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Tsarnaev’s Wife Refuses To Talk To Investigators [Report]

tsarnaev wife refuses to talk

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s wife refuses to talk to federal investigators as she mourns the death of her husband, who was killed two weeks ago during a standoff on the campus of MIT as law enforcement closed in on the brothers.

A lawyer confirms Tsarnaev’s wife refuses to talk to authorities about her husband as she plans his funeral, and attorney Amato DeLuca says the American-born woman has not yet decided how to broach the subject of her spouse’s suspected involvement in the Boston Marathon attack.

Although Tsarnaev’s wife refuses to speak, DeLuca says, his client knew “nothing about [the Boston bombings] at any time,” and the attorney explains that the family is coping with the aftermath of the shocking events in the days after the attack:

“The whole family is a mess, to put it bluntly. They’re very distraught. They’re upset … Their lives have been unalterably changed. They’re upset because of what happened, the people that were injured, that were killed. It’s an awful, terrible thing.”

Soon after the Tsarnaevs were revealed to be prime suspects in the attack, DeLuca released a statement on behalf of Katherine Russell Tsarnaev and her family, saying:

“The reports of involvement by her husband and brother-in-law came as an absolute shock to them all. As a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, Katie deeply mourns the pain and loss to innocent victims — students, law enforcement, families and our community.”

The statement continued: “In the aftermath of this tragedy, she, her daughter and her family are trying to come to terms with these events.”

Following the attack and reports that Katherine is keeping quiet, DeLuca addressed reports that Tsarnaev’s wife is refusing to speak to investigators, saying he and his client are “deciding what we want to do and how we want to approach this.”

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76 Responses to “Tsarnaev’s Wife Refuses To Talk To Investigators [Report]”

  1. Anonymous

    She needs to find her country and cooperate or forever be tarnished as a co conspirator. If she can't I'm sure she would be welcome in any muslim country that will welcome her in her burka as long as she keeps her mouth shut and looks at the ground,

  2. Sharon Ferry

    Their apartment was so small that it is impossible for me to believe that she did not see or hear anything related to her husband's evil deeds. IMO she is a traitor!

  3. David Rowe

    What's wrong with simply telling the truth? If she won't do that, then she is obviously guilty of something….

  4. Maureen Romano-Macklow

    come on, please, If this older brother was as radical as they say he was he must have been preaching his radical feelings in front of his family too, they must have known how he was. I can`t believe the family was so shocked.

  5. Anonymous

    So did she refuse to talk or did she say she needed a week to grieve and plan arrangements? There is a difference. I'm guessing she has put in a great deal of time in the last couple of weeks providing information she could, leaving her little time to get her own life in order.

  6. Carol Vineyard

    I really don't think this will be her decision. She WILL be made to talk eventually. Right now she and her family are planning their best defense. They have none that's what is taking so long.

  7. Colleen Fraser

    If she truly has nothing to hide….why the refusal to talk?

  8. Connie Taggart

    Why are you putting these old photos of her? She is ot this person anymore! Show the photos of her in the Muslim clothes! We all know she knew what way going on – they were in a small apartment where he was making BOMBS!

  9. Anonymous

    What about the 200+ lives of the people in and around the marathon that cannot "get their lives in order"? She is as guilty for not speaking as her husband and his mentally insane family is..

  10. Anonymous

    Typical atty talk. She needs to speak and now. Refusing to do so only puts a shadow over her. This is her country and her people. Damn them and their beliefs for what they have done and continue to do to the innocent.

  11. Dale Houstman

    Talking can get you into trouble. As Leonard Cohen said "If you're squeezed for information, that's when you've got to play it dumb;

  12. Kevin Morgan

    I do believe she needs to start talking but she also needs time to grief. Just like all the people that were effected by the bombings. No one will get anywhere if things are run on anger and grief and innuendos.

  13. Stephanie González

    Remember her family and friends reported that she seemed obsessed with him. There is likely a chance that she may be protecting his image and his "integrity and dignity" (quote emphasized).

