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Rehtaeh Parsons Case Solved By Anonymous In Two Hours

Anonymous solved Rehtaeh Parsons case

Anonymous says they know who Rehtaeh Parsons’ rapists are, providing a little extra “incentive” for Canadian authorities to re-open the case themselves.

Rehtaeh took her own life last week at the age of 17 after being gang raped in 2011 and relentlessly bullied by her classmates and peers ever since.

A photo of the rape was reportedly circulated throughout her school and community, and she was constantly bombarded by texts from boys asking her to sleep with them and others from girls calling her a “slut” and a “whore.”

Police initially closed the case, saying that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the alleged perpetrators rapists from the 2011 incident. After Rehtaeh committed suicide last week, it seemed like the tragic end to a pretty horrifying tale.

This week, the Internet hactivist collective known as Anonymous picked up the story, and decided to pursue their own investigation. According to a statement released by @YourAnonNews, one of the largest news handles for Anonymous, the group was able to confirm the identities of the rapists in roughly two hours.

Scary and unpredictable hackers though they are, they didn’t delve into anyone’s Facebook or email accounts to figure out who the rapists are. People close to the individuals in the case flooded Anonymous accounts with testimony.

Anonymous deduced that the primary rapist in the case shouldn’t be all that hard to catch, since he bragged about the crime and took a picture of himself doing it.

You can read the statement from Anonymous here (or watch the video below), but here are some of their best reasons the case should be re-opened (and can be solved):

  • Witness testimony – If nothing else, it seems that dozens of teens and adults heard the rapists at least brag about taking part in the Rehtaeh Parsons gang rape.
  • EXIF data – since a photo of Rehtaeh’s rape was reportedly circulated among hundreds of students, Anonymous wonders if authorities even bothered to check.
  • The school did nothing – they said they didn’t know, but if child pornography is going viral in your hallways, shouldn’t you know?
Rehtaeh Parsons suicide

For now, Anonymous has elected to withhold the names of Rehtaeh Parsons’ alleged rapists in order to allow an official investigation to be re-opened. “What we want is justice. And that’s your job. So do it,” they say.

What do you think should happen in the Rehtaeh Parsons case? You can watch a statement from Anonymous below, and, if you’re not much for the Internet hactivism route, you can sign a petition seeking an independent inquiry into the case (where someone competent from outside shows up and solves it) right here.

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95 Responses to “Rehtaeh Parsons Case Solved By Anonymous In Two Hours”

  1. David Thatcher

    Just don't end it in prisons until these morons have a taste.

  2. Brandy M Pearsall-Valdez

    like the Senator said just teach the boys that rape is bad…..

  3. Jan Stowe

    What has happened to society that these young men bragged about it but were not charged, but even more upsetting is that the young girls who bullied her were so insensitive to such a tragedy.

  4. Abraham Thornton

    I read about this yesterday. One of the saddest things I've ever heard.

  5. John St John

    That which is hidden in darkness will be held up to the light of day and shouted from the roof tops.

  6. Tracy Lewis Liang

    What do you meant "what has happened?" It's how it normally is. Girls are raped and branded as sluts and troublemakers if they complain. Like it was ever different.

  7. Derek Vroom

    That's a terrible way to think. As awful of a crime they committed, this is still "an eye for an eye" way of thinking. You actually think rapists should be raped? What about murderers? Should they be murdered? Seriously, if this is where we are going as a society I'm ashamed to be Canadian.

  8. Derek Vroom

    No, they should be sentenced to life. Who are you to choose who lives and who dies?

  9. Abraham Thornton

    The kind of people who would gang-rape a 15-year-old and spread pictures of it around don't deserve to live. I'll gladly make that choice.

  10. Anonymous

    While I may not always agree with Anonymous' methods, in this case they did a great job. I truly hope their efforts bring justice to this girl who did not deserve her fate.

  11. Tara LeBaron

    Derek Vroom- um I do not want my taxes paying for them to sit in a cell and get visitors and food!!! Something is wrong with your head if you would rather them sit and breathe air and our taxes pay for them to do so.

  12. Kenneth Darkstar

    If rape was a crime punishable by death, don't you think rape would be dying out? It's a crime that can never be atoned for, you've taken something from someone that they can never get back.

  13. Kenneth Darkstar

    If rape was a crime punishable by death, don't you think rape would be dying out? It's a crime that can never be atoned for, you've taken something from someone that they can never get back.

  14. Kenneth Darkstar

    We haven't had nearly enough hangings this century. I think we should bring back the gallows for people who would do something like this.

