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Trump Booed Out Of Madison Square Gardens

Trump Booed Out Of Madison Square Gardens at Wrestlemania XXIX

Donald Trump was booed off stage Saturday night at the WWE Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden.

The crowd at WrestleMania XXIX started jeering as soon as Trump‘s name was mentioned in Vince McMahon’s somewhat sycophantic introduction.

As Trump stepped up to begin his speech, the booing raised in volume. Attempting to speak above the crowd, the Donald said he had received many awards in his life but that being in the WWE Hall of Fame was one of the best feelings.

Unsurprisingly, such buttering up didn’t prove successful, with Trump forced to cut short his spiel.

However, the controversial billionaire and Apprentice host still found time to introduce the crowd to his son (who also got booed) and daughter Ivanka (who strangely received a very warm reception).

After Trump rounded off his appearance by jokily challenging Vince McMahon to a match at WrestleMania 30 (vowing to “kick his ass”), he reportedly made a swift exit from the building.

Writing later on Twitter about his evening at WrestleMania XXIX, Trump failed to mention the less-than-rapturous reception he’d received. Instead, he returned McMahon’s friendly words with some of his own:

Trump is a well-known World Wrestling Entertainment fan and friend of WWE owner McMahon and has hosted two WrestleMania events in the Trump Plaza.

The businessman was interviewed by Jesse Ventura ringside at WrestleMania XX. He also popped up at WrestleMania XXIII in the corner of Bobby Lashley, who competed against Umaga with WWE Chairman McMahon in his corner. On that occasion, Trump and McMahon agreed to a bet where the losing man would have his hair shaved off. Lashley won, and both he and Trump proceeded to shave McMahon bald:

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66 Responses to “Trump Booed Out Of Madison Square Gardens”

  1. Joe Paloka

    Trump a deferment guy during vietnam, like Romney and Gingrich rather send others to fight while they made money///////No patriots for certain just GREED.

  2. Charles Blaisdell

    How could the republican party have crashed and burned with leaders like Palin and Trump?

  3. Stanley E Smith

    I am so glad they booed his ^&%$$$$. He need to sit his antique %^^&& down. He have dyed his hair so much that it looks like a mnkey ^&&&*. yOUR %^^^ is OLD, OLD, OLD. Rocking Chair Time. Keep your subscription with AARP.

  4. Kim Harden

    America's ideal of a business man, in the old days he would have been a caller at the circus side show.

  5. Jp Kass

    You left out your Godfather Clinton! dumb ass! Money makes the world go round, send that message to your Dictator Obama , you Liberal freak!

  6. Nabil Al-Murabit

    There's no wonder that Jp Kass, rhymes with no class. What has Donald done for you that you're sucking his dick so hard? And what the fuck gives you that idea that 44 is a DICKtator? Don't blame him for the fact that the bullshit party you follow sent out the most flawed candidates in yourstory. Just to give you a civic's lesson, Uncle Salty, 44 was elected and that means he isn't a despot.

  7. Nabil Al-Murabit

    The fact that dude got booed, in his home town no less, is fucking classic or huuuggeee. It seems that New Yorkers are a helluva lot smarter than what I"ve given them credit for. Boy I wish I could've seen his face once he got behind closed doors.

  8. Bob Groves

    ….Ahem..G.W. was a cheat in his military service.! Republicons never remember the garbage they pawned off on that war criminal is in hiding..send that pos to the Hague & hang him.!

  9. Bob Groves

    ….Kim gives me a Harden.! & gets a lick, oops a like.!

  10. Red Laursen

    One is contumacious, the other vitriolic. Maybe both are more than a bit of both. Leaders? They couldn't lead starving wolves to fresh cut meat! Lead, follow, or get out of the way. They don't have what it takes to lead, they think they are to good to follow, and they are not smart enough to get the hell out of the way!

  11. Erick Blaisdell

    Yeah…..First of all Donald Trump is not a leader of the Republican party, second of all we are talking about Wrestle Mania fans here.

  12. Erick Blaisdell

    They actually believe that professional wrestling is real. If you are a person that believes that Pro Wrestling is real you should not be allowed to vote.

  13. Brian Mullins

    what kind of person like to see big muscle headed retards act like they are really wrestling, I never understood why people like that crap.

