[VIDEO] Super Mario Galaxy 2 gets launch date, amazing new trailer

Okay, so it’s now official: if you’re a gamer and you are not excited for Super Mario Galaxy 2, you have a heart of blackened teak.

Nintendo just revealed a North American release date of May 23rd for the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy at its San Francisco Media Summit, where it also announced a U.S. launch date for the Nintendo DSi XL.

They also showed off a new trailer for the game, and it’s fair to say this has potential ‘Game of the Year’ written right through it, like a stick of Blackpool rock. There is not a single second of this video where I didn’t want to play as Nintendo’s famous plumber myself. Check out the drill power-up!

Excuse my drooling fanboy tone, but yet again it looks like we’re getting another stupendous platformer:

[Via GameTrailers]