Extreme Kidnapping Will Terrorize You For A Fee

‘Extreme Kidnapping’ Allows Thrill Seekers Fun Of Being Tortured For Just $500

Extreme Kidnapping is a new service in Detroit for those of you who’ve ever watched a crime show on Investigative Discovery and gotten jealous of those lucky kidnapping and torture victims.

Yes, we know that’s a stretch, but apparently the clientele exists, and they’re willing to pay $500 or more for it.

Launched by Adam Thick, a former counterfeiter according to FEARnet, the experience allows a paying victim to experience all the joys of fearing for one’s life.

Your payment will entitle you to awesome amenities like being blitzkrieged by a team of professional abductors, thrown into a van, blindfolded, driven to a basement, slapped around, hit with a stun gun, and even water-boarded.

(Where do we sign?)

“It’s more or less a thrill entertainment of a kidnapping scenario,” said abductor Shanel Hill in comments to ABC News. “Some people come to us because they want to lose control.”

Thick added that he was inspired to start the company in 1997 when he watched the concept play out on Michael Douglas’ character in the film The Game.

Police are not amused. Former FBI special agent Brad Garrett, a current ABC News analyst, pointed out that Extreme Kidnapping creates “a situation where both the police, the victims and the fake bad guy could be harmed.”

On April 1, a birthday hoax in New York similar to what this kidnapping-for-hire company offers was caught on tape.

During the incident, a woman was forced into a minivan at gunpoint by two men — one wearing a plastic bag over his head and the other wearing a mask — causing police to investigate. ABC News would later confirm it as a gag. Check it out here.

As for Extreme Kidnapping, here’s an advertisement for the service if you’re in the Detroit area and need to be treated like a piece of meat:

What do you think about these types of services? Is there any difference between this and the various Internet death hoaxes out there or the prank call that may have contributed to the suicide of a nurse in late 2012?

With the allotment of police resources for possible investigation and the dangerous circumstances that could occur as a result, do you believe services like Extreme Kidnapping should be banned, regulated, or left alone?