  15. Kenneth Darkstar

    We haven't had nearly enough hangings this century. I think we should bring back the gallows for people who would do something like this.

  16. Tom Johnson

    PLEASE. Tell the world who they are right now. It would be at least a form of satisfaction to know that their disgusting rape will eventually come up in a job interview, or perhaps at a family gathering, like their weddings.

  17. LeiLani Doornbosch

    The responsible people need to be held accountable for their behaviors – including the girls who verbally abused this young woman with slurs. This is just a degree of the Taliban: punish the victim for her rape. I would hope Canada will change that policy once and for all. The rapists should be charged with 3rd degree murder because their actions resulted in their victim's death.

  18. She D'Ambrosio

    Imagine being these 4 rapeturds knowing that Anonymous already knows who two of you are and you have no idea knowing which two! GO ANONYMOUS!

  19. Terri Tinkel

    a member of my family went through the same thing, ridicule and bulllying at school and church….she looked a lot like this young lady too. Thank goodness she had counseling and had managed to make this issue something she works on every day to help other young girls.

  20. Dalton Shiver

    This is a terrible tragedy. Well played anonymous, let us hope action is taken.

  21. Jose Gochez

    you know why the case was not reopened? because this is a tragedy and the girls memory needs to be left in peace. All party's involved made terrible decisions (including the girl). There is a reason alcohol is a controlled substance. Parents need to be more open with there children. Don't just say NO to this or that.. EXPLAIN TO THEM. EXPLAIN, so YOUR teenage daughter doesn't end up lashing out, getting drunk and gang banged by a bunch of unworthy teenage boys…
    moving forward…Anyone who thinks these little boys deserve to have there name on a sex offenders list or some other perma-life changing crap like that needs to just sit down and take a breather. Trust me, regardless, this will haunt them. Even if it doesn't seem like it yet.

  22. Julie Pugh Roof

    As a rape survivor myself, I cannot express to you how highly offensive your comment is, David.

  23. Julie Pugh Roof

    How does this happen? The boys involved probably don't believe what they did was actually rape and the girls probably believe it will never happen to them. It's actually the "norm", Jan.

  24. Dondura Paulette Kane Miller

    the males ( refuse to call them men) who did this should also be charged with at the very least voluntary manslaughter as well as rape..I do not know her culture or laws, but this is my view. Also, the police need to reevaluate their policy on these situations and the school administrators released from employment.

  25. Lindsey Wallace

    People like you are the reason rapists are allowed to go without punishment, are the reason men and women are still sexually violated every single day. I don't give a shit if the victim was stumbling drunk, roofied herself, and then stripped naked and passed out on a bed – it is never, ever, EVER OKAY to force yourself on another human being and sexually violate them. "Trust me, this will haunt them"? Really? These boys' names need to be shouted out loud, broadcast across news stations, plastered on billboards, everyone needs to know the things they've done.

    They need to be shamed, and this needs to haunt them for years. A young girl is dead because they violated her, they fucking recorded images of themselves doing it, they BRAGGED ABOUT IT, they passed those images around, and they encouraged others to tear this poor girl apart. I hope this haunts them, publicly, legally, emotionally, psychologically, and every other "-ly" for the rest of their lives.

  26. Ryan Barnett

    I wish I could have known her. Just to talk and let her know that it wasn't her fault and not everyone is full of this evil. God this is so depressing.

  27. Oscar Castro

    Derek Vroom us Canadians are ASHAMED that you are Canadian to. "an eye for an eye" should be just the beginning".

  28. Roxanne Brown

    People like you are why rape culture persists. Victim blaming and shaming. Guess you've never had a loved one who was sexually assaulted. Deciding to drink is NOT consent to be gang-raped, and if you think so, you need professional help.

    The case wasn't reopened because the RCMP sucks at their jobs. Funny how Anonymous was able to come up with more evidence in 2 hours than the "authorities" were in their entire investigation. Maybe that's because even the "authorities" have attitudes like yours, where it's the VICTIM'S fault for being victimized so they just didn't give a shit about bringing her attackers to justice.

    "Little boys" who RAPE deserve to be registered sex offenders… as the LEAST of their "perma-life changing crap." This girl KILLED HERSELF because of what they did to her and how she continued to be tormented for being a VICTIM. They should be fucking castrated.

  29. Oscar Castro

    Jose Gochez your one sick pendejo!! get your head out of your ass. Sounds like someone needs to keep an eye on you.. sick fucker.

  30. Oscar Castro

    Jose Gochez your one sick pendejo!! get your head out of your ass. Sounds like someone needs to keep an eye on you.. sick fucker.

