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Target Issues Dress Apology, Says Sorry For ‘Manatee Gray’ Label


Target issued an apology today for an offensive color label on a dress sold online.

An online shopper noticed today that a dress on was available in “Dark Heather Gray” for one size but “manatee gray” for the larger size.

A photo of the offensive label started circulating around the internet causing many people to wonder if the picture was actually real. Well, it’s real. Thankfully, Target has already issued an apology for dress label saying that it was an “unintended oversight.”

Target spokeswoman Jessica Deede told Forbes:

“We never want to offend any of our guests. We apologize for any discomfort that we may have caused … We are in the process of fixing the discrepancy and updating so the gray dress will be available in all styles … We’re working on updating our systems right now.”

Deede said that Target uses “manatee gray” for many products. Towels, rain boots, and shirts are all available in the color, which by itself, isn’t really offensive.

While it’s true that Target uses Manatee Gray for many products, those products typically remain the same color regardless of size.

manatee gray

Deede told Forbes that there were two teams working on the “Missy” and plus-size product lines and they obviously didn’t communicate with each other about the color. One team went with Dark Heather Gray and the other went with Manatee Gray.

Deede said: “We are working to update the name of the dress to reflect Dark Heather Gray. This was an unfortunate oversight and we’ll take it into consideration moving forward.”

Target has removed the dress for the time being.

manatee gray

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97 Responses to “Target Issues Dress Apology, Says Sorry For ‘Manatee Gray’ Label”

  1. Leslie Barron

    Who the hell pays attention to this kind of shit, let alone gets offended by it? Get a life.

  2. Stephen Joseph Monachello

    People are not happy unless they are offended and complaining. Americans are pathetic. Unreal…

  3. Jarrod Bryant

    I think someone should also have a talk with the manatees. They need to know that it's not OK for them to be swimming around being gray, humans are offended by their grayness. Next thing you know, manatees will want to get married, too.

  4. Debi Cooke

    Oh come on people..must we squabble over little things like color to complain about our sizes? who cares about what colors are offered? you all just want to cause trouble or want money from a law suit…and YES I AM A PLUS SIZE LADY…WITH A BRAIN. Stop causing trouble and just shop for clothes.

  5. David Shilling

    Is there nothing else happening, that we can't say anything that doesn't upset someone! If we keep this up, we'll all need attorney's on retainer every time we speak. Now that's a slur.

  6. David Shilling

    Is there nothing else happening, that we can't say anything that doesn't upset someone! If we keep this up, we'll all need attorney's on retainer every time we speak. Now that's a slur.

  7. Ken Elder

    People are upset about this but are still willing to shop at a place called Dress BARN? I don't get it.

  8. Tom Sleight

    So if it were pink you would complain that you look like an elephant? Right. Get a life and get off the drama.

  9. Sandi Richters Moore

    so you allow someone to make a snide remark then apologize? that doesn't cut it. Star hiring people with brains, not some stupid clerk who described a girl as a fat lady. Fire the idiots…there are quite a few people out there who actually have brains. give THEM a job and lose your advertising department and start fresh.

  10. Gina Welker Palmateer

    Be careful Target, the next thing people will go after is the word "maxi"…. I see the word manatee and I think of the color, not the size.

  11. Lynn Ellis

    If they are the same dress why the different prices? I would not buy the dress because it is ugly. But I would wonder why there are different prices for what appears to be the same thing.

  12. Jeff Toney

    It's not as if it was called "elephant gray" or "hippo gray" We live in a nation of whiney crybabies.

  13. Kathy N Ron

    The other colors were Pig Pink, Balloon Blue, Great Pumpkin and Tank Teal.

  14. Mary Bordelon

    Geezuz, some people must get up in the morning with the sole purpose of looking to find the most trivial, minute sh*t to bitch about. WTF.

  15. Mary Bordelon

    Geezuz, some people must get up in the morning with the sole purpose of looking to find the most trivial, minute sh*t to bitch about. WTF.

