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Divorce Puts $11.2 Billion Oil Fortune On The Line

$11.2 billion divorce

In 1999, Anna Murdoch received a $1.7 billion settlement from her then husband Rupert Murdoch. It was the most expensive divorce in the United States. But, thanks to the marital troubles between Continental Resources chief executive Harold Hamm and his soon to be ex-wife Sue Ann Hamm, that record is about to fall. The Hamm’s divorce will put a $11.2 billion oil fortunate on the line.

The divorce won’t net Sue Ann Hamm $11.2 million but she could walk away with about half that, or about $5.6 billion, which would still make it the most expensive divorce settlement.

According to the Today, Harold Hamm, one of the richest and most influential business men in America, is being accused of cheating by his soon to be ex-wife. It’s unclear if the two have a prenuptial agreement. If they do not have one, Sue Ann Hamm could be entitled to half of the “marital property,” which in this case is Harold’s 68% controlling stake of Continental worth $11.2 billion.

Barbara Atwood, professor emeritus of family law at the University of Arizona, told the NY Post: “I don’t know of anything that’s ever been this big. There’s just so much money involved.”

Harold and Sue Ann were married in 1988 and have two adult children together. Harold, 67, was named as one of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine and Forbes named him one of the 50 richest Americans last year. Sue Ann is a former executive at Continental but is no longer with the company.

If Harold and Sue Ann do get divorced and the $11.2 million fortune is split in half, their divorce settlement will be more expensive than the top 6 expensive divorces combined.

Here are the some of the most expensive divorces in American history.

  • Mel Gibson and Robyn Gibson – $425 million
  • Craig and Wendy McCaw – $460 million
  • Stephen and Elaine Wynn – $740 million
  • Adnan and Soraya Khashoggi – $874 million
  • Bernie and Slavica Eccelstone – $1 billion
  • Rupert and Anna Murdoch – $1.7 billion

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65 Responses to “Divorce Puts $11.2 Billion Oil Fortune On The Line”

  1. Carl J Rubin

    Divorce courts/Family Courts need a serious overhaul. No way on Earth this woman is worth 5billion. She should get maybe a few hundred mil to live on, but even that is too much. Ridiculous.

  2. Allan Ortiz

    I don't give a dam what the courts say, no person should receive that kind of divorce settlement, unless she helped him make his fortune and worked side by side, then she should get half;otherwise, hell no!

  3. Jennifer Pague

    "The divorce won’t net Sue Ann Hamm $11.2 million but she could walk away with about half that, or about $5.6 billion" SOMEBODY sucks at math…or proof reading.

  4. Sharon Bennett

    I agree with u..I assume a smart rich guy like him will have a pre-nup..I don't expect her to get nothing since she been married to him for 25 yrs and had him 2 kids..but half NOPE.she most probably asking for spouses support.

  5. Sharon Bennett

    Thank goodness not all woman think like u..why u think she deserve half ? Even he a pig. I hope he have a pre-nup.Hope your man if u have one. Milk the shit out of u if you end up in divorce. Then how u feel. I don't expect her to walk away with nothing since they been married for 25 yrs ,half no way. What did she do to deserve half? Go shopping lol..and been living a good life her husband had provide her? Or she like some rich bitches that want their ex to support their rich lifestyles the rest of their life. That goes for men to that took advantage of their rich spouses..

  6. Tim Daniel

    This is why when you get rich you don't marry…dummies.

  7. Elizabeth Collier

    Did you catch the other one in the last sentence? 11.2 million

  8. Pansy Blackwell

    She was, at one time, an airline executive, at Continental. The article wasn't clear why she left that job. I guess she didn' t need the salary and benefits the job paid.

  9. Max Campbell

    Being a wife and a mother is hard work, plus she worked! I think she earned the money they've been married for 25 years, at that point you've earned everything together and it would be impossible to determine who earned what….

  10. Glenn Kirkland

    That is an expensive piece of Hamm! I wonder how much that figures out to. I mean, $5 billion dollars for a tart to spread her legs a few times a week! Yeesh! "What's love got to do with it?" Well, I hope this has cured Mr. Hamm of women.

