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Madonna’s Homeless Brother: ‘She Doesn’t Care If I’m Dead Or Alive’

Madonna's brother

Madonna’s homeless brother, Anthony Ciccone, has revealed that his sister doesn’t care if he lives or dies.

Anthony is currently living in North Michigan, where treacherous snowy conditions have wreaked havoc across the state and have left him in a terrible condition.

This comes just a week after it was revealed that Madonna now has a net worth of over $1 billion. Her brother has now been living on the streets for almost three years, and has claimed that his sister doesn’t care about his existence.

However, the Ciccones have stated that they are in fact petrified that he could die at any moment. Anthony was in fact arrested, and spent a month in jail, after he was arrested for being drunk in a church and for swearing at children.

Anthony told the Daily Mail,Madonna doesn’t give a s*** if I’m dead or alive. She lives in her own world. I never loved her in the first place, she never loved me. We never loved each other. My father would be very happy if I died of hypothermia and then he would not have to worry about it anymore. He’s old school, he grew up in the depression.”

Ciccone then added the following about his father, “He doesn’t want to be bothered, he’s lived his life you see. He doesn’t like me. He doesn’t want me to be me, he wants me to be somebody else. He thinks the way I live is intentional. He simply doesn’t know me.”

Anthony added that he is in this state because his family abandoned him, whilst adding that he would rather be working.

However, it has been claimed that Anthony previously worked at Madonna’s vineyard, but was fired after he was caught drinking the product on the job.

Anthony is two years old than Madonna, and is the eldest of her eight siblings.

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26 Responses to “Madonna’s Homeless Brother: ‘She Doesn’t Care If I’m Dead Or Alive’”

  1. Scamuel Jones

    I understand that! I've got some relatives like that, too, that I don't give a sh** about what they do as long as they don't bother me! Good for Madonna for handling this parasite scum!

  2. Diana Couturier

    I live in the same town as him, and i know for a fact; no one is left on our streets during the winter. In fact he and all homeless are welcomed into church care, with a nice hot dinner an actual bed to sleep in, hot showers and breakfast each day. The Fact is he must Not bring alcohol into the church, thats the Only Rule. He has been an alcoholic for years and Madonna, has paid for extensive treatment for him, but the minute he gets out of recovery he hits the bottle. He Must now help himself instead of Blaming everyone in his family.

  3. Nancy Hyra Nicolaou

    She should help her family but, her brother might turn around and continue to drink cry and moan about her! and her money! its her money! she has the right to not be a enabler! I'm sure she tryed to help him and he blew it away!

  4. Mazin Hassani

    Whatever the case, she could have bought him a house and have given him a comfortable life.
    I'm sure that she tried hard to help him but she could at least have given him a permanent shelter and food expenses.I'ts her own brother for God's sake.This woman is just something else.I personally loathe her for her behavior.

  5. Mazin Hassani

    She is mentally twisted.She adores herself and expects people to kiss her feet.She thinks that others are lower than her.Such pride and arrogance.This is not mental illness but is one who is morally sick.
    But I think that she has many deep psychological problems buried inside her as I recently learned that the loss of her mother from breast cancer when Madonna was five years old changed her life entirely.Each person is different on how they react towards a parent's death.Her,perhaps drastically more.
    Before this knowledge,I virtually despised her.

  6. Larry Donaldson

    Something's not clicking here. If you are a confirmed alcoholic and do not dry out you are entitled to SSDI because you are considered non employable and have a chronic disease. As a matter of fact it is easier to get SSDI that way than if you broke your back! As far as his sister goes I don't know her or of her because I have no interest in her but I do know that if you expect a free ride each and every time you are worthless. Somebody somewhere gad to of been doing something right because he is an "older" brother and she sure as hell doesn't look like a spring chicken. Nope. Another 2+2= 7.

  7. Sherry Bartley

    before you condemn her for not supporting her alcholic brother… there might be much more to the story…that would be my guess.

  8. Linda Heater Byler

    Tis true, he doesn't want help and until he is willing to change, he will remain a very troubled person. She and the rest of the family have tried, so those of you that don't live in this town can forget all this nonsense, it's just tabloid fodder.

  9. Linda Heater Byler

    Try reading some of the above comments from those that do know…

  10. Ziplok LikemyLikepage

    he needs to write some hits and get out there with his OWN music and SONGS. what a fool its Madonnas older brother. this is a sick world where even Gallagers brother makes money doing something look at Charlie Murphy, or even tons of examples. This dude needs to make some songs or suffer.

  11. Meghan Schubert

    1. It's Madonna's money, hard earned. Just because she has it, doesn't mean her entire family is entitled to it. He should get a job. It's typical of families of celebrities to feel their famous relative should pay their way for life, while they don't work.

    2. He's an alcoholic. Madonna and her father tried helping her brother several times. SHE paid for him to go to rehab, and it didn't work. If she continued giving him money, he would only spend it on alcohol. That's what addicts do, and she's playing it smart by not being an enabler. Watch a season of Intervention on A&E, and you'll see that at least one family member in some way enables the addict, usually by giving them money. Madonna cares about her brother, but refuses to be an enabler…good for her!

    3. If Madonna is so heartless and doesn't care about her family…then why is it none of her other family members are complaining except for the alcoholic? Addicts will do anything to get money so they can feed their addiction…lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, con, etc. He hasn't gotten what he wanted (money) from is sister…so now he's taking it to the press and bashing his sister.

    4. He said he never loved her. Okay…then don't ask her for money.

  12. Meghan Schubert

    …I'm not a Madonna fan at all, but I understand addicts. There are alcoholics in my family, and I've also studied it in criminal justice and psychology. Also, it bothers me to see people say negative things about Madonna just because she won't give him money. I don't like her, and she may be greedy in ways, etc…but I can't blame her for not helping her brother any more. She seems willing to help him get help, but not fund/enable his addiction. Any intervention counselor would advise that…that if the family member won't get help, there will be consequences, such as relationships cut off, the addict having to move out, all money given to the addict will stop, etc. Madonna is just doing what is supposed to be done.

  13. Frank Luck

    maybe her teats are sore from all the years her brother spent sucking them – she helped him, included him, and he's a jerk- from the teat to the bottle.

  14. Aprile Greene

    I am not shocked at Madonna's behavior. When I was in school I was bullied by Madonna daily. She made fun of me and harrassed me when ever she could. I used to have to hide if I saw her coming so I wouldn't be ridiculed.

  15. Cindy Smith

    ,no one gives me money,, i earn my own at a job. go get one, and you will have money. Life is hard for all of us.

  16. Eural Jones

    It's not that Madonna doesn't care about her brother. Madonna is not able to even notice him. Madonna is not in touch with reality. she is a woman completely possessed with demonic spirits. She does not own her own soul. She is part of a machine called "Hollywood", and "Bollywood". She is not herself, she is a marketed product.

  17. Eural Jones

    It's not that Madonna doesn't care about her brother. Madonna is not able to even notice him. Madonna is not in touch with reality. she is a woman completely possessed. She does not own her own soul. She is part of a machine called "Hollywood", and "Bollywood". She is not herself, she is a marketed product.

  18. Jeffrey Yost

    Wrong. Try helping a family member who is an alcoholic and mentally ill. I did it for over 20 years and it nearly ruined me financially and emotionally. You cannot help someone like this until THEY clean up, get on meds and begin to help themselves. A billion dollars wouldn't help this guy and he'd wind up on the street again anyway. HE is making the decision. Not her.

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