Whose idea was the “miss me yet?” billboard?

A billboard that has popped up on I-35 in Wyoming, MN, is getting a lot of national attention today.

The massive ad features a smiling, cocky ex-President Bush and is simply emblazoned with the phrase “miss me yet?” An interesting composition, but what I can’t work out is if it was funded by someone who is for the current president or anti-Obama. While the red state placement and slogan would seem initially to suggest the latter, the pose and relative horror being visited upon Americans due to the mistakes of the previous administration might actually indicate that the sign is the work of the former.

Think about it- wouldn’t someone who is pro-Bush have picked a more stately picture? In the one featured on the “miss me yet?” billboard, the former POTUS looks just like the moron we remember for destroying the fabric of our country over the past eight years. That’s “mission accomplished” Bush. That’s “heckuva job, Brownie” Bush. I’m almost inclined to think that the billboard is actually a reminder to keep focused on how relatively good we have it now.