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Farmers Protest Monsanto Protection Act At White House


Farmers furious over the Monsanto bill and GMO labeling policies are protesting in front of the White House on Wednesday. More than 250,000 voters signed a petition opposing the Monsanto Protection Act. Food Democracy Now organized the farmers protest rally.

President Barack Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act into law recently. The GMO-related text was a rider attached to House Resolution 933. Monsanto is a “short-term funding” measure that opponents feel undermines the independent aspect of the judicial review process. The protesting farmers and Food Democracy Now believes that the law allows biotech companies like Dow Chemical, Monsanto, and DuPont to have blanket approval when growing and selling genetically engineered crops.

The Food Democracy Now and farmers from across America are asking President Obama to pen an executive order that mandates all food products sold in the country be labeled when they contain GMO ingredients.

An excerpt from a Food Democracy Now statement about the Monsanto Protection Act and the White House protest reads:

“The so-called ‘biotech rider’ was included in budget legislation that won final approval from the House, avoiding a shutdown of the federal government on March 27, when the current funding was set to expire. The provision was slipped into the legislation anonymously and explicitly grants the U.S. Department of Agriculture the authority to override a judicial ruling stopping the planting of a genetically modified crop.

“If leadership in Washington, D.C. can betray the public behind closed doors, it’s time that the American public gain the right to transparency about what they are eating and feeding their families every day.”

According to a press release about the farmers protest at the White House, residents in 62 other nations from around the globe enjoy GMO labeling notification when purchasing food product. Food Democracy Now is also calling for President Obama to make good on a campaign promise uttered in Iowa in 2007. President Obama reportedly said, “Here’s what I’ll do as president, we’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they’re buying.”

Anti-GMO Cartoon

Both family farmers and food activists are fighting back against the 13 new GMO crops that are currently awaiting USDA approval. GMO salmon from AquaBounty could potentially garner FDA approval in April.

Food Democracy Now Video

How do you feel about GMO crops and the Monsanto Protection Act?

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45 Responses to “Farmers Protest Monsanto Protection Act At White House”

  1. Andy Tasker

    In 2007. President Obama reportedly said, “Here’s what I’ll do as president, we’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they’re buying.”.

  2. Autumn Nguyen

    This makes me furious! How disgusting the FDA and government can be!! All I ask is to label what's in our food!

  3. Autumn Nguyen

    This makes me furious! How disgusting the FDA and government can be!! All I ask is to label what's in our food!

  4. Matt Denten

    I think this shows just how little many of our elected politicians actually care about us, and how much more they care about being re-elected and gaining additional financial support to keep their job. This is a complete outrage, we should all be furious over the way our elected officials are treating us.

  5. Peter Yang

    Someone should punk the next political fundraiser and replace all food items on the menu with GMO products. At the end of the night reveal to all the guests just exactly what they were eating.


  6. Alex Summers

    What in the world? To slip this under the nose so discretely? Honestly, I don't think the president reads THAT into something before signing. This should have NEVER been placed inside this bill to begin with. A committee should be called to order to find who did this and place them in prison! THIS IS TREASON! There should have been a separate bill for something this outlandish and contrary to the public interest at large! I am flat out enraged!

  7. Shauntae Peters Willwater

    all a bunch of crap. why cant food just be food, like it was ages ago..

  8. Marc Bialeck

    If all Veterans were aware of this, a million more people would have gone to D.C. along with our Farmers. Monsanto should no longer be in business. Our Stinking Government gave them a free out of Jail Card! These are the same Bastards that made Agent Orange Dioxin, and are responsible to this day for 1,00,000's of deaths and Birth Defects.The Monsanto people aren't even compasionate, and have a heart of stone, A devils Tale and Horns. Monsanto will be on my death certificate for serving in RVN, and never warning us of the dangers. What they've created is a nightmare that will never end, and just like any Oil Company that has a spill in our ocean, should be fined wvery dime they have. John Mansville the maker and user of Asbestos set up a Billion dollar fund for those that were affected by it. Monsanto, does nothing, accepts no responsibility, cares not for 1 death of the millions they caused, along with the suffering, as I am with a Brain Tumor, PAD, CAD, COPD, Rt lung all scar tissue inside. No longer can use my legs, wheelchairbound now, and the list goes on. I hope Monsanto's executives burn in hell for all eternity to come.

  9. Marc Bialeck

    Now Monsanto and Dow teamed up to genetically treat the seeds and grain and corn with a poision that will kill any insect that eats it, but the poision will wear off by Harvest. Yea right, Eat that and you can call it your Last Supper.

  10. Emily Edwards

    Hey guys. How about you stop complaining, get off your rump and grow your OWN food? That way you know where it comes from & whether it involves GMO's or not. It's also cheaper & it can be fun :3

  11. Mary Jean Klett

    The GOP controlled Congress wouldn't pass a budget without it. He couldn't win either way.

  12. Mary Jean Klett

    A GOP controlled Congress wouldn't pass a budget without it. Obama is damned for signing it, and he'd be damned for not not signing it. He couldn't win either way. But it's not the end. Wait and watch.

  13. Shelley Will

    The government likes to trick the general pubic with "big issues" like gay marriage while sneaking this stuff in while people are distracted. You can only trust what you make, grow and prepare. Keep shopping at whole foods, trader joes, farmer markets, grow your own garden, can it, freeze it. Boycott Large stores like Walmart that hardly sells organic items. You are responsible for your own temple.

  14. Larry Miller

    The GOP doesn't control congress, and had nothing to do with this.

  15. Larry Miller

    The GOP doesn't control congress, and had nothing to do with this.

  16. Mia Elias

    I live in a condo and can't grow my own food. I get off my rump and work, in order to be able to buy organic food. Growing food is wonderful, if you can do it.

