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‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale Spoilers [Video]

the walking dead season finale

The Walking Dead finale spoilers will sadly be the last time we get to predict what will happen with Rick’s group until October. The Inquisitr’s Episode 15: “The Hope and The Tragedy Of This Sorrowful Life” spoilers ended up being pretty accurate. Some of the details about Merle Dixon’s death were a bit off, but the leaked photo of Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) brother as a walker was apparently not a fake.

Season 3 Part 2 of The Walking Dead was just as incredible and ratings record-breaking as the first earlier half of the AMC series. Michael Rooker, who plays Merle Dixon, gave one of the best performances of his stellar character actor career. The “good bad guy” persona came full circle when he opted to let Michonne keep her head and tried to even out the odds in the pending battle against Woodbury and The Governor. Discussions about Merle’s undying dedication and love for his baby brother Daryl is expected to be part on an emotional scene in The Walking Dead finale next week.

Glenn Mazzara, the departing The Walking Dead showrunner, said the unexpected ending to Season 3 will be very “emotionally satisfying” for fans. The final scenes of finale will leave millions of fans on the edge of their seat with their mouths agape, according to Mazzara.

Laurie Holden, who expertly plays heroine/sometimes hated Andrea, also gave a bit on insight on The Walking Dead finale during a recent interview. Holden said that the only character who is truly “safe” on the show right now is Carl, played by Chandler Riggs. The comment likely made the massive throngs of adoring Norman Reedus fans very nervous.

The Walking Dead producer David Alpert recently said that what happens to Andrea is not what any fan will expect. Hmmm … curious. She is handcuffed to a vintage barber chair in a torture chamber, so death would be expected. Andrea fans could easily think that she will save the day, Woodbury, and Rick’s group.

Andrea has tried to kill the Governor twice, so killing the psychotic leader would be expected as well. What exactly the extremely talented writer’s are going to do with Andrea could be one of the most intriguing parts of The Walking Dead Season 3 finale episode.

Earlier The Walking Dead spoiler alerts indicated that two primary characters would die before the end of Season 3. While we mourn the loss of Merle Dixon, we can’t help but wonder, who’s next? All signs don’t point to Milton, but he is a likely candidate for the next Talking Dead RIP segment. Thanks to Andrea’s prodding, Milton has grown some courage during the last several episodes. The Governor no longer trusts him and we all know how highly the Woodbury leader values complete and total loyalty.

“Welcome to the Tombs” definitely has the potential to be the most watched episode of the hit series to date. The cast will begin taping for Season 4 of The Walking Dead on May 6.

Who do you think will die on the Season 3 finale of The Walking Dead?

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14 Responses to “‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale Spoilers [Video]”

  1. Twyla Prindle

    I think Milton and The Governor are going to die. If Glen and Maggie die my guess is they will get separated from the group in the chaos and kill themselves because they are surrounded by walkers with no way out.

  2. Devin Brodie

    Andrew Lincoln said something major happens that directly affect his character. I vote Judith, I feel like the baby in a zombie apocalypse thing was a bad move they need to undo.

  3. Twyla Prindle

    Could be…that would be a great set up for season 4…looking for baby Judith all season. They also said Andrea does something opposite her character so maybe she takes her????

  4. Cassy Belle

    So I've been thinking and I think I know what the major death scene is going to be. Well, two things could happen;.
    1) The group is being pursued by the Governor's group and Hershel decides that his daughters are strong enough to go on and he sacrifices himself to kill the Governor. Last episode it foreshadowed his death when he said "What I wouldn't do for you two [his daughters]." Plus when he gave Glen his blessing to mary Maggie it sort of proved that he has run his course and sadly, the group will be on the run and a one legged old man will slow them down. I love Hershel and I will cry if this is the outcome, but it is a fantastic way to go and to end the season.

    2) This outcome will make be bawl uncontrollably. In the comics Hershel lost his son Billy and Maggie was the only one left so he realized she was strong enough to go on without him. He stayed with his son Billy in his arms when the Governor came and killed Hershel. In the TV series Maggie is very strong and Hershel knows this. Beth however is not so much. I believe Beth could somehow get injured and Hershel decides to stay with her because he knows Glen can take care of Maggie and Maggie can take care of herself. Sadly, Beth dies in her father's arms and Hershel is then killed by the Governor OR he somehow kills the Governor and himself in an explosion or something.

    What do you guys think?

  5. Chris Lauderdale

    It might not be a great payoff, but having someone (Maggie maybe?) knock the Governor out, then they lock him in a cell down in "The Tombs." Have the last scene be the survivors slowly walk by the Governor's cell on their way out, with him hopeless to do anything. Have Rick then open a door at the end of the corridor to let in dozens of walkers, then race out the other direction leaving the Governor stuck in his cell with walkers reaching in trying to get him. Game. Set. Match. Of course, everyone wants to see the Governor die a graphic, censor-baiting death.

  6. Irasema Enchauteguis

    I believe the group will lose Hershel, Beth, baby Judith and Carol. I believe the Governor will die, but not before cutting up Andrea's face. Those are my only predictions. Can't wait to see what really happens!

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