Obamacare, Immigration Reform To Give $3K To Hire Former Illegal Immigrants

Obamacare, Immigration Reform To Give $3K To Hire Former Illegal Immigrants

Obamacare and the new Immigration Reform bill would give a $3,000 a year incentive to businesses to hire former illegal immigrants over long term US citizens.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, US Senator Max Baucus called Obamacare a huge train wreck, with state healthcare exchanges apparently way behind schedule and small businesses unsure how to cope. Regal Cinemas blamed Obamacare for cutting workers hours because the law forces employers to provide health insurance coverage to everyone who works at least 30 hours, or pay a $2,000 per person fine, but then Regal Cinemas faced a backlash from Obamacare supporters.

Obamacare enrollment begins on October 1, 2013 and Obamacare subsidy application runs about 15 pages long for a three-person family. These forms ask people to estimate their future income, which may result in Obamacare triggering high taxes for your family in the future.

But the new Immigration Reform bill might cause Obamacare to be a positive for some businesses. Illegal immigrants who are granted provisional legal status will be treated the same as people “not lawfully present” under Obamacare guidelines. Provisionally legal immigrants will not be eligible for Obamacare tax credits or required to pay an individual tax penalty for failing to get health insurance.

But businesses would also benefit from $3,000 per year per person incentive to hire a newly minted legal immigrant over a US citizen. The reason this works out is because employers won’t be required to provide health insurance for these new legal immigrants nor will they have to pay the hefty $3,000 fine since they’re not eligible under Obamacare anyway.

New legal immigrants would also be a better hire for full-time work. As previously noted, some businesses are responding to Obamacare by cutting work hours to under 30. But if new legal immigrants don’t fall under Obamacare rules then there’s no reason businesses might try hiring these people for full-time positions, or even replace existing workers.

Do you think it’s fair that under the Immigration Reform bill being proposed current illegal immigrants will become a better hiring option under Obamacare?

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