  17. Kebra Hawkins

    This is sad. Again cooperate America gets to sneak in on us and we lost the fight before its started. We can get sick, die or God knows what and we just suffer. smh

  18. Anita Belle

    Monsanto thought of that too, so the seeds are genetically modified.

  19. Derek Leo

    They would probably shrug and look at you funny, and then continue with whatever they were doing.

  20. Shanny Brown

    I agree that people should grow there own food. It's like growing your own money seriously! And, living in a condo you can still grow your own food and you can look into garden plotsBUT Monsanto genetically modifies seeds and they are also buying up ton of smaller seed companies. If this continues, it will be hard pressed for average people to find seeds that aren't contaminated. It's sick.

  21. Gee Hatt

    Larry, Are you forgetting the House? The Senate can create any bill they want but 99% of the time since 2010 it has been stopped cold by the House.(just saying) But more fuel to the fire –Our Congress has also sold out to Monsanto, Deborah Stabenow accepted almost $28,000, so = I asked Sen. Stabenow are you backing the Bill HR5973, that gives Monsanto, Immunity, Monsanto is one of the biggest GMO creators, and Monsanto gave Sen. Mac Baucus $605,943 for his last election and he is on the same committee with you and he want's this bill passed? Sen. Stabenow is this legal? the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry's ~(they are both members of the Democratic Party). IFY – Clarence Thomas Rules on Monsanto Cases, Former Monsanto Attorney..

  22. Gee Hatt

    I find it interesting, althought not new that The provision was "slipped into" the legislation "anonymously" and explicitly grants the U.S. Department of Agriculture the authority to override a judicial ruling" stopping the planting of a genetically modified crop. How can this legislation circumvent the Judicial Branch of our Government? Who in the Ag. Dept is in Monsanto's pocket and also is there someone in the Supreme Court they are trying to 'protect' from exposure because of possibly having to excuse themselves from ruling on this legislation/Monsanto?

  23. Gee Hatt

    They also used it in our country on the forest in the Northwest, many birth defects there from exposure. I so agree with you. I'd like to know who they are paying off that gives them such a 'protected' position, I'm aware they have key people placed with Key Congressional People and help write this kind of legislation and then the revolving door opens and these people go back to work at Monsanto.

  24. John Frehse

    Anita Belle No you get your seed from the farmer market, or from a vender that sells only organic seeds. I grow what I can. Also you can join a CSA if one is around.

  25. Deborah Brancheau

    All the more reason for campaign finance reform and funding transparency. I voted for Obama but right now I am truly, truly disappointed.

  26. Tracy MacAuley

    If you have a balcony, you can grow some of your own food. There are also small, indoor greenhouses. You could grow some carrots, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, strawberries. Look up "container vegetable gardening" and you'll find resources for non-gmo seeds and stuff for you to grow a veggie garden in a very small area. Good luck.

  27. Marc Bialeck

    Hi Gee, guess I too busy being mad at what I know of, and not investigating what I didn't know of Monsanto. And that's that they used AOD in America. If anyone wants to see the horors of what this American Company reaps their wealth on go to U-Tube and in their search just type AOD. That awareness alone is enough to make anyone go Dinky Dau on Monsanto. Just like the Hiroshima Bomb, did anyone know or was aware that the Pilot and flight crew all committed suicide later when they saw the results of the Atom Bomb they dropped. Peoples shadows were burned right into concrete wall. War always comes at a cost for us, the regular people, the peons, but for the backers that finance it their BANK ROLLS just keep getting bigger. And George Soros, you're still a Nazi sympathizer turning your own people over to the Nazis, and the death camps of WW2. And maybe if more people started paying attention, they'd learn you own Progressive, and that would be the end of Flo and your business interest here.

  28. Scott Manno

    Marc I feel for ya but you have to get your facts straight
    Colonel Paul Tibbets commanded the 509th Composite Group. He flew the first atomic mission, dropping the Little Boy uranium bomb on Hiroshima. In a broadcast interview, replying to a question about his feelings about the bombing, he stated "I never lost a minute's sleep over it". Tibbets died at age 92, on November 1, 2007. In his will he specified that there should be no funeral service for him, nor any grave marker, to prevent his grave site from becoming a pilgrimage destination for anti-nuclear protesters.

    Tibbet's co-pilot aboard B-29 Enola Gay on the August 6 Hiroshima mission was Captain Robert A. Lewis. Lewis died at age 65, June 18, 1983.

    The bombardier on the Hiroshima mission was Charles Ferrebee. The last I definitely knew of him he was living in Florida, but I believe I recall reading that he had died.

    Major Charles W. Sweeney flew B-29 "Bock's Car" on August 9, 1945 and dropped the "Fat Man" plutonium bomb on Nagasaki. He died at age 84, on July 15, 2004, in Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

    Co-pilot that day was Charles Albury, who died at age 88, on May 23, 2009, at a hospital in Orlando, Florida, having suffered from congestive heart failure for several years.

    The bombardier on the mission was Kermit Beahan, who died at age 70 on March 10, 1989. In 1985 he was quoted as saying he would never apologize for the bombing.

    Sweeney was the commander of the only bombing squadron in the 509th Composite Group, the 393rd Bombing Squadron, which was the only nuclear bombing unit. Bock's Car was a B-29 usually flown by the crew of Major Frederick C. Bock. Bock died at age 81, August 25, 2000.

    A little research can go along way.

  29. Marc Bialeck

    Thanks Scott for the help. Memory not as good as it use to be with AOD floating around up there. I always thought it was the crew of the Enola Gay.

  30. Mike De

    It worse than that..barry obama just appointed some ex-legal council of Monsanto to head the FDA, what the F&^* is going on…….tyrannical government went amuck.

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