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Michelle Obama Visited Saudi National Accused Of Boston Bombing, Saudi Publications Claims

Michelle Obama Reported Meets With Saudi National

Michelle Obama visited a Saudi national once considered a person of interest in Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon, a Saudi news site is claiming.

The First Lady reportedly visited two different Saudi nationals on Thursday, checking on their health after the blast.

While there were no American news outlets reporting the hospital meeting between Michelle Obama and the Saudi national, some echoed the original report from Saudi Arabian news site

The Saudi report noted that Michelle Obama took time to meet with two who were injured in the bombing —Abdul Rahman Ali Isa al-Salmi al-Harbi and Noura Khaled Saleh al-Ajaji.

The Saudi nationals both suffered serious injuries in the bombing, the report noted. Noura al-Ajaji reportedly had surgery to repair the thigh area just above the knee, the third round of treatment after Noura already received treatment to sterilize the wound and treat a gash from flying glass.

“Al-Ajaji, who is a master’s student in cosmetic dentistry, was injured by flying glass fragments from the nearby Colby glasses store, which she was nearby during the Boston Marathon bombings, resulting in an 11 centimeter gash in the thigh area,” the Saudi report read.

The meeting has not been verified by the White House, and joins other unconfirmed information making its way around in the days after the bombing. Several news outlets and online sites have shot from the hip, reporting on rumors or police conjecture that has often turned out to be untrue.

This was seen in the hours after the bombing, when the New York Post and Fox News reported that the Saudi national was being held as a suspect. Police later made a statement that they had no one in custody and the Saudi report was incorrect.

There could be some truth to the report that Michelle Obama met with the Saudi national, however. She and President Obama visited victims at several Boston-area hospitals on Thursday, though the meetings were not open to the public or the press.

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117 Responses to “Michelle Obama Visited Saudi National Accused Of Boston Bombing, Saudi Publications Claims”

  1. Edward L. Buddy King

    With a name like Wo, the FBI probley needs to check you out?

  2. John Lewis

    He wasn`t a terrorist and she`s not a terrorist. so what does your accusation make you. Certainly a far less patriot then either of them. A racist for sure and hate monger on top of that and fool to boot.

  3. Edu Rivera

    Why does his comment account for being racist? Can no one talk about the Obama's with the race card being brought up?

  4. Anonymous

    They could be terrorists…….and the Obumas aren't that much of a patriot when they want to legalize 11 million illegal aliens and worrying about the god forbidding countries than helping America or the true American citizen. Get a clue John you idiot!

  5. Nancy Shuple

    moch & o are the most HATED in american history and rightly so. Small amount of libs defend them with MSM cheering them on….giving the public a false impression of popularity. No amount of hollywood can justify their actions.

  6. Tim Tucker

    Nancy, can you say " Count the votes" ?…………..get over it , you lost, end of story.

  7. Hari Wallace

    The problem is that they aren't being talked about, they're being accused based on rumors. You people don't talk about them, you bash them. Romney lost, the Republican party has passed its shelf life, deal with reality ….

  8. Michael Lawrence

    30 seconds of Googling showed that the first lady visited dozens of victims in two separate hospitals. These two were likely among the victims she visited. Do reporters at the inquisitr not know how to use a search engine?

  9. Cindy Colantuono

    I was going to say something really rude, but I refuse to stoop to the level of liberals. And you're right…I don't like Mr. Obama, I don't think he's a patriot; in fact, I think he's a Muslim/Communist who is destroying our country. Now go ahead and call me a racist! It seems that's the only answer ya'll can give because God help you if you ever bring up the real facts on this man. You'd lose. Yea he made it in for another 4 and I say God help us all!!!

  10. Susan Harrison

    Mr. Wo: you find this funny? Your disrespectful comment is grossly shameful. What happened this past week was horrible and terrifying. There is nothing at all to "lol" about.

  11. Steffen Cent

    A Saudi prince paid for Obamas education , did the country know that? read the story, from a senator. It's on the internet.

  12. John Siebrecht

    john lewis, u r showing your ignorance, again.only a racist democrate, or a racist liberal would go off calling someone u do not agree with names.fat a$$ is not a terrorist…..just a radical, socialist phony.

