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Nike Elephant Shoe: Sportswear Giant Made Custom Shoe For Elephant With One Short Leg [Photo]

So this is pretty awesome: Nike built the custom-made shoe pictured above for an elephant with one leg noticeably shorter than the other three.

The Nike elephant shoe — surely the biggest sneaker the company has ever manufactured — features laces at the front and a buckle at the rear and has been specifically designed to blend with the rest of the creature’s skin.

This story comes from a single tweet on the Twitter feed of Nike PR Director Heidi Burgett.

And yes, those little scraps of pink fabric are, in the words of Burgett, “what’s left of the beat-up swoosh.” Love it.

Sadly, we know little more about when the shoe was built or where its four-legged owner is now. An update would be great, please!

Nike has caught its fair share of negative press in years gone by, having faced allegations that it uses sweatshop labor and sub-contractor factories in the manufacturing of its sportswear.

However, constant campaigning has seen the sports giant clean up its act, and it now contributes to numerous conservation causes. Earlier this month, the firm’s Nike Employee Grant Fund awarded a $10,000 grant to Oregon Zoo.

What do you make of the adorable Nike elephant shoe?