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L.A. Jail Brawl Leaves Seven Injured As Inmates Fight Along Racial Lines

L.A. Jail Brawl Leaves Seven Injured

An L.A. jail brawl left several injured after inmates separated along racial lines and fought.

The brawl took place Tuesday afternoon, breaking out at the Twin Towers Jail in Los Angeles. The racially charged fight raged on for a few minutes before deputies were finally able to regain control. They used a barrage of pepper spray and sting balls to stop inmates from fighting.

There were differing reports of the number injured, but it was reported that four were taken to the hospital after the brawl between Latino and black inmates.

“We cannot say how many of the inmates were exactly involved, but 62 were in the area at the time,” Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

Whitmore added that the incident is under investigation, and there will likely be charges for the inmates who fought.

Los Angeles County has the largest county jail system in the world, housing close to 19,000 inmates each day.

Authorities said the L.A. jail brawl is not all that uncommon of an occurrence. Disturbances there and at the neighboring Men’s Central Jail are common, but officials said multi-inmate brawls occur less frequently.

For jail officials, the brawls have become an unfortunate reality as tension rises among inmates, who are separated by racial groups.

“This is something that does occur throughout our jail system from time to time,” said Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said, as quoted by the L.A. Times. “People in our jails are under a lot of tension … and it does regrettably happen.”

Those fights aren’t always just among inmates. In 2011, a fight broke out among Men’s Central jail employees at a Christmas party in Los Angeles. Afterward jail officials conducted a months-long investigation and fired seven deputies.

Twin Towers Correctional Facility is known as the jail where Paris Hilton served time in 2007.

Deputies noted that they’re still investigating the cause of the L.A. jail brawl.

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15 Responses to “L.A. Jail Brawl Leaves Seven Injured As Inmates Fight Along Racial Lines”

  1. Rob Tiley

    Somone ought to cancel recess today to prevent this before it's too late! 8 hours and counting (Wed @ 3pm).

  2. Joe Mulvey

    It was between blacks and latinos idiot. And i agree with Dennis Button (Huh) with the "once jail you have choose" quote LOL.

  3. Raymond Primrose

    Criminals attacking criminals inside the jail, and not on the streets harming the upright society. '' I say let them go for it!''.

  4. Raymond Primrose

    A jail isn't nothing but a condo with free rent and food! Its nothing but a vacation spot for criminals!''.

  5. Raymond Primrose

    If ''diversity'' is the word you're going for in trying to inspire your said race then you need to remember that brown people are a step down from being black people and both should learn to get along with one another. '' UNIFICATION '' IS A WORD YOU NEED TO EMBRACE OVER DIVERSITY !''

  6. Jon Bradley

    " charges for the inmates who fought." "months-long investigation and fired seven deputies."-No Charges. Thin Blue Line.

  7. Rahsheem Deserves A'Statue

    Why would you say "brown people", just say niggers..I wont like it, but at least I'd have 'some form' of respect for you for at least being a MAN and saying what you REALLY mean!!

  8. Nyla Santana

    Of course the inmates are minorities fighting in an institutionalized racist system which seeks to divide and conquer….the fight was probably about gang affiliation….race is secondary.

  9. Tiffany Mason

    "Gang affiliation" which is better understood as the misguided efforts of the disenfranchised and "orphaned" to organize and establish roots in an institution and history that sought/seeks to make them invisible…so essentially it's still racial.

  10. Nyla Santana

    Racism involved here is not the origin for the dispute between the two parties cited-the system through this headline seeks to capitalize on instigating rivalry-an old tactic used to keep people of color separated so that the prison investors can continue to rake in millions-primarily off the body-count of brown people.

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