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7 Die In Brewery Accident In Mexico City

Authorities in Mexico City said that 7 workers died today in a tank at a Grupo Modelo brewery.

The 7 workers were cleaning the tank and may have died from toxic fumes. Authorities are currently investigating the deaths at the brewery in Mexico City.

Jennifer Shelley, a spokeswoman for the company, said that the deaths occurred in “a confined area of a tank in which cleaning and maintenance work was being done.” According to Francisco Lopez Bravo, the building manager, the 7 workers got locked in the cistern while they were cleaning the tanks.

The Mexican newspaper Milenio reports that the workers died from toxic fumes. Shelley did not comment on the report.

The brewery continued to operate after the accident and the deaths are not expected to slow down production. Shelley added that no other employees were in danger during the incident earlier today.

Modelo said in a statement that it plans to support the families of the deceased workers.

Modelo said in a statement: “Modelo is deeply sorry for this incident and will support the affected families permanently.”

The brewery in Mexico City was Modelo’s first and started brewing beer in 1925. The company, which brews Corona and other popular beers, is currently in the process of being sold to Anheuser-Busch InBev.