precocious child and knew he would do it. Not saying it is wrong, police take advantage of the laws just like celebrities.

  83. Anonymous

    Cops in NYC & surrounding area are the worst! They don't want to sit in traffic or at traffic lights, so they will be driving along, stop at the light, then turn their lights on just to go through the light! While the rest of us have to sit there and in some areas not in NYC can't even make a right turn on a red light because of traffic cameras (and areas where you used to be able to do so LEGALLY!) The cops have such bad attitudes that if you try to stand up to them like this little boy did, they threaten you – and in local neighborhoods, they will know where you live and follow you etc. NY's finest are anything but. That's just ONE example – there are many others – lets talk cell phones! Cops around here are ALWAYS on their cell phones WITHOUT a blue tooth or other type of headset. The regular citizen pays $100 fine for the first offense!

  84. Peter Rizzo

    When will the Public learn… In every states V.T.L or City (Vehicle Traffic Law) It specifically states that Police are exempt of certain V.T.L Law's while in the course of duty. Example simple…(Policed can make U-Turns where it say's no U-Turns allowed) etc… Please People its getting to the point where we need to lift the microscope of the table.

  85. Anonymous

    What a stupid cop! All he had to do is say "you're right kid, I should have not parked here, thanks for reminding me." and that would have been it.

  86. Brian Quinn

    can you have more typos in one stupid little story? Forget about the annoying kid that is going to eventually get curb stomped by a cop when a camera isn't rolling; spend the extra minute it takes to review your stories before publishing them onto the internet.

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