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PlayStation 4: Sony Doesn’t Want Another Xbox 360 Launch

PlayStation 4 shouldn't launch like the Xbox 360, says Sony

Sony has said they don’t want the PlayStation 4 to launch like the Xbox 360 did.

Do you remember when the Xbox 360 launched? A majority of the games were first-person shooters, and that’s exactly what Sony doesn’t want for the PlayStation 4. Sony wants the next generation console to launch with more variety, and more fun.

For about a year or two, nearly every big game on the Xbox 360 was a first-person shooter, and some of us claim that as the reason we stuck by our old-school Xbox and PlayStation 2 consoles, or opted for the Wii. We didn’t want our big choices being Halo, Call of Duty, or Splinter Cell.

When Sony showed off the PlayStation 4 at the February 20 reveal, they intentionally didn’t show the obvious big names first. Knack, from their own Studio Japan, was the first reveal, which even though it didn’t show off the system’s potential, it did stray from the mainstream lineup of first-person shooters that other consoles focused too much of their early life on. Knack is being billed as Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation 4, showcasing variety before the usual suspects of Killzone and InFamous.

The PlayStation 4 mega-company has said, “We [at Sony] were like yeah[,] we hate to see all the PS4 games being FPS or action-adventure of very photorealistic, you know[,] big-budget blockbuster games. And you know[,] people like these games but these are not the only kinds of games that people can have fun with.”

It’s nice to see the big wigs at Sony are at least aware that gamers want to have fun. And they know that fun requires more than just mind-blowing graphics and a big gun. Sometimes you gotta put down the gun and just get silly. PlayStation 4 is being aimed at a wider audience than other consoles. Now if they could just allow backwards compatibility, that would be great.

What do you think of Sony’s desire of not wanting the PlayStation 4 to launch like the Xbox 360?

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9 Responses to “PlayStation 4: Sony Doesn’t Want Another Xbox 360 Launch”

  1. Chris Brown

    I play mostly all shooting games, and it's getting quite boring.
    Iv been call of dutied out for years now.
    Just hope a new franchise comes out on next gen and does something brand new that we haven't seen before. And I want more strategy games, and games like sim city.

  2. Jake Vincent Savard

    They're starting to sound a lil' bit like Nintendo…which is a good thing. If they'd just kept up with the Nintendo philosophy they would have been much better off.

    Hell, the first Playstation technically wouldn't have existed without Nintendo. Variety would definitely be nice!

  3. Muerto Onne

    Sounds like Sony is full of themselves just like they said they didn't want to announce anything about a nextgen console before Microsoft… Its all gas… So far the ps4 is vaporware… Just like Nintendo always did..

  4. Johnny Corona

    I distinctly remember buying Kameo: Elements of Power, Project Gotham Racing, King Kong and Call of Duty 2 at launch, Halo didn't launch until 2007 if I remember correctly. I did a quick search to see 360 launch titles and I see a mix of genre's of Sports: NBA 2K6, NHL, Madden, etc. Racing, extreme sports aka Tony Hawk, Amped. In other words, never believe what the competition says about it's competitor, Sony also launched the PS3 with a first person shooter as their lead game, Resistance: Fall of Man lead the pack and they also had Call of Duty3 which was a top seller and had less titles to choose from at launch. I'm all for the PS4 but Sony should speak for themselves next time :p

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