  16. Gayla Norris

    I think Manitee Grey is a much more accurate name for the color than "dark heather grey". If I saw the names without the picture I would immediately have an idea what color it was. What the h– color is "dark heather grey? Also if you look at the pictures although they are the same dress look at them, they look somewhat different and the smaller on in the picture appears to be a darker color. Obviously it is the same fabic and color on both if Target didn't come back with that.

  17. Cathy McKeen

    Seriously? What a stupid thing to complain about. Let's all start complaining about the things that matter like the way our soldiers are treated by the government while idiots on welfare get the red carpet treatment. Put your energy toward helping instead of whining about "manatee grey".

  18. Monica Caughlin

    Seriously? Don't say "boo" may offend a few ghosts & freaken goblins..ridiculous. I FRICKEN LOVE TARGET!

  19. Vicki Paschall

    Get a life. Who cares about the color? Some people just look for something to gripe about. Heather, Manatees Gray…Who cares?/.

  20. Sugano Svetlana

    Okay, Princess's after you consult your attorney, Perhaps you'd prefer the title to be 'Slim Grey. Runway Model Grey, or Gorgeous Grey? Get a life and stop eating so much and you wouldn't be so paranoid about your size. It's that simple.

  21. Kamesha Touré Sims

    A manatee is a sea cow, what's the difference? I'm a plus size woman and was not offended. I actually laughed.

  22. Brandi Meyer

    So I'm wondering why the plus size is cheaper than the normal size??

  23. Kamesha Touré Sims

    If it were, everyone would be thin, right? Glad you aren't my doctor. Then again, I doubt you are anyone's doctor.

  24. Caitlyn Blanton

    Lmao! This is SO funny! I'm plus size and I find this hilarious. People just need to calm down and not take color names so seriously. Manatee Grey…that's genius!

  25. Lisa Bogert

    But they failed to address the poor naming of the dress also: Women's Kimono Maxi Dress. At least both sizes were named "maxi"

  26. Greta Peters

    I, too, am offended because normally my first thought was "Well, duuh, manatees ARE gray" – thus – I'll be seen as dumb for not immediately associating manatee with big. How insulting of me to think in a normal healthy way.

  27. Timothy A. Jeske

    Hippo grey is much much Darker……. Why does it have to be endangered animals? Flamingo pink is acceptable….. Dove white……. Firetruck red..( not an animal I know but firetrucks are huge.)

  28. Greta Peters

    I'd, too, be offended because normally my first thought was "Well, duuh, manatees ARE gray" – thus – I'd be seen as dumb for not immediately associating manatee with size. How insulting of me to think in a normal healthy way.

  29. DiEtte Bang Henderson

    It wouldn't be a big deal if all sizes were Manatee Gray, but it's the same dress, why two different color names at all? I think someone had a good laugh that this got through and now Target is having to clean it up. I'm glad they are changing it. I'm not offended by it (yes I'm over weight) but I don't think the plus size dress should have a different color description, after all, it's the same color as the regular one…dark heather gray….OR name them both Manatee Gray.

  30. DiEtte Bang Henderson

    On another note….I would look like a manatee if I wore this dress…so maybe the description is fitting, LOL.

  31. Carolina De Los Santos

    Are you serious? how about WHY on earth is the dress only $22 when the smaller sizes are $24.99? especially when it takes MORE fabric to make them? the FAT lady didn't complain about that! seriously, people need to get a life, complaining about the dumbest things…. to the miserable lady who complained about this: don't worry about wearing the dress, a hippo could hardly ever be mistaken for a manatee…

  32. Regina Harmon

    I'd take the manatee grey one, it's $2.99 cheaper. lol

  33. Taylor Ellyse Seabolt

    Offensive label? It's not like that was specifically made for you so they could tell you that you are fat. Let's gain some maturity here, shall we?