  13. Patricia Foht

    I guess we should ALWAYS trust our government officials? Be vigilant. But be fair too.

  14. Deb Moschkin

    If this is true (and considering the source, who knows), she likely visited many Americans in the same hospital as well. But, the news report won't tell you that, will it? It is a wonder we're still even a country, with so many people working against the good of others.

  15. Deb Moschkin

    They don't want to. They just want to keep hate alive.

  16. Deb Moschkin

    Not true, unless the Saudi prince was running the Sallie Mae banking system back then.

  17. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    Fox News did not report there was a suspect in custody. They reported there was a person of interest after learning it from UPI and cautioned viewers that the source might not be reliable. 10 minutes later they reported there was no person of interest.

  18. Anonymous

    john lewis. I don't agree with Paul Wo but to call Michelle Obama a patriot is a travesty. She thinks our flag is a joke and our national pride excessive.

  19. Dot Richardson

    I am not a racist, but I do think the obamas are the worst leaders of our Country and are trying to destroy it..{of course they can't} bye bye, see u later…

  20. Dot Richardson

    We do know that he never paid for anything!!!He never worked a day in his miserable life..And when someone else pay for U then U owe them…rite??? Like soras and other far out libs…They own him and her..And since they lost their lawyer lic., guess they will have to ake care of them again…

  21. Katherine L. Neely

    Look this is how it is, like it or not George W. Bush Jr. A$$ Hole But America in the biggest hole of mud
    there is. And no-one could come in and clean it up in only 8 years plus do a lot of his own stuff. You folks have to face the truth, the Republican leaders you have right now can't lead, because they have their head so far up their own A$$ they can't see the end of their nose. We aren't telling you anything you don't know. You folks are mad at the wrong folks.

  22. Clay Guess

    Cindy I talk to "Conservatives" all of the time. They always swear they are the informed ones but after a few questions they are just as ignorant as everyone else. I am an independant and I vote according to the available information. Most people regardless of party are lazy. Liberals are generally educated but often lack a respect for things that are a part of the "moral compass" of America, whereas conservatives are generally uninformed overall because, in essence, they would rather argue than learn. Most conservatives don't even know why they are considered racist.

  23. Clay Guess

    The saddest part about the responses are the levels of ignorance attached. She visited a lot of the injured. I highly doubt they ran background checks on everyone she visited. #Grow up.

  24. Anonymous

    Jamie Knotts-Crabtree — …but probably a justified racist.

  25. Victor Wiley

    now now now,,,,,, don't all U liberals get mad at these sweet caring FOX "news" watching rightwing "Christian" scum who need this story so they can ( again) cry about a BLACK president who is a communist/socialist/Nazi/Kenyan/muslim/martian/radical Christian anti-Christ! Gotta luv all the small dicked and overweight RIGHTWINg "Christian " scum who praise JEEEESUS and ask for GODS help in showing us GODS luv by killing all those who oppose their interpretation of christianity.

  26. Victor Wiley

    Cindy Colantuono I wager is a flat chested or overweight ( OR BOTH ) cHRISTIAN UN informed FOX "news" watching skank whop couldn't get laid in a mens prison; so she spews her hatred on these sites,,,

  27. Anonymous

    John Lewis A racist? please the race card is so old, kind of like, "It's Bush's fault", outhouses and corded phones. Try again, this time use a logical argument.

  28. Clay Guess

    She actually visited quite a few people. The Saudi paper, just as in America, is reporting about the people with whom it's readers have an affiliation.

  29. Anonymous

    Tim Tucker I'm convinced it was a fraudulent election, between fixed voting machines (votes for MR switched "mysteriously" to BO), mental patients being told who to vote for, Somalis by the busload voting, etc. 140% registered voters, duh. Doesn't take a rocket Scientist, just a guy names Soros pulling the puppet strings and tab.

  30. Anonymous

    Anytime someone calls you a racist, you probably are just telling the truth.