  31. Chrissy Gratton

    Rapists need to be hong to death like in the old days.
    And please sign the petition for Rehtaeh Parsons cus I did…. R.I.P. Rehtaeh Parsons <3.

  32. Chris Daniel Montgomery

    Quit letting your teenagers watch hardcore pornography 3 hours a day.

  33. Evelyn Anne Thompson

    I hope anon releases their name and addresses +other info these rapists deserve to be punish. ALSO STOP TRYING TO PROTECT RAPISTS SMH @ THE 'ALLEDGE' THERE ARE FUCKING PHOTOS OF IT IT DID HAPPEN.

  34. Zak Young

    yes I think murderers should be murdered. punishment should be proportional to the crime. the basis of the legal system should be resitution for the victim.

  35. Claudia Arregoces

    If they had any sense at all they would turn themselves in. Anonymous will ruin their lives otherwise, assuming the police don't get off their ass and do something.

  36. Ann Marie Hake Hughes

    That's rape culture, David, and that's why we have rape. You're part of the problem, if you believe that. Don't you get it? As long as assholes like you think rape is ok, we will still have rape.

  37. Ann Marie Hake Hughes

    The girl did not make a terrible decision. No decision should ever lead to rape. There is not one excuse in the world why any girl should be raped. TEACH YOUR SONS NOT TO RAPE.

  38. DellaRae Green

    Are you flipping serious?! Of course they need to be on a sex-offender list for life at the very least. She mattered too. She was innocent – they were not. She had rights and the chose, CHOSE, to disregard them for FUN. For a gdamn laugh. It is past time that we stop protecting these "young boys who made a "bad choice"". What a flipping crock!

    The parents who try to protect their children from consequences and the legal system that does the same needs to end. The minute they even thought it was the minute they crossed the line. Every time, every single time we allow "those poor boys who messed up" crap to enter the conversation we perpetuate it. More we devalue life. This was no MISTAKE. They made a fking choice. In doing so they broke her to pieces. Blame the parents who raised the boys to think they could do anything and they would protect them.

    If it had been my son (which it could never be as I raised a decent and good man) I would have dragged his ass down to the jail personally AND testified against him. Of course I would still visit him, love him, support him — THAT DOES NOT MEAN WE ACCEPT THE VILE ACTION. EVER!!!

  39. Chaney Robertson

    They were not charged. The investigation was initially dropped. Justice? They gangraped her, democratically deciding between the lot of them that another human being's right to bodily autonomy was null and void and sexually abusing them. Then after that she was relentlessly bullied by her peers until she hung herself. As awful a crime as they committed, you question whether or not they deserve to have similar horrors visited upon them? Your justice system was going to let them go. That is where your society is heading. Be ashamed of that. If they find that their own bodily autonomy is violated in prison then so be it.

  40. Chaney Robertson

    Society chooses who lives and who dies, and if society chooses that they die, if the system says so, then that is just how it is.

  41. Susie Swivel

    Why is it "more upsetting"? Boys raping a young women, bragging about it and walking away scott free is less upsetting to you than name calling? Seriously?

  42. Ali Jibran

    I know , I'll be grilled for saying this. but i think, whip them publicly for their cruel act. Sending them to correction facility won't do anything.

  43. Ali Jibran

    Zak Young if you look at Islamic Laws, you'll find that crime and punishment is in proportion. and i am sure, western laws are as strict as possible too. It is the loopholes, that let the crime unpunished.

  44. Jim Jones

    Nlo life in prison being treated like the little bitches they are is just about right. those cretins will learn all about gang rape ion the showers with any real luck.

  45. Andrew Verrijdt

    Derek Vroom I agree with your sentiment wholeheartedly. And I think that the way the police have handled this is more than enough reason to be embarrassed to be Canadian :/

  46. Andrew Verrijdt

    The problem with the death penalty is that it INEVITABLY leads to innocent people being executed.

    It's easy to say "rapists don't deserve to live" because you are assuming that you know who is guilty and who isn't. But in a court case we don't know if the person who is found guilty is actually guilty or not.

    I understand your rage. But the death penalty doesn't actually help anyone. It just feeds our lust for vengeance.

  47. Frank Ettari

    Many of the kids in the town know who these guys are. Incredible they are not really investigating.

  48. Murray Garrison

    Of course murderers should be 'put to death' for their crimes…..not murdered…..justly punished! I, for one, believe rapists should first be handcuffed and put in a room with the victims parents for as LONG as they want to have at him! Then let the prisoners pick at what's left of the rapist animal. And there it is…these animals are just that…..ANIMALS….and I actually feel bad for animals when I say that! These aren't people who deserve ANY sort of mercy whatsoever. Raping a person is, BY FAR, the most disgusting and vile thing you can to do a human being. So….YES….an eye for an eye…'s only fair!