  14. Theresa Louise Lane

    GITMO FOR HER. AIDING A TERRORIST! People in Boston will not tolerate this. She and her family won't be able to leave the house. People here in Boston want revenge.

  15. Christopher Burris

    Her Parents must be very proud…If she did not know of this which I doubt, then she needs to talk openly and distance herself totally…and take off that stupid burka.

  16. Martha De Los Santos

    of course she knows what her husband was up to….she and her attorneys are right now trying to figure out how they are going to save her ass! It will be interesting to see if the surviving brother will sell her out! He seems to be telling a lot and I am sure he wont let her get away with it if she was involved or knew…..she is American afterall…

  17. Kathy Pickett

    Whether she understood it at the time, or not, she married a monster. Whatever spell he had her under, she better get her head straight real soon and defend herself. That is, of course, if she's actually innocent of her husband's activities. If she knew, even in hindsight, what he was planning, she has a lot of explaining to do. She may have had suspicions, but perhaps didn't believe he really would do something so evil. Personally, I couldn't bring myself to grieve for him. He doesn't deserve it. She, on the other hand, has a child she needs to protect. Having this black cloud of suspicion hanging over her won't do the child any good. She needs to face up to it and clear her name….if she can.

  18. Joya Colucci Lord

    Is she blind or stupid? Or is she complicit? If her husband was making bombs in their apartment, you mean to tell me she didn't suspect something was up? Seriously, did she not think something was up when she saw all those pressure cookers in the kitchen cabinet? Really?

  19. Shardon Crider

    Yep she needs to be treated as a traitor. Off with her head!

  20. Amanda Zimmerman

    She thought he was practicing his culinary skills, duh! But seriously, what a dumb broad. Convict her for conspiricy or whatever the fancy word is!

  21. Anonymous

    I am surprised she is attending his funeral. If she knew nothing of his planning and was sincerely sorry for his actions, then why attend a funeral for a man she clearly didn't know when he has caused so much pain for her and other families? Don't make any sense. Although she worked long hours, she had to know what he was doing if he was building bombs at their home.

  22. Anonymous

    From the article, they are planning a funeral. She should be focusing on helping America and not a man that she stated has "shocked " her by his actions.

  23. Jen Boehme

    The news said she didn't want the body, his family could have it. Now your saying she needs time to plan a funeral and bury her husband. This all will definitely be a movie some day.

  24. Anonymous

    Up until today, I had hopes she was not involved. Her latest refusal to talk to investigates casts her in another light.

  25. Debbie Ovechka

    She won't talk? What can't she tell police what she knows? What's the problem, just tell the truth. That tells me she had to know something and she's being careful not to implicate herself. If she didn't know anything about it, why did she get an attorney so quickly. She shouldn't be afraid of her husband anymore. He was shot and killed. If he was still alive after that, he's certainly dead now that his brother ran him over. You only do that if you have something to hide. She knows alright… She a traitor to this country. Let her go live with his parents in Russia. We don't house traitors here!

  26. Olde Rose

    Look for her period of mourning, and consequent inability to be interviewed, to extend into 2020. We must respect her privacy and her adopted culture, don't you know? Meantime, let us try to learn how we made her late hubby so mad. Have we lately debuted a movie trailer critical of The Prophet?

  27. Anonymous

    Dale Houstman …I agree with you 100% and more. I don't blame her in the least. With so many unethical, and just plain crooked cops, detectives, not to mention the morons, you name it, especially in such a high profile case, I wouldn't trust any of them without legal representation.

  28. Bonnie Stewart Piedmont

    Only in America could someone whose husband and brother in law were involved in a terrorist act, decide when he or she if ready to talk with authorities. AND, we wonder why this country is out of control and such a mess. Her husband did a terrorist act against the only country in the world that would stand for this. How does she get to choose when she is ready to talk. She can grieve that loss of her husband the rest of her life if she so chooses, but no more grace time now. Meet with authorities and start talking about what she did and did not know about. The "irony" of this type of freedom isn't lost on me…

  29. Vanessa Powers

    And you are assuming that she indeed spoke and understood Russian and Chechen, aren't you? How on earth could she know what's going on if she has no knowledge of these languages, and worked 16 hours a day?