  14. Bud Simpson

    Phil Lee …why is he a dumb ass, he's right and so is JP Kass, all those wanna be leaders took a dive when it was their time to step up, but none of them hesitated sending our young men and women into battle, even if they orchestrated all the evidence. I agree with Bob GW and Cheney should be held accountable for their crimes, so should have those responsible for the phony Gulf of Tonkin lies that got us into Viet Nam. Our leaders, both parties, are some unscrupulous cowards, but the media and Congress let these traitors off the hook. So, for me, I don't care if they're Republican or Democrat, they all are criminals.

  15. Bill Martin

    What do you think the collective IQ was in the Garden? That of a barnyard animal?
    Actually that is a bit higher than the IQ's of the so called "Top Commenters" on this.

  16. James Cranston

    JP is a dumbass more teabaggers re chickenhawks then anyone.Hannity Loofa O reilly, Nugent etc

  17. James Cranston


  18. Gwynn Charlie

    Trump-Chump got what he deserved. The public has seen what an ARROGANT, SELF-CENTERED, SELF-PROMOTING, BLOW HARD he is, so they reacted to that. TRUMP-CHUMP needs to learn to keep his damn bigoted mouth shut and keep his off-the-wall, extremist radical opinions to himself. He is destroying his own brand to keep doing crap like that. Not to mention just how RIDICULOUS he looks with his face sprayed orange and that silly looking haircut.

  19. Jeffrey Thomas

    trump booed at a wrestling event is news? just more vince showtime b/s. wrestling , the sport of morons.

  20. Chris Wyatt

    I won't believe this happened till I see the "long form" video of the event..

  21. Fernando Moya

    So WHY exactly was he inducted into the Rassling Hall of Fame again?

  22. Frankie Fullerton

    Red Laursen Wish I knew what those words mean, but I will say you sure seem smart. Actually, I think we're on the same side though. Isn't "vitriolic" like offensive or insulting? If so, which of them is vitriolic? Contumacious? I need to look that one up. OK, kinda like rebellious. Is that one for the maverick? 😉

  23. Ben Press

    Nice spray tan, asshole. Now if we could boo this piece of shit out of the country.

  24. Julian Axworthy

    Jp Kass I remember Clinton – he rescued this country from Bush after he screwed us into a recession. Then Obama did the same thing for Bush Jr. Can you right wing nazi idiots get anything right?

  25. Julian Axworthy

    Republicans always make money out of sending other peoples kids to war. Examples are Cheney with Haliburton, Bush Family after destabilizing the Persian gulf – look at the Oil prices. Thank God that Romney the Poser has gone back to Marriott can you imagine what he would do against Iran and NK?
    Fortunately, we have Obama and Kerry – cooler heads prevail

  26. West Walker

    A white-collar Icon is booed at a predominately blue-collar "sporting" event, while wearing a suit, no-less! And this is news, or simply PR?

  27. Tim Howard

    When will he get the idea people do not like him! His business cronies suck up to him, like Marta Stewart. Normal people have no use for him. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  28. Ray Gill

    Jp Kass You are obviously a REPUGNANT-CAN, very easy to tell. You are suffering from the Repugnant-CanCultural Disease known as B C S. AKA Brain Cramp Syndrome. Your Mental Midget I.Q. -5 is also a tell-tale characteristic. Now, like a good little REPUGNANT-CAN hurry up and get in your coffin with the rest of your DEAD-BEAT Zombie REPUGS. Don't forget to drink your ZOMBIE-JUICE before going to coffin. And bring your REPUGNANT-CAN $$$10MILLIOM AUTOPSY REPORT with you and read it from star to finish, if you can read, thatis not a REPUGNANT-CAN strength as you know. Your AUTOPSY Report has changed your political name to: Repugnant-Cans, The Walking DEAD.And try not to VOMIT on youself before you come out with the rest of your REPUG Zombies, you, REPUGS, always stink up the area every time you open your mouths, PEEEEEEEW….Right America???

  29. Raymond Funamoto


  30. Richard Sutton

    Clinton was up front about his belief in Nam. He took his change on being drafted just like everyone else. He gave up his draft deferment and yes he did protes the war.

  31. Judith West

    Jp Kass You are another a-hole taking up space and air on the planet.

  32. Joe Paloka

    I am a midget 3 feet 6 inches and u are putting me down like Romney who said midgets are free loaders i am depressed now might shoot myself in the foot

  33. Joe Paloka

    Another coward during Vietnam, deferment guy like Romney , Gingrich more into making money, send the poor to die

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