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Bill Maher Says Paul Ryan, Rand Paul Ruined Libertarianism [Video]

Bill Maher - Paul Ryan, Rand Paul Ruined Libertarianism [Video]

Bill Maher has attacked Paul Ryan and Rand Paul, accusing the two politicians of “ruining Libertarianism” by being “intellectually stuck in their teen years.”

The comedian used the final “New Rule” section of this week’s Real Time to tackle conservatives who he believes have hijacked and distorted Libertarianism for their own ends. Maher has previously been vocal about his Libertarian leanings, but argued the movement has lost much of its original meaning. Speaking of his days as a professed Libertarian, Maher quipped:

“Back then, [Libertarianism] meant I didn’t want Big Government in my bedroom, or my medicine chest, and especially not in the second drawer of the nightstand on the left side of my bed. And I still believe that, but somewhere along the way Libertarianism morphed into this creepy obsession with free-market capitalism based on an Ayn Rand novel called Atlas Shrugged.”

Commenting that Libertarianism “sounds deep when you’re 19,” Maher continued:

“And one day, you realize that your copy of Atlas Shrugged belongs in the same milk crate as your beer helmet and the t-shirt that looks like a tuxedo, and you move on. Unless you’re Paul Ryan or Rand Paul.”

Maher has spoken out in the past against government intervention, but now argues opposition to government involvement has been taken to an extreme. He said:

“To everyone who keeps trying to shame me about abandoning my Libertarian moorings, my message is this: I didn’t go nuts, this movement did. Like when you see a stop light, your reaction should be: ‘Great, an easy way to ensure we don’t all crash into each other,’ not, ‘How dare the government tell me when I can and cannot go! Seatbelts? I refuse to live in a nanny state! I’m an individual and I want to soar free as an eagle, right through the windshield.’ ”

You can watch the whole segment below. Do you think Bill Maher is correct in saying the original meaning of Libertarianism has been repurposed by politicians like Ryan and Paul?

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21 Responses to “Bill Maher Says Paul Ryan, Rand Paul Ruined Libertarianism [Video]”

  1. Jim Smith

    The cornerstone of Libertarianism has always been free markets. This guy has zero idea what he's talking about. If he's referring to the phrase "civil libertarian" that's something different. There's nothing worse than someone revealing their ignorance with sarcasm.

  2. Phillip Lake

    Bill Maher is nothing but a faggot's faggot. Hollywood and filthy money and people with absolutely no morals.

  3. Harvey Cohen

    Just like a guy with nothing but a high school education to resort to name calling. Guess in a battle of wits he would be unarmed!

  4. Tim Baughman

    Typical of a liberal to talk about something they know absolutely nothing about. Take Maher & religions; Obama about running a country, economics, the constitution, etc; Biden about where he is at any given point in time; Pelosi living in Pelosi world where gravity & reality are just big words, most liberals that spend too much time listen to a liberal media that tells them what, when & how to think. We don't even want to go where most of these gun haters got their knowledge. How sad

  5. Richard Stremmell

    Bill Maher is still funny after all of these years. He is very humorous when pointing our the flaws in politicians thinking.

  6. Don Hartman

    He makes a point. However, as usual he carries it to extremes.

    The debate should not be about government or no government. As he alludes to, government has a function. The debate, which is NOT happening, is how much government, and where it best should be administered.

    I personally believe that the best government is that which is closest to home, so that it is easier to effect change, and/or throw the bums out when necessary.

    And besides, what is right for New York, Chicago, and LA, is not necessarily what is right for Benson, Arizona.

  7. Jane Jones

    If Bill Maher isn't intelligent enough to outsmart Paul Ryan and Rand Paul in a discussion, I guess his only recourse is to call them names and attack them personally. Maher is so far left, he can't see center — let alone conservative! I can't imagine that he EVER understood the concept of libertarianism.

  8. Richard Stremmell

    Actually he does quite well trading barbs and knows his facts so he don't just spout off without knowing what he is talking about. As to Phillip's rude comment: "it takes one to know one".

  9. Lou Gagliardi

    There are still things that are good for the country as a whole. Unless you are going to argue slavery should be allowed? Or other such things. Equality across the board is a good thing, and a state shouldn't be allowed (per the 14th amendment) to discriminate based on sexual preference, religion or lack thereof, etc.

    because all of these libertarians that are following the Paul way, that is that marriage belongs in the church would be invalidating lots of marriages, including atheists and agnostics which is discrimination in its purest form.

  10. Richard Bunte

    It isn't a "liberal" calling a "conservative" stupid. It's Bill Mahar essentially calling Paul Ryan manipulative and disingenuous for using the term "libertarianism" to describe his political plans, which have little to do with libertarianism.

  11. Jim Weidman

    Atlas Shrugged is one of the most brilliant novels ever written. All it says is that integrity and self-esteem which go hand in hand, are the highest values. I am sure Mahre and all the rest of the liberals who criticize it, have none of their own.

  12. Rod Blanchard

    Bill, Bill, Bill, this guy never has anything good to say about anyone..I think Paul and Paul are on the right track. Bill should cut them some slack.. but he doesn't because he just wants to smoke pot, suck D@#k, and criticize everyone else.

  13. Mike Welch

    In not a fan of Maher but I can't believe you're defending Paul or Ryan. They're both serious creeps.

  14. Donald Dienst

    Every law restricts freedom and personal choice the trick is to make the least amount of laws to ensure the operation of society and nothing more. Laws to protect me from myself should not exist.

  15. Anonymous

    WELL, they do call Maher a comedian! But I don t see 1 thing funny about the crap he spouts. BAD COMEDIAN, WORSE NEWS CASTER, SEND HIM TO AFRICA WITH A FEW OTHER IDIOTS.

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