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School Shooting Video Game Depicts Real Campus

School Shooting Video Game

A school shooting video game depicts a real high school in British Columbia, Canada. The game allows the shooter to walk around a virtual replica of Port Moody Secondary School.

The video game has been highly criticized for being insensitive in the wake of recent incidents, particularly last December’s Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.

The school shooting game was designed as a map for the popular Counter-Strike game series. The game allows users to create their own settings including those from real-life places.

In the game, a shooter walks around the secondary school. He or she uses various weapons to take out enemies in the school’s hallways, classrooms, and the campus’s rotunda. At times, the kills spatter the walls with blood.

Blogger Dave Teixeira criticized the shooting game, saying it “glamorizes and profits” from human suffering.

In his blog, Teixeira blamed Aarman Rahim, a Port Moody Secondary alumnus, of creating the map. He wrote:

“The game is being developed by the former President of the Port Moody Secondary School Chapter of Amnesty International, Aarman Rahim. Yes, the former president of a group whose goal is to ease human suffering has decided to glamorize and profit from it.”

Rahim quickly denied the allegations, saying that he simply provided photography for another developer. Rahim released a statement regarding the school shooting video game allegations, saying:

“Firstly, I am not the developer of this game nor is this ‘glamorized’ or gaining me any ‘profit.’ Secondly, there are no students being killed. The gameplay is the same as all counter strike games, where you have two teams fighting against each other, much like most other shooters which use public settings as game environments.”

The video game’s actual developer also wrote that the game was already in motion when the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut happened. Port Moody Secondary School was used as a setting for the game because of its architecture and design. It was also a familiar setting.

Rahim added that he in no way condones school violence. As a precaution, Port Moody police interviewed the game’s developer, who has not been named. Police also assured that “he does not pose a danger to the staff or students at Port Moody Secondary.”

The developer also stated that the school shooting game has not been released to the public, as it is still under development.

School Shooting Video Game

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3 Responses to “School Shooting Video Game Depicts Real Campus”

  1. Sarah Walker

    Yeah this is really going to help with video games being blamed for school shootings. The fact of the matter is, they can't be. We as human beings can be blamed for it, for ignoring mental health in this country and for not wanting to admit that some people can play them and be fine, while others play them and think 'That's a great idea, I'm going to go shoot up a mall/school/airport/etc.' We need to settle down and agree that people are the problem, mental health is the problem, it is not video games 'corrupting' us. That's the modern day equivalent of saying the Devil made me do it. If we don't wan to accept responsibility, this problem will not be faced realistically and people will not take the initiative to create healthier environments – or at least try – for the mentally ill. Nothing will be solved until that is solved.

  2. Jamie Aiello

    "The developer also stated that the school shooting game has not been released to the public, as it is still under development."

    Give me a break… Counter-Strike has been out since 1999 and has a VAST library of maps to play on. I've been playing the game since then and this is the first "school map" I've ever seen. To generalize this game down to a "School Shooting Game" is simply a pathetic cheap shot against gaming in general. I thought journalists were support to report the truth, not intentionally blow it out of proportion. Change that right now to tell the truth. That it is a player made map in an existing world renowned terrorist vs counter-terrorist game which does not depict the shooting of children or promote school violence what so ever. Nice try though with your "School shooting game"…

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