Justin Bieber Under Cover In Chanel Ski Mask, Oslo, Norway Hotel Surrounded By Fans

Justin Bieber Stealth Chanel Ski Mask, Norway Hotel Besieged

Life on planet Justin Bieber is clearly not easy.

Just getting in and out of — well — anywhere is a major black ops event. Here at IQ we’re assuming a new Instagram of the 19-year-old sporting a Chanel ski mask a la Michael Jackson jacket isn’t a desperate audition for the Ice Capades, but an attempt to hide from the hoards of fans and paparazzi that besieged his hotel in Norway today.

While Bieber clearly enjoys connecting with his fans via Instagram and Twitter, it seems direct contact with ranks of hyperventilating, teenage girls on his way to perform at Oslo’s Telenor Arena wasn’t on the heartthrob’s ‘To-Do’ list.

Speaking of Instagrams, the pop star unveiled yet another ab-tastic cartoon of himself today wearing just a towel, tattoos and shades. This, of course, encores Tuesday’s ‘Justin-Belieber’ depiction, that set off an avalanche of appreciative fan comments.

In fact, Zimbio reports that fans are now punching out fan art — shirtless, of course — at an exponential rate in the hope of being noticed by the Biebs.

On a somewhat sour note, some media commentators have attempted to draw links between the Instagrams and the Anne Frank row that followed revelations of Bieber’s “belieber” guestbook note after a visit to the Amsterdam house (now a museum) where the young Jewish girl and her family hid from the Nazis from 1942-1944.

Suffice it to say, if Eva Schloss hasn’t rung the bell on that debate, nothing will.

But back to Norway.

A local news site reports that fans several lines deep gathered outside several Oslo hotels for the last three days in the hopes of tracking down the one where the teen star was actually staying.

But on Wednesday, fans hit the jackpot and managed to find out the singer was staying at a new hotel on Tjuvholmen waterfront.

However, reportedly, things got a little tense between local police and the crew of Believe tour drivers. It’s alleged that police said the drivers’ drove a convoy of hired black Mercedes vans too fast out of the hotel’s garage while young fans ran alongside and behind the vehicles.

Justin Bieber Hides Face In Ski Mask In Norway

Chanel or not, the ski mask is starting to make a little more sense now. After all, this is the country where five Norwegian schools moved their midterm exams because they coincided with just one of Bieber’s concerts.

The “Boyfriend” singer’s third and last concert in Norway reportedly wrapped to wild screams and all the usual hysteria.

Next stop for ski mask wearing superstar, Denmark.

[Image via Featureflash / Shutterstock.com]