  31. Anonymous

    Clay Guess Actually you have it backwards. Conservative are intelligent and informed, which is why the media always has to "silence" them to keep feeding the sheeple the Kool Aid. The liberals are low-info voters who rely on the msm to "feed" them their opinions and "news". Liberals argue much more than Conservatives. Sounds to me like you are engaging in what psychologists call "projection" – here, let me help you with the definition: "a defense mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world instead.Theoretically, projection and the related projective identification reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires through displacement."

  32. Diane Jensen

    Uh…he won the election. Rightly so? Why? Why do you hate him so much? Give me a good, concrete reason…one that isn't based on fantasy.

  33. Anonymous

    Aw, Victor needs a nap. Just like his prez, who had a temper tantrum the other day because he didn't for once get what he wanted through bribes/intimidation/revenge. By the way, O is half white. Sounds like you need to step away from MSNBC and get some valid facts instead of sheeple kool aid.

  34. Diane Jensen

    Good grief! John, you are sick. Cindy, you are completely misinformed. He is not a Muslim nor a communist. What is wrong with you people? Don't you know how to keep yourselves informed of the truth?

  35. Ronald Ross

    Edu Rivera because if you say ANYTHING against what a BLACK,BROWN,DARK TAN, thinks, does, or plans to do YOU ARE A RACIST. If there is ONE THING that they got good at is playing the RACE CARD

  36. Anonymous

    Paul Wo: Ignorance seems to be your best pal. You are a sore loser like any other goper. Get over it and make knowledge your best friend rather than your worst enemy. What a pathetic loser who is absent of any American values!

  37. Kooldj Dre

    Bush ran our freakin country into the ground. Then how about Mr. Romney, that would've been the next freakin f..k up.

  38. Howard Gold

    smart money: is your life so monotonous and lonely that you need to embrace every conspiracy theory that crawls along on its belly? Where on earth did you get your (dis)information? Or was it beamed down from a flying saucer while you slept in your mother's basement?

  39. Aliqsandre Suguitan

    Muslim extremists look down on other people, as worthy only of death or domination. They will never stop until the whole world is Muslim and/or under Shariah law. Scary! Enough to give you a phobia?

  40. Dave Pettigrew

    We brought two kids into America from a country that thrives in violence and gave them our support and love and watched them grow and where did this get us. They became mirror copies of Bin Laden and showed us their disdain. To the do-gooders that seem to thrive in forgiveness? Go to Boston and tell them that you forgive these monsters. Do-gooders are terrorists in another plain. Maybe the worst. I'm NOT a racist as I don't consider followers of Mohammed human.

  41. Jim Hawley

    At the end of the day more terrorists who planned 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia then any where else. Its pretty apparant that Muslims hate us even if they dont know why… kind of like how libs hate fox news and vote without knowing all of the issues, just programmed that way.
    How are all of you dumb @ss's liking Obama now?

  42. Jim Hawley

    Katherine, your a dumb ass go brush up on your politics and comprehend what the president does, what the senate does and what congress does. Then go back and see who had the majority in what years the pass 12 years or so in congress and the senate. Pay particular attentio to the fact the libs controlled everything the first few years of Obummers term… and its still Bush's fault???

  43. Angelo Darden

    So, what's your take on the Bush v Gore decision; the one where the conservatives on the US Supreme Court selected the President? Yeah, that.

  44. Jim Hawley

    What did Obama ever lead prior to being president, what responsibility did he ever have prior??? NONE go fact check that…

  45. Linda King

    Well Clay us ignorant southern hard working conservatives have blindly paid to support and education liberal lasy folks. But we are not uninformed! What we are doing is standing up for our rights and ironically you lasy ass liberals rights also. I am not racist but I am prejudice. Hmmmm do you know the difference??

  46. Linda King

    Clay Guess You can't tell me Michelle was not informed about who she was visiting and what their name was. The only time she has ever been proud of this country was when we were blind enough to put her husband in office. She doesn't even know how to put her right hand over her heart. She deliberately provokes hatred in this country just like her husband does. They are both destroyers!!

  47. Linda King

    These liberals are so mad that the bomber wasn't a white, Christian, praise Jesus and ask for Gods help Conservative that they are spewing!!