  30. KJ Doyle

    Hey Connie, want to link to those photos? Really. Clearly, you've been through their family albums. Just bust out the scanner. Put them up here. We'll wait.

  31. Karen Rene Kelly

    how about mourning for the folks her husband killed and maimed?

  32. Delores Johnson

    She's probably been told by her attorney not to say anything, and if she's been given her "Miranda rights"
    anything she "says may be used against her in court of law."

  33. Delores Johnson

    @Colleen Fraser — she's probably been advised by her attorney not to say anything and if she's been read her "rights" anything she says "can be used against her in a court of law."

  34. Barbara Mallory Newton

    It's like she is pleading the Fifth. Why?

  35. Gail Albiston

    Dale, obviously as you so stated, she does have something to hide and will do so until she is forced within the scope of the law to speak. So she cannot cry foul when people paint her with the brush of a potential terrorist sympathizer using the excuse of mourning her husband. Three other families mourn for their members which were the victims, not this young lady or her husband.

  36. Gail Albiston

    Dale, obviously as you so stated, she does have something to hide and will do so until she is forced within the scope of the law to speak. So she cannot cry foul when people paint her with the brush of a potential terrorist sympathizer using the excuse of mourning her husband. Three other families mourn for their members which were the victims, not this young lady or her husband.

  37. Cathy Moseley

    Y didn't she come 4wd when the pictures of the 2 came out. She cud have saved herself a lot of questions by identifying them first.

  38. Ann Kosmosky

    so trythe snake as a traitor. I sure wouldn't want herwalking the same street I walk. she sure as hell is not an american.

  39. Kristen Harris

    She needs to start talking or she needs to be stripped of her citizenship (along with her child) and deported. Her refusal to cooperate makes her look guilty. Sorry, no compassion for her. You don't sleep with pure evil and not know anything.

  40. Laurie Finnen-Grebic

    Yeah, because everyone goes around with a few pressure cookers in their house. She would have to be blind and stupid!!

  41. Lia Kelly

    Regardless of what she knew or not either then or now, I believe that in the U.S. a wife can't be forced to testify against her husband. I don't know if that still stands if the husband is deceased, or whether it pertains to "information" as opposed to "testimony," but she may be legally within her rights to refuse to cooperate unless they actually charge her with something. I'm not a lawyer, but maybe someone here with a legal background can weigh in on it.

  42. Cheryl Comento

    aw she won't talk because she is mourning her husband. To hell with him, the families of those her husband MURDERED deserve answers NOW.

  43. Anonymous

    I always like going to the comments because almost everybody there knows more than the law does.

  44. Curtis Smith

    What is there to morn? A husband that berated her, belittled her and beat her? She should be jumping up and down for joy! As far as not talking, who's to say she or her lawyer has not been approached about a book deal? From all American girl to dead terrorist's wife. Sounds like a story is in there somewhere.

  45. Anonymous

    ah well, SHE SHOULD NOT TALK TO ANY LEO"s WITH out COUNCIL, I have seen so many women charged for crimes a spouse or boy friend did simply cause the boy friend or spouse was dead or on the run,,, police think they need to charge someone for this crime no matter if there is guilt or not,,, so be cool and tell them to chive on…

  46. Curtis Smith

    Laurie Finnen-Grebic : how do you know what you said is true? Do you know something no one else knows? Talk about blind and stupid.

  47. Anonymous

    ah well, YOU ALL go fuc# yourselves, she deserves a preponderance of innocence until they (leo's) produce evidence against her, you fuc#ing morons have never read the constitution…

  48. Marilyn Armstrong Sharum

    If you had bombs all over your house, would you not suspect that something was not right? You could be a deaf mute and still figure out something was really wrong. 16 hours a day leaves 8 hours a day that she was home i a house filled with bombs and a small child, as well. I mean really.

