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American Tourist Gang Raped On Bus In Brazil While Boyfriend Forced To Watch

American Tourist Gang Raped On Bus In Brazil

An American tourist was gang raped on a public bus in Rio De Janeiro while her French boyfriend was beaten and forced to watch the attack.

Police said the attack took place over six hours starting shortly after midnight on Saturday. Three men between the ages of 20 and 22 are accused of attacking the American tourist and beating and raping her on a public transport bus.

The men accused of raping the American tourist were captured by police and linked to another rape in the same van in late March.

“The victims described everything in great detail, mostly the sexual violence,” police officer Rodrigo Brant told the Globo TV network. “Just how they described the facts was shocking — the violence and brutality. It surprised even us, who work in security and are used to hearing such things.”

The gang rape is causing concern in Rio, which will host football’s World Cup next year and the Summer Olympics in 2016. Officials have been trying to crack down on drug violence, and high-profile incidents are seen as harmful to the city’s already dangerous image.

Police were quick to remind tourists that are safe traveling in Rio.

“These type of crimes committed against foreign tourists are very uncommon,” said Alexandre Braga, the police officer leading the investigation.

After riding for a few minutes, the suspects forced the other passengers out of the van and began to gang rape the American tourist. She was beaten across the face while her boyfriend was handcuffed and beaten with a metal crowbar, being forced to watch the attack.

The suspects took turns driving, using the tourists’ credit cards to go on a spending spree. When the cards reached their limits, the suspects took the couple back to Rio and told the woman to get another credit card.

Though away from the suspects, the woman was too fearful to call police.

The men later dumped the couple by the side of a highway close to 30 miles outside of Rio.

The gang rape bore resemblance to another international incident from late last year. A 23-year old student in New Dehli was gang raped by six men, later dying from the injures she suffered.

The American tourist gang raped on the bus has since returned home while her boyfriend has remained in Rio to help with the investigation.

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17 Responses to “American Tourist Gang Raped On Bus In Brazil While Boyfriend Forced To Watch”

  1. Shawon Mamun

    I just saw this sick video on YouTube and it's received already 1,539,922 views in the last 5 days. Did you see this site,

  2. Anonymous

    A friend of mine who was raped by her step-father, told me all about the absolute best way to punish any & all rapists.

    You build a small shed, with a wooden floor, wooden walls, a wooden ceiling, and one small window just big enough for the rapist to crawl through.
    Then you bolt a large bench vise to the floor of the shed.
    Now strip your sedated rapist down to his birthday suit, put him through the small opening, and clamp his "offending-member" in the vise, tight enough so he ain't goin' no where, and remove the vice handle.
    Leave a large, sharp knife by his side, within reach.
    Wait until the rapist wakes up, and when you're sure he is fully awake, or just close enough — this is left up to the discretion of the victim — have the victim light the accelerant-soaked shed on fire.
    The rapist now has 2 choices.
    Cut IT off, and jump out the only small opening in the shed,..or fry to a crackly crunch.

    Here are your next two contestants in "CUT & RUN, or FRY".

  3. Anonymous

    Why in the heck are the Olympics being held there?

  4. John Nicoletti

    The local police have reminded tourists, they are safe travelling in Rio. Tell that to the poor lady, who had enough unwanted sex, to last her a lifetime, that Rio is SAFE.

  5. John Nicoletti

    Have an idea. How about the wives of the local police officers, act as tour guides to the visiting tourists, and show them the sights of Rio.

  6. Anonymous

    evil monsters… lives ruined forever… God apparently doesn't do anything, but I'm sure the lives will be rewarded in the happy ending.

  7. Anonymous

    these guys are animals, I don't see why God can't interfere… even though it means nothing to God but just an "experience"… show the bad people the power of God. through personal experiences I know there is a God, but why do you let us go to the bottom of the barrell? help us! teach us from right from wrong for those that don't know!

  8. Anonymous

    this makes me so mad… innocent people.. lives destroyed.. how can anyone be so cruel to destroy lives forever, it makes my heart bleed… all I see in humanity is selfishness and greed, before I was born, I asked God to just give me loving parents and I got it.

  9. Marcus Yan

    All for it if it helps the victim recover from the hurt that has been done. Is the intent of the suggestion to help the victim or fantasy fufilment thinly disguised as moral indignance? More often than not the act of revenge is pyschologically damaging to the victim. Closure through vengeance is just something hollywood cooked up.

  10. Asiansareeasy Murray

    G Gary Gramson You've been brainwashed. We're talking about the obvious propensity of black violence. Go visit your local jail. And ask your wife to go shopping in a black neighborhood if you're so sure of your statements.

  11. Asiansareeasy Murray

    "God" is what you make of "it." And their just ain't no "god" is there? I mean, a survivor of a plane crash that kills everyone but one person, stand up and proclaims, "Thank god I'm alive." What about the rest of the people?

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