  11. Bil Walker

    If this girl gets 5.6 Billion as a settlement of a 25 year marriage…Ohhhhh…I cannot BEGIN to wonder what each night cost HIM. She is certainly DUE and if could be the judge I would HAVE to wonder HOW she contributed to this gross. Makes one think….doesn't it.

  12. Randy McGahey

    A marriage is a promise, or rather a contract for future specific performance. The separation of church and state (for the most part) eliminates the religious aspects of marriage where the law is concerned and creates an enforceable contract under the law. Breach of any contract has applicable and enforceable damages.

    They both entered into marriage understanding the consequences of a divorce. Don't forget, each of them knew what percentage of their shared assets would have to give up if something went array, long before the divorce. They both deserve half.

    Everyone talks about ridiculously huge Divorce Settlements and how they should have had a Prenuptial agreement, but what about the value of an enforceable contract, or more importantly a promise?

    If we as a society want to see divorce rates decline, eliminate Prenuptial agreements all together, in fact I'll go one further enforce a Divorce Tax on shared assets of 20% (I know this violates double taxation). I would have to guess the value of a promise made to one's significant other would mean a lot more when more than half their stuff is on the line.

    BTW, could you imagine hating someone enough to pay them over $5,000,000,000 just to get away?

  13. Beverly Durant

    Why are so negative. Money only get hungry hoes and he married a woman who gave him kids. She was probably putting up with his smugg ass for 25 yrs. Probably had mistresses and by having all that money thought that he can treat her like shyt. He deserves everything the judge does to him.

  14. Lynda Qualls

    Carl, Just what is she "worth" as his wife for 25 years and mother of his 2 children, who he disregarded his own marriage vows against? What is he "worth"? I'm sure that no matter what the settlement is, he will end up with MORE than enough to live "happily ever after".

  15. Aram Alekyan

    Now why would anyone marry a girl names Sue Ann and she happens to be a lower. He had it coming, she has sue all over written on her.

  16. Benjamin Strachan

    Problem is unless you are rich chances are you can't hold down a girl ranked at a 9. Theres always someone richer, taller or more in shape. And girls really only care about wallet size. Especially the ones ranked 9 and above, they've been complimented and treated like princesses their entire life. Sexy girls aren't for marrying.

  17. Charlene Brooks

    She did work for the company and they've been married since 1988 and have two children she's way entitled, she was a top executive for the company!

  18. Charlene Brooks

    She was a top executive for the company the woman also worked there!

  19. Charlene Brooks

    Are all you people on this blog stupid and never read or see the news she WAS A TOP EXECUTIVE FOR THE COMPANY AND SPOKE IN FRONT OF CONGRESS WHEN ALL THE B.S. WAS GOING ON ABOUT OIL !! She has earned her fair share of anything this man has the made it together!!!!

  20. Charlene Brooks

    She was a top executive for the company she WORKED WITH HIM!!

  21. Charlene Brooks

    She had a job homie working as a top executive for the company!!!

  22. Alisha Jackson

    Men are from Mars Women are from Venus stuff is the reason everyone is going gay. Women view marriages as a come up and feel entitled to everything then wonder why most of them are single. Men that have money feel like they can treat anyone anyway they feel and wonder why the women are taking half. Ladies would you be so "Milk that Cow" gungho if the situation was reversed. If she made all of the fortune and he stayed at home for 25 years and now wants half my guess you wouldn't. Don't give me that he prob had this mistress or that unless you know for sure until then you don't really know.

  23. Gissella Arone Osborn

    "a tart that spreads her legs a few times a week"? wow this's got to be the worst male expression I ever read, you must be a misogynist, very ingnorant and plain low class to express yourself in such way. Is that what your wife/girlfriend will be when you split? Is taht what your mom was when she was making you? Disgusting person

  24. Betty Toomey

    No one can spend that much money in a life time and be happy. Share a little with the homeless and food banks. That's where it should go and would help humdreds of people have a better life. The Rich people should not be so greedy. Its money that you can't take with you when you die, so show a little happoness while you are alive. You will be reward many times over later.