  48. Chuck Martin

    If the first lady visited all the victims of this tragedy, I applaud her. If she only visited the Saudi Nationals…I would say it's a sad day for America.

  49. Anonymous

    Diane Jensen
    B/c he doesn't have what it takes to be a true American.
    Obama & Michelle are about the most racist couple ever to occupy the White House. Both attended the white hate mongering diatribes of Jeremiah Wright for 20 years. Michelle wrote a thesis on her disdain for white people at Princeton U.
    Obama "CROTCH SALUTED" Old Glory several times in 2007.
    Obama is responsible for the deaths of two Navy Seals, an American Ambassador, his aide, two American border agents, hundreds of Mexicans & we don't know anything b/c he has used "EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE" to keep his name as innocent as a new born baby as he did with his personal records he sealed!
    He has threatened the lives of the 33 people the Navy Seals saved in Benghazi to NOT talk to the media!

  50. Anonymous

    Subject: Great Editorial – Just one Sentence.
    "A pen in the hand of this president is far more dangerous than a gun in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens."

    Subject: Judge Judy.

    Judge Judy to Prostitute:
    "When did you realize you were raped?"
    Prostitute (wiping away tears): "When the check bounced."

    The American Public will soon reach the same conclusion.

  51. Pamela Donovan

    You're delusional…Bush Jr's first election now that was fraudulent.

  52. Pamela Donovan

    bdog, justified racist? Sounds like you may be trying to justify your own beliefs? It is one thing to dislike a person's politics and another to be a racist. How old are you, may I ask?

  53. Pamela Donovan

    They like to remain ignorant Clay. They get some kind of sick Joy by attacking our First Family. This was an American tragedy and they come up with this nonsense???

  54. Pamela Donovan

    According to YOU…not the truth according to the First Lady. You watch and/or listen to too much right wing bullshitters.

  55. Pamela Donovan

    Clay Guess Notice how all of a sudden they believe the Saudi papers?

  56. Pamela Donovan

    Clay, I think you hit the nail on the head. The vast majority of Americans love the first lady for her beauty, grace, brilliance, empathy…I can go on and on. There is nothing to dislike about the woman. It all just stems from hatred.

  57. Pamela Donovan

    The Saudi first family are bff's with the Bush family. Bush even made sure they were quickly flown out of the country on 9/11.

  58. Pamela Donovan

    Dot Richardson wow, so much misinformation there…how can you be that ignorant?

  59. Amity Roflcopters

    As long as people continue to drink in the biased kool-aid that is considered journalism in this country, we will continue to be divided and angry as a nation. This goes for both sides.

  60. Bridget Alfone

    I hope we get as good of health care as these terriost

  61. Ed Smith

    Linda – your an American hating scumbag and will do anything to destroy this country.

    How do you like it when people label you?

  62. Ed Smith

    Right wing lunatics, when they can find anything truthful they simply make stuff up, the idiots learned it from FOX news.

  63. Colisha Harris

    Lol yes, all of us evil "Moozlums" hate America. I'm pretty sure that the people who hate America know why…and this is as an American speaking, sir.

  64. Colisha Harris

    Or you could just be a racist asshole and are being called on it?

  65. Colisha Harris

    Or you could just be a racist asshole and are being called on it?

  66. Colisha Harris

    edruthse Lol please put down the crack pipe, and stop drinking the Faux Noise Kool Aid!

  67. Colisha Harris

    Linda King if "ignorant southern hard working conservatives have blindly paid to support and education liberal 'lazy' folks" (not lasy as you wrote), it's certainly money well spent, as liberals tend to be better educated and more economically well-off. Lol too bad you all didn't invest the money on yourselves and your own education huh?

  68. Pat Cowan

    Hey Linda, can I add to your remarks. Their is a clear video in which Michelle says "all this for a damn flag" as her husband nods yes. I agree she is not a patriot. She is disgusting.

  69. Christina Nix

    except for where she said that for the 1st time in her adult life she was proud of america….. because they voted for her hubby…..yup. now what?

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