    Oh….and I'm a LIBERAL….so stuff any talk of me saying this because I'm a conservative sheep. I hate the conservatives and almost everything they stand for….but on this ….I stand with them.

  49. Lorraine MacDonald

    You're kidding, right? No means No. Drunk No means No. Sober No means friggin' NO!! And drunk YES, should be NO, and the honorable parents of any honorable boy would teach him that. (And vice versa, for girls, drunk boy YES should mean no as well). Also, sober friends also need to watch out for their drunk friends. NO MEANS NO!! I don't care if she was drunk or schizophrenic, or a serial killer – that girl did not deserve to be raped, and did not deserve to be ridiculed, humiliated, and made a public spectacle for YEARS afterward. And, what? We should let the whole thing blow over so that everyone involved should feel better? How else will we learn? I'm sorry, but everyone should be uncomfortable for a while, and the boys involved (AND THEIR PARENTS!!), should be MORE than uncomfortable for a while. If it even saves ONE life – it's worth it. It's how we grow and evolve. One last time, in case you didn't get it the first 20 times. NO … MEANS … NO!!!

  50. Benjamin Zimmer

    Society failed her as well, the school and any of her "Friends". Glad anonymous took some action, unlike the joke called the RCMP. Disgusting. They should have their dicks lopped off.

  51. Benjamin Zimmer

    And the girls who victim blamed should be punished as severely.

  52. Benjamin Zimmer

    I hope you get gang raped for making a mistake. Pig.

  53. Katerina Di Rocco

    I`m glad Anonymous buts in when it comes to cases like these. Come on. This is fucking ridiculous. The poor girl, and her family. Sigh. -__-

  54. Mary Lim

    I think the case was pretty much "solved" early on, in that the community knew those who were responsible. It's only now that all these pieces of evidence have been properly collated.

  55. Alfred Thein

    @derek. They are a thinking human being living in a society. When other members of the society choose to use their free will in acts that are harmful to members of said society; they have a moral and ethical obligation to take action.

  56. Alfred Thein

    Andrew Verrijdt That is a logical fallacy; you claim that the death penalty, capital punishment, in itself is an invalid solution to crimes such as rape, due to the lack of solid evidence. That is on a case by case basis. Capital punishment does not always mean the texan style of fry them first figure it out later.

  57. Alfred Thein

    Or just remove them from society as they made an irreversible free will decision with consequences that resulted in the death of an innocent person.

  58. Lloyd Harrower

    actually the safest way to handle most serial killers is to kill them. even if they could be secured and made sane they would be unable to live with themselves. if you simply lock them up they can escape and repeat their crimes. it is a simple matter of the hard right versus the easy wrong.

  59. Lloyd Harrower

    Derek Vroom its easy for you to just say "lock them up" since you don't have to look a family in the eye and say they were allowed to repeat their morally unjustifiable actions because you chose the easy wrong over the hard right.

  60. Alex Holland

    Amen. Sorry, I'd rather not have tax dollars go towards housing them in prison for the next couple of decades.

  61. Joshua Balcombe

    Oscar Castro I hope it ends with you dying slowly, I HOPE. I'm not going to go around telling everyone how it needs to be done, you want to rape rapists kid? Get educated and get a fucking government job.Change the rules, bring us into this ultraviolent era you need to live in, beating and raping offenders will only jumpstart the cycle, You want to be the drunk stepdad fiend to all the young offenders? Go ahead and stop talking about it.

  62. Anonymous

    These guys should be rounded up and tried. I am not going to say beyond that what should be done, that is up to the courts. What bothers me even more is the kids, her peers bullying her for being raped and calling her names for something that wasn't her fault. They need to have a school assembly and address these issues of bullying and their viewpoints on rape. Perhaps the police should do this but something has to be changed about the way many teens think.

  63. Kalena Kenny

    If anonymous could find them, why couldn't the authorities? Could it be that THEY DON'T CARE?

  64. Dustin Hurst

    As a supporter of vigilante justice I support Anonmous and think these scumbags should be outed.
    And 2 Derek: U are a liberal puss*, sad that it would take something happening 2 your own fam for u 2 see the light.

  65. Savanah Mick

    WOW. I don't get some of you people. Letting them go free after they've raped someone is teaching them that rape is okay. Punishing them for it is the only way to teach that their behavior is NOT okay. You people are probably the reason why a "justice system" doesn't exist anymore.

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