'Heroes' Revival To Air On Xbox 720 Mini Streaming TV

‘Heroes’ Revival To Air On Xbox 720 Mini Streaming TV

A Heroes revival of the popular cancelled TV show on NBC might occur on a potential Xbox 720 TV streaming service.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Xbox Mini is rumored to be launching with the Xbox 720. The Xbox Mini, codenamed “Stingray,” would be pretty much a Xbox TV intended to compete with the Apple TV.

The Xbox Mini is described as a passthrough device between a cable or satellite box and a television, which is along the lines of current Google TV set-top boxes. The $150 price tag for the Xbox Mini will give you a smaller, stripped down Xbox unit intended to access the Xbox Live platform’s entertainment apps and play downloaded games. A new Xbox 720 rumor says the Xbox Mini will be powered by a Xbox 360 system-on-a-chip (SoC), which will also be in the Xbox 720.

The once popular Heroes franchise is being considered for a relaunch with a focus on new stories and characters, with cameos from original cast members. This Heroes revival would essentially be like the Heroes Webisodes that aired at the same time as the Heroes primetime TV show.

At the height of its popularity, the original Heroes show pulled in over 14 million viewers on average in the United States. The ending of the series was very open-ended and, if anything, provided a scenario that might be compared to the X-Men, where people gifted with powers are publicly known and sometimes feared.

Back in 2011, Heroes creator Tim Kring talked about a Heroes revival happening in the future:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they waited for a while and then they reinvented it entirely. There have been two regime changes at NBC since ‘Heroes’ came out and neither of those had a vested interest in the show. I can’t imagine they would go back into the vault, but in five years, they could re-invent the premise.”

When asked to comment on the potential Heroes revival on the Xbox 720, a spokesperson for Microsoft said, “We are thrilled that industry veterans like Jada Miranda and Nancy Tellem have joined the XES team. We do not have any content news to announce at this time.”

Are you excited about the possibility of a Heroes revival on the Xbox 720?