  34. Ryan Ricker

    People who get upset at this have nothing better to do than make things ridiculous for no reason. The color matches the descriptive color…it isn't like they are using manatee in the actual production of the garment. Grow up you bunch of yuppy PC'ers with nothing better to do.

  35. Lawrence Somers

    Where does Whale Gray fall on the size chart? Before African Bull Elephant or after Walrus Gray? Wanna bet that someone files a law suit claiming emotional damages?

  36. Jor Yorabrutsavage

    I mean, it wasn't like it said "Available in plus sizes in SHAMOO GRAY ONLY@@@@@ May B time 2 reduce, cut back those calories in that case! Quit hanging around Sarah Lee, Little Debbie, Mrs. Smith & that tempting HOSTESS!

  37. Brian Gard

    Ok I'm not seeing what could be offensive here. What, the accusation is that Target is insinuating that plus-sized women are as big as a manatee? Um ok I'm still not getting it…

  38. Luciana Dewberry

    I think that it's funny that most of the comments are from people who are offended by the fact that other people are offended! Will the cycle ever end, lol!

  39. Michael Braithwaite

    "Americans are pathetic."

    One person's observation is now a whole nation's collective opinion? lolwut

  40. DeAndra Marie Graham

    It's messed up, but it's not Target's fault: whoever does the web design and data entry for that part of the website is the real prick. :)

  41. Julie Pham

    It's just a color that at the same time say "you fat" it's not on purpose I don't think. It's a color. I thought they were making up a name for a dress or something. This could be just a coincidence.

  42. Margie Robinson

    I LOVE Manatees and would be proud to wear "Manatee Gray" if some of the profits from my dress purchase were used to help/save these wonderful creatures!

  43. Margie Robinson

    Actually I'd wear it anyway. Gray is one of my favorite colors.

  44. Sally Horton

    I don't give a rat's ass what they call the color, but they should apologize for this cheap, shapeless, hideous rag that wouldn't flatter a super model's figure…. tater sacks like this one are why this whale sized woman doesn't shop at Target….

  45. Christa Michelle Hawkins

    Oh ffs, this country has turned into one big daycare center. Only it's not the children with the snotty noses, tear stained cheeks and fists flailing in indignation. I'm a plus sized woman & it's my opinion that if you're insecure, paranoid & unhappy with it, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, other than walk around with a chip on your shoulder, looking for things to cry & whine about. If you're plus sized & confident, you wouldn't have issue with something so trivial. Btw, has anyone checked on the emotional state of the manatee?

  46. Amanda Lynn Velez

    Whatever… it's ugly anyways. Sometimes I feel like some people are walking around looking for a reason to be pissed. That must be exhausting.

  47. Rebecca Schmidt

    Same here, however, I do find the dress style offensive. Every plus size woman I showed that particular dress to said they would not wear it……….the style was simply drab and would be better on a slim woman.

  48. Allison Gambino

    Hey, I would be happy that Manatee Gray is cheaper than Heather Gray

  49. Virginia Scott

    How about LARD BUCKET GREY! Who cares! People who are seriously fat offend me when they get offended about fatness jokes, etc. Hey, you made yourself FAT! I'm fat and I'm Not OFFENDED!! Stop whining and have some cake!q

  50. Kathy N Ron

    Its women like you who make overweight women hypersensitive.

  51. Carolina De Los Santos

    umm…no. Being overweight makes these women hypersensitive. So much to the point where they lose ALL COMMON SENSE and complain to a company like Target about the name of a color for their plus sized garments. Chances are that Target's manufacturers had extra mentioned dye color and for the company it was more economical to use it to produce the dresses. Did you hear anyone complaining about why are they are cheaper??? why are they discriminating smaller sized (or normal, for that matter) women? Seriously, to make the "manatee gray color for +sizes" connection to your weight shows a lack of brain cells and deep emotional issues that go FAAARR beyond being simply overweight. Cut the coddling crap.

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