  25. Owen McKinney

    In terms of percentages of assets I was required to sacrifice a lot more in my divorce. Nobody cried then for a poor boy. I guess rich man is going to bleed. No tears here.

  26. William Gasior

    hell no she dosent deserve any money, unless she help him from the start, anywho remember you pay a hookertoleave notforsex. he should learn a lesson after 2 failed marriages. what a idget.

  27. Carl J Rubin

    Oh so you're saying if she cheated she wouldn't get any money? B U L L S H I T!!! People cheat, it's not a crime. No I don't condone it, but the fact is infidelity doesn't mean jack in divorce courts. She didn't do anything to build his empire. He started his company in the 60s, 20 years before he married this woman. the only way she should get half of his money is if she helped him make his fortune, and raising his kids doesn't count. People that rich have nannies so I'm sure she did relatively little in that aspect as well. Again, divorce courts need a serious overhaul.

  28. Carl J Rubin

    Please, people that rich have nannies, don't act like it's that hard of work. Also, millions of people everyday raise kids, yes it's hard but that surely doesn't entitle you to 5 billion dollars. That's easy compared to starting a company and becoming a billionaire.

  29. Carl J Rubin

    Hopefully he is buddies with the judge or pays him off.

  30. Abe Rafik

    Moral of this story is if your that rich don't get married. Just pay hookers to love u for the time being.

  31. Dionne Roberts-Emegha

    Would he have been a top executive if he had to be a full time father, taking the children to their activities, doing their homework, keeping up the house, going grocery shopping, skipping evening meetings or weekend meetings to put his children first, cooking dinners, packing lunches, planning birthday parties and Holiday celebrations – all the things women still have to do even when we are executives. The reason he was able to move up the executive ladder is because he had a wife allowing him to put his career first. Unfortunately, even when women are executives, we still have to figure out how we're going to get the kids to their after school activities, who's going to watch them on the weekends while we fly to France for a business meeting, we have to sit with them every evening for homework and then explain to our bosses why we can't do x,y and z because we simply can't put our children second. What that means is that we never get the opportunity to climb that high because our feet are firmly planted at home. She's entitled to half because he wouldn't have reached those heights without her – PERIOD!

  32. Boruch Wolf

    He should spend millions on marriage counseling. That will save him billions.

  33. Hanne Alexis Poulsen

    Give them each a billion and put the rest in to education or something meaningful. We shouldn't have to hear about him not keeping it in his pants or whatever. Waste of internet space.

  34. Steven Hatfield

    So what if he IS a misogynist? Do you know how many man-hating feminists exist? Nobody sees a problem with them, though.

  35. Nicole Joy Velez

    #winning, lol. 25 yrs of her life with him and you guys say she doesn't deserve that much? Good thing none of you are the judge. I don't know if any of you are married but its hard work being a wife, like I'm sure it is being a husband. You come together and build a life with each other and I see nothing wrong with it. You can't get time and youth back, and I see nothing wrong with giving her that much, especially since we don;t even know the specifics of their relationship.

  36. Rob Carter

    Really? Shes earned 5 BILLION dollars? Do you really think that being a wife and a mom is just as hard when you are married to a billionaire? Get a grip..

  37. Rob Carter

    So let me get this straight crazy people… If you have billions before you get married… and then you get married and stay together for 20 years… you should get half of what he or she had before you married?

  38. Rob Carter

    Beverly Durant…. way to stand up for strong women… #sarcasm She does NOT deserve 5 billion for her role…. that complete lunacy.

  39. Rob Carter

    Dionne Roberts-Emegha really? you sure of that? 5 billion dollars sure that he could not have just hired someone to care for his children? He came from money, his family could not have helped? Its idiots like you that perpetuate the stereotype that women need that 50% from men in order to survive… you have to be either insane or just goddamn stupid to believe that she deserves 5 billion for giving him kids and having the help take care of them.

  40. Rob Carter

    Charlene Brooks He started that company long before they were together….

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