George Jones hospitalized

George Jones Hospitalized, Country Icon’s Concerts Cancelled

George Jones has been hospitalized in Nashville for observation after what his official website called a routine checkup. The doctors discovered that the 81-year-old country music legend sometimes known as The Possum “was running a slight fever with irregular blood pressure.”

As a result, they have cancelled two upcoming performances in Atlanta, Georgia and Salem, Virginia. Jones had been busy with his yearlong farewell tour.

During the tour, he has occasionally cancelled or postponed shows before, but he has always returned.

In younger days, the colorful country music star went through a wild phase similar to the craziness often associated with rock stars. Tammy Wynette, one of his wives and herself a country legend, once told the tale that she’d gotten up, found him gone, and went to fetch him from a bar 10 miles down the road. She discovered that he’d driven out there on his riding lawn mower.

The caper even inspired its own song. And, over the years, he has appeared in at least three country music videos riding a mower.

According to a story posted in early April on his website, these days George Jones is more likely to be found behind the wheels of an Audi. But the rebellious streak is still alive. He doesn’t buckle his seatbelt.

He’s had a few other health scares over the years, and his fans have expressed an outpouring of concern for the widely admired legend.

I Dont Need Your Rockin Chair

Here’s hoping George Jones is back in front of his audience soon.

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