Captain Underpants 2012 Library Complaints

‘Captain Underpants’ Tops Library Complaints List

The children’s book series Captain Underpants has reportedly received more library complaints than Fifty Shades of Grey.

The American Library Association recently stated that author Dav Pilkey’s novels received more complaints from patrons than any other book on the shelves in 2012. Many people have taken issue with the books since they feel the content in inappropriate for kids.

The number of complaints the Captain Underpants series has received helped push it to the top of the list. Although the books have been listed on three separate occasions since 2002, this is the first time the series has reached the top spot.

Pilkey doesn’t seem to have a problem with Captain Underpants being on the library complaints list. However, he is concerned that it could prevent parents from getting the books for their children.

The author said in a statement.

“It’s pretty exciting to be on a list that frequently features Mark Twain, Harper Lee, and Maya Angelou. But I worry that some parents might see this list and discourage their kids from reading ‘Captain Underpants,’ even though they have not had a chance to read the books themselves.”

As for the controversy surrounding his work, Pilkey said he didn’t understand why parents and educators have taken issue with the stories.

He added, “I don’t see these books as encouraging disrespect for authority. Perhaps they demonstrate the value of questioning authority. Some of the authority figures in the Captain Underpants books are villains. They are bullies and they do vicious things.”

Captain Underpants Library Complaints