Policemen Reports 13-Year-Old Son For Fraud After Apple Refuse Refund For iPad Bill

Policemen Reports 13-Year-Old Son For Fraud After Apple Refuses Refund For iPad Bill

A British policeman has reported his 13-year-old son for fraud after the boy ran up £3,700 ($5,621) bill playing iPad games.

Doug Crossan, 48, says he has been forced to take the drastic step after Apple refused to refund the bill after he told them his son Cameron was unaware he was being charged for the in-game purchases.

For their part, Apple have refused to cancel the charges pointing out that iPads contain password locks to prevent accidental or unwanted purchases.

Now, the only way for Crossan to possibly get his money back is to report the purchases made on his credit card as fraudulent.

He has reported the purchases to Action Fraud, the national fraud center run by the National Fraud Authority, a Government agency. This could involve Cameron being arrested and questioned by police.

Crossan, of Somerset, maintains that his son didn’t know he was being charged.

“I am sure Cameron had no intention to do it, but I had to have a crime reference number if there was any chance of getting any credit card payments refunded,” he said.

He insists he isn’t trying to get his son arrested but wants to “embarrass Apple as much as possible,” adding, “morally, I just don’t understand where Apple gets off charging for a child’s game.”

Cameron Crossan racked up more than 300 purchases on games such as Plants vs Zombies, Hungry Shark, Gun Builder, and Nova3 on his iPad