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Lipstick Bounty Hunters Hit With Lawsuit, May Face Charges

Bounty Hunters may face charges and lawsuit

A trio of pink-clad women, who proudly call themselves the “Lipstick Bounty Hunters,” are facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit alleging they used extreme and excessive force when they attempted to detain 35-year-old Daniel Lee Duvall on March 18.

Duvall’s bond contract, garnering his temporary release on drug and weapons charges, had been revoked due to non-payment of the remaining balance of $4,000 of his $5,000 bond bill.

Surreptitiously, the bond agents led Duvall to believe the rendezvous at an Arby’s in Huntington Beach, California was meant to straighten out a mix up regarding his paperwork. He did not realize a ruse was afoot until they tried to take him into custody.

Duvall states he’s been permanently blinded in the right eye, donning an eye patch similar to that of the governor on The Walking Dead, and received a broken nose as a result of the Arby’s parking lot encounter with the women.

Duvall’s attorney, Daniel Gilleon, states the unwarranted use of girl power was out of line, as Duvall was repeatedly tasered, grappled, pepper-sprayed, and haphazardly shot with rubber bullets when the trio assailed upon his unsuspecting client.

Gilleon defined the event as assault and battery, a negligent version of a proper fugitive apprehension, feeling the women have made a mockery of the profession – treating it like the Wild West.

Gilleon even alluded to the less than professional pasts of the women involved in an interview on Prime Timewith Taylor Baldwin, referencing prior issues with the insurance commissioner.

Gilleon claims that Duvall’s original bond was actually for $100,000 with a premium of $10,000. He said Duvall was only ordered to pay $1,000, which he did. Therefore, Duvall’s bond contract should have still been valid.

The Lipstick Bounty Hunters – who record and share several of their detainments on YouTube, wear vibrantly pink uniforms branded with Pink Bail Enforcement, tote hot pink accessories as part of the motif, and have a hot pink fleet of vehicles – are part of Lipstick Bail Bonds. They claim they record the incidents to combat false accusations from fugitives they take into custody, and not as a promotion tool.

The bail bonds company, serving the state of California, is owned and operated by twin sisters Teresa and Lisa Golt, both former LAPD officers for nearly a decade before becoming licensed bond agents.

The purpose of a bail bonds company is posting bail to get suspects out of jail until their next due date in court. Lipstick Bail Bonds charges 10 percent to release suspects. They then monitor them to ensure they make their court dates.

If a suspect skips bail by failing to appear in court the company loses the money posted for the suspect’s release. The suspect then becomes a fugitive, is placed on the Lipstick’s Most Wanted website for tips and leads, and is hunted down by “the bond girls.”

The Golt sisters, partnered with former corrections officer Ronnie Faciane, are seen in the self-produced video approaching Duvall inside the Arby’s restaurant. A struggle ensues thereafter, with Duvall evading the agents and rushing out into the parking lot to his car.

In the video you can discern the sounds of the taser and rounds of plastic bullets being fired off. Decide yourself if you feel the incident was excessive or not.

Duvall, whose street name is “Bullets,” feels the initial attempt of apprehension was extreme. The pink ladies disagree, feeling they failed to use enough force, and argued he’d sustained the injuries he had from resisting apprehension. They assert they were doing their job and note that Duvall was not pepper sprayed.

Duvall was eventually taken into custody on his expired bond.

Do you feel the ladies used excessive force when attempting to detain their fugitive?

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17 Responses to “Lipstick Bounty Hunters Hit With Lawsuit, May Face Charges”

  1. Chad LeDoux

    These women are jokes. When they attempt a real confrontation they always have men with them in the background cause lets be honest they couldn't cut it in law enforcement. It's all a joke they couldn't take down a 10 yr old boy. Female bounty hunters in itself is an oxymoron. They are the reason so many people get hurt due to the fact no female should ever be in law enforcement or bounty hunting. There's a reason all the caught on tape videos are of female officers being over powered. They are physically as strong as a man and unable to apprehend one without a male partner. I would never take a woman partner it will get you killed quick tryin to save them all the time or expecting them to help you.

  2. Chad LeDoux

    Just watch the video three women and they do this in a public Resturaunt , wow , real idiots. Then three of you couldn't do anything but fall on the ground and no one aided his escape. You ladies need to be sued you make a mockery of the profession. Jokes.

  3. Greg Crossley

    I disagree with Chad. But I must say they did use excessive force.

  4. Shirley Crawford LeDoux

    Don't under estimate the women in the world!!

  5. Shirley Crawford LeDoux

    I didn't know I could post on your page. Let's see what kind of damage I can do before you get home.

  6. David Adams

    all I can say is Mr Duvall is a lying piece of crap His eye is fine when he was finally arrested his eye appears to be fine he was looking with both eyes and no patch over one. Mr Duvall is a drug attic and from my understanding from PD his home is known to be related to possible drug activity. as far as the girls from lipstick they felt they did what was right in the situation no comment from me though. if I was the bounty hunter looking for Mr Duval I guarantee he would have never made it away from the table in Arby's without handcuffs. additional info I heard that Mr Duvall has other lawsuits going on right now and he is waiting to get paid. also Mr Duvall has 3 cases right now in Orange county that he is facing charges for weapons and drug charges. I am not saying the lipstick girls are right or wrong but I will say I would have handled the situation differently and Mr Duvall would be in jail without no lawsuit against me or any of my team. Mr Duvall is also currently on parole and is not getting violated cause the bad economy and that's why pieces of crap like him are on the street.

  7. Madison Jones

    Wow.. I am a female bounty hunter, and I have not ONCE been overpowered by a man and I am frequently the one putting the cuffs on… Its NOT a WOMAN issue, its a PROFESSIONAL issue… (over 1k arrests in my lifetime, not ONE excessive use of force claim or injury cause by me to the person I arrested!)

  8. Madison Jones

    These women, are NOT PROFESSIONALS, they are CRIMINALS! They DO NOT represent female bounty hunters!

  9. Jess Biggers

    They could have spoken to the gentleman and told them why they were there.. if it was a matter of money, I'm sure he would have paid it or made arrangements! The voices they squeak out is enough to incapacitate a normal person! OMG…. I'm a female hunter and these women make me want to vomit! Its a disgrace to all women! They admit they are scared! QUIT IF YOU ARE SCARED! I respect Mr Duvall for not knocking all 3 of them out!

  10. Madison Jones

    David Adams, were you there when he was arrested? Just curious why the 2nd bondsman had him picked up on another bond?

  11. Dale Reprogle

    So true … did you hear about the famale bounty hunters get sued because they used to much force … the guy was running and fighting the whole time

  12. Sherlene Stroud

    Chad, may I call you Chad? Ok thanks Chad, I am a female bounty hunter and I can tell you right now that I don't need a "man" to help me. I, and women like Madison and Jess know exactly what we are doing and when we apprehend a fugitive they don't even see it coming! We are professional and if it had been one of us Duvall would have been in jail and there would not be a lawsuit! BTW I checked out your facebook page and I came to the conclusion that YOU ARE AN IDIOT! Hope you never have to have a female back you up!

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