Fangoria Kickstarter Taps Zombie Honeymoon Director

Fangoria Kickstarter Film ‘The Facility’ Gets Director, Plot Details

Fangoria Kickstarter film The Facility has been scheduled for launch next week, according to a Monday report on the horror publisher’s website.

The film will be directed by Zombie Honeymoon helmsman David Gebroe, who admitted on Monday that he had been “a Fangoria fan since I was a little kid.”

Fango was so incredibly supportive of me during my experience with Zombie Honeymoon … so, frankly, the opportunity to write and direct the first Fangoria Original might have been enough incentive for me. However, during initial talks with the producer, I quickly realized the potential of marrying a good horror story with a legitimate conspiracy thriller, and the project immediately started to become appealing to me on a much more fundamental level,” Gebroe said.

The website also released a few scant details without digging around in the guts of the project.

The official description: “If the A-Team were instead a small group of your every day garden variety National Guardsmen, activated during Hurricane Sandy to guard and protect an isolated government building — and they met Dr. Moreau(!) — you would have some sort of idea of what this movie is about.”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Island of Dr. Moreau, the story is an 1896 novel penned by famous sci-fi writer H.G. Wells (The Time Machine, War of the Worlds). It centers on a mad scientist, who conducts a number of horrific experiments that result in an island of abominable creatures.

It was originally filmed in 1932 as Island of Lost Souls and then again in 1977 (starring Burt Lancaster as Dr. Moreau) and 1996 with Marlon Brando.

Thus far, there have been three direct adaptations of the story, according to IMDb. The Facility won’t change that as it’s more of a derivative work than an actual adaptation.

The Fangoria Kickstarter should launch at the beginning of next week. No idea how much the publisher is seeking, but the crowd-funding website is pretty lucrative for the indie scene.

Recently, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas raised $5.7 million — he was only seeking $2 million — for a continuation of his long-canceled television series.

Actor-writer-director Zach Braff also recently pushed past his $2 million goal for Wish I Was Here with the better part of a month left to go.

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