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Cameron D’Ambrosio Teen Terror Rapper Held On Million Dollar Bond [Video]

Cameron D'Ambrosio

Is Cameron D’Ambrosio a pathetic poseur or is he guilty of making terror threats? On Thursday, the 18-year-old Methuen High School student was arrested for making felony bomb threats based on a Facebook rant that mentioned the White House and the Boston Marathon bombings. Methuen is located in Massachusetts, where the authorities are on edge against potential threats after the deadly bombing on April 15.

The Boston Herald said that the Lawrence District Court Judge Lynn Rooney ordered him held without bond until a May 9 dangerousness hearing. Another local media source, The Valley Patriot, said that the bail was set at a million dollars — effectively the same thing for a high school kid.

If convicted of the terror charge, he could potentially face a 20 year prison sentence.

The bomb threat allegedly made by D’Ambrosio was a Facebook posting where he bragged: “F*** a boston bomb wait till u see the s*** I do, I’m be famous rapping, and beat every murder charge that comes across me!”

The self-styled wannabe rapper, who calls himself “Cammy Dee,” also produced a YouTube where he describes his life in the hood.

Here’s a comment from someone who claims to be an acquaintance of Cameron D’Ambrosio:

“Knowing Cam, and I actually do, he definitely wouldn’t do any of the s*** he said. I never really liked him and did think he was kinda a [homophobic slur deleted] but I cant help but feel bad. He doesnt deserve 5 years, let alone 20. You ppl are obviously unaware that his raps are influenced by many of the mainstream rappers on the radio today and although I do believe sooner or later hes going to end up in the state penn, I dont think this is a good reason to throw him in jail.”

I have much the same impression from the video. He strikes me as a bit of a pathetic poseur hoping to get famous from publicity, not a serious threat.

But maybe that’s the problem. Family friend 24-year-old Stephen Cuevas told a Boston Herald reporter that he believes D’Ambrosio lashed out because no one took him seriously: “He was trying to make an image of himself that he’s not. He took it to heart because he’s so serious about wanting to rap.”

The threatening Facebook posting — and indeed Cameron D’Ambrosio’s entire Facebook account — seems to have disappeared. The Valley Patriot said that it revealed D’Ambrosio’s fascination with gangs, Satanism, and violence.

More troubling than some attention-whoring social media posts might be the fact that he has a previous arrest for threatening to stab his sister. But those charges were ultimately dismissed last month.

A rather low quality video of Cameron D’Ambrosio’s rap is still available on YouTube at the time of writing. If you want to watch and see if you feel particularly terrorized, be my guest:

[Cameron D’Ambrosio photo via YouTube]

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25 Responses to “Cameron D’Ambrosio Teen Terror Rapper Held On Million Dollar Bond [Video]”

  1. Johnathan Thacker

    Haaaaaa this guy is pathetic. Please stop referring to this douche bag as a rapper. He is not, he's a little bitch that listens to rap and thinks he is a gangsta now. Well little dip shit let's see how that ass holds up when you get to jail. You'll probably end up getting turned out and wearing kool-aid lipstick for the rest of your life. That is if they don't monkey fuck you in the cell and then kill your want to be ass. Leave him locked up. One less dumb ass running around to worry about. After all he did threaten to kill his sister and now this, obviously he's fucked up in the head. Enjoy getting your shit pushed in, I'm sure your celly will.

  2. Elaine Radford

    The alleged threats appear to have been removed from Facebook.

  3. Christopher Ian King

    So this kid deserves 20 years but we let ''reformed'' rapists out in less than 10? People with evidence against them even, not just some open rap.

  4. Kaylaa Rose

    I would appreciate it if all of you would just stop talking shit about my boyfriend .. Yeah he should of never wrote that and it is wrong he gets it alright he's being punished for it correct . I'm so tired of seeing everyone run there mouth I know him better than anyone on this earth and he would NEVER EVER do something like that . You don't know him or his life . Everyone has struggles no ones perfect people so just stop alright !

  5. Anonymous

    They'll have to let him go unless they start charging all those black rappers for all the crazy threats they make in their songs.

  6. Jay Iyfr

    Hey, I say this clown needs to keep opening his rappin yap about what a big, bad pissant he is.. Go for it dude!

  7. Cody J. Ulibarri

    "Pathetic poseur" seems like an extremely harsh thing to call somebody regarding a hobby of theirs. If you don't like what he does, don't listen to it.

  8. Mandah

    There are thousands of other kids like this out there, why don't they throw them into jail too? sure, his metaphors are can be a bit offensive to some people, but clearly (or not?) he is just another talk-shitter rapper – you don't take their lines seriously. You'd have to be ignorant/psychological crippled to think he was a terrorist.

  9. Amine Kihal

    I agree, thats crazy this world is getting worst everyday =(

  10. Adarax Hussein

    so if this rapper is a terrorist.then why lil wayne is not or any rapper? wtf is wrong with you america.are u that fucking paranoid, fuck you american goverment.just fuck you and your fucking laws.

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