  49. Curtis Smith

    Delores that is right, and there are more people who want to hang someone, anyone, guilty or not like some of the people in the commenter's section.

  50. Anonymous

    ah well, colleen eat shit and die, have you never read the bill of rights, she doesn't have to answer any questions until they (leo's) charge her with evidence against her, you fuc&ing moron…plus she should never talk to leo's without council,,, these are common law and constitutional rights…

  51. Curtis Smith

    Connie, and you know this how? Are you another one of these people that know more than law enforcement? I haven't read everything about this, but what I have read and heard on the news has not said the bombs were made in their apartment. Have you?

  52. Anonymous

    Amanda Zimmerman and joya, you both are morons, you should read the bill of rights before you go back to american idle…

  53. Anonymous

    mosertwo, you are stupid and ignorant if you think she should utter a word to any leo's without council, it is the responsibility of the state to produce evidence if they want to talk to her,,, god damn it read the bill of right moron…

  54. Anonymous

    ah well, carol have you never heard of the 5th amendment? you are another ignorant person that would sell her birth right for a mess of pottage,,, get away from the tv and read the bill of rights, moron…

  55. Anonymous

    ah well, she doesn't have to talk to ANY leo's without the benefit of council, she doesn't have to testify against herself, she has the right to be presented with evidence against her and be confronted with her aquisers, you need to read the bill of right before you show your ignorance moron…

  56. Anonymous

    One more woman compensating for her low self-esteem by hooking-up with an abusive piece of garbage loser!
    $20 says she'll be wallowing in victimization on the talk shows before the year is out.

  57. Audrey Johnson

    How do you know that the pressure cookers were in the apartment? And she has the right to have a lawyer with her when she is questioned by the authorities. Too many innocent people have been wrongly convicted by interrogators browbeating and lying to them. Right now, the government is too anxious to find the guilty parties, and that means the innocent as well as the guilty are being rounded up and interrogated. An innocent comment could get the person charged. If you have any questions, remember or look up Richard Jewell and the Atlanta Olympics bombing. If he hadn't told a friend of his' who happened be a lawyer, what the interrogators were doing, he would have been very neatly framed and charged with the bombing. All the government wanted was someone, anyone, to charge. They didn't care if the person was innocent or not. I'm afraid that this is going to happen all over again. The public want results RIGHT NOW. Well, evidence takes time to produce.

  58. Judy R. Evancic

    How much do you think this woman really knew about this man she was married to? But no matter what she says most people will shun her for the fact that she was linked to this crazy man by marriage. In the 12 years since 9/11 has passed, don't you think there are cells of these extremist groups out there in the US making plans. We are never going to feel as free as we felt prior to the twin towers being bombed. And if we do think we are, we are only fooling ourselves as a society. Our security has been trashed and we are now on a different path to keep safe as a country.

  59. Hooper Jones

    Guilt and talking to to the government are two totally SEPARATE issues, and one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. Only a total and complete idiot of the lowest intelligence would ever talk to police without a lawyer. Especially in a case like this…

  60. Carolyn Wood

    OH NO THEY ARE SHOWING HER WITHOUT THE HEAD GEAR! how ashamed she must be put her in jail she aided her husband and the brother in law in acts of terror on the people of the UNITED STATES BEFORE AND AFTER THE FACT. How is she paying for an att. and if she has nothing to hide why have one. Send her to Chechen, or any muslin country she can really learn how to be the good muslin woman mouth shut and eyes on the ground lmao.

  61. Mary Larsen

    KJ Doyle connie is right!! I have seen live footage of her on tv, and she does wear muslim clothing, and she looks 5-7 years older now. On a personal note, How could anyone not come forward with !!

  62. Bonnie Stewart Piedmont

    @rool333 – I understand her Bill of Rights, I'm addressing the irony of her husband's terrorist act against our country b/c he doesn't like America and what America and Americans stand for MORON…

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