Paris Hilton Playboy Mansion Romp In Pink Bunny Costume Includes Easter Egg Hunt With Hugh Hefner

Paris Hilton Playboy Mansion Romp In Pink Bunny Costume Includes Easter Egg Hunt With Hugh Hefner

The Paris Hilton Playboy Mansion romp included running around in a pink bunny costume with Hugh Hefner while on an Easter egg hunt.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Paris Hilton was paid $300,000 to appear on an X-rated television show in Denmark, Paradise Hotel, which has been roundly criticized for its depiction of casual sex and excessive drinking. So wearing the pink bunny costume in the Playboy Mansion was actually probably an upgrade in wardrobe.

But with new boyfriend River Viiperi in the picture, Paris Hilton is apparently trying to live the quiet life. The couple has been shunning the spotlight, even though River’s career has taken off in the five months since they started dating. Paris Hilton and her boyfriend could be following the cues of the heiress’ famous friends, Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian, who have since settled down and started families. The only bump in their relationship so far was a tragic ski accident, and who can forget the Paris Hilton swatting incident?

Although that apparently does not mean Paris Hilton will turn down an Easter party at the Playboy Mansion. Easter at the Playboy Mansion means girls get the chance to dress up in their favorite pink bunny costumes.

This year Paris Hilton dress up in a pink sequined number, donned matching bunny rabbit ears, and pulled on a pair of fishnet tights. The Paris Hilton pink bunny costume was completed with a pair of cuffs, a white collar, and a pink bow tie as she wore her blonde hair in a bob.

Paris Hilton and Hugh Hefner posted a picture together on Instagram, with the caption on the image reading, ‘The Easter Bunny with Hef. Love you @HughHefner. Happy Easter!”

Paris Hilton also bumped into Snoop Lion, the rapper everyone else knows as Snoop Dogg.

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