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Pink-Striped License For Illegal Immigrants Scrapped In North Carolina

North Carolina

The pink-striped license that would have been used to denote illegal immigrant status in North Carolina has been scrapped by government officials.

The identification cards were facing an increased amount of criticism from the American Civil Liberties Union and several other organizations.

Many people who would have received the cards believe they were being singled out by the government. Others feel the pink-striped licenses could be used to discriminate against certain people.

Officials have decided to scrap the pink-striped ID cards in favor of something that resembles the ones issued to other individuals.

“My understanding is that when we’re looking at that design, at the end of the day, we had to make sure we were following the letter of the law in the most efficient way possible,” Transportation Department spokesman Mike Charbonneau said.

Opponents of the program said that the cards essentially subject people to racial profiling. However, Governor Pat McCrory believes the IDs will help prevent illegal immigrants from applying for government benefits.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) will begin issuing the unique identification cards next Monday. Instead of the pink stripe, the IDs will feature bold text that indicates the individual’s legal status.

The ACLU said the removal of the stripe was a “step in the right direction.” However, Jewish leaders feel the cards are still a form of discrimination.

“Our efforts do not end when major discrimination turns into minor discrimination; it ends when we are 100 percent positive that discriminatory policies will not go into effect in our state,” Rabbi Eric Solomon explained.

Rabbi John Friedman of Durham’s Judea Reform Congregation said the identification cards were vaguely reminiscent of the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear during World War II.

“I don’t think these licenses have anything to do with the Holocaust, and I’m not saying anybody is a Nazi. But it cannot help but remind Jews of the yellow stars,” Friedman said prior to the DMV removing the offending stripe from the IDs.

What do you think about the pink-striped licenses? Do you think illegal immigrants should have a separate form of identification?

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23 Responses to “Pink-Striped License For Illegal Immigrants Scrapped In North Carolina”

  1. Heather Johnson

    If you're here illegally, you don't really have a right to anything, now do you?

  2. Vanessa Powers

    Illegal immigrants ruin it for those who have immigrated to this country LEGALLY. America is a country of immigrants, and some immigrants, like my mother, respect the law and waited 16 years in order to LEGALLY come to our great country. We shouldn't give anything to illegal immigrants.

  3. Levi Vonk

    Thank goodness this racist initiative wasn't passed. Undocumented immigrants have rights too. All human beings deserve equality, regardless of where they were born.

  4. Jennifer Mazzanti

    It is ILLEGAL for the immigrant to be here in the first place—Hence an ILLEGAL status…Why do they get an ID in the first place? Why are the groups standing up for rights of people who are not in the country LEGALLY? Why does it matter who is outraged about it? IT IS ILLEGAL therefore breaking laws and by LAW they should be detained and deported. I don't even know where rights come into the picture, an ID comes into the picture, or activists groups for people here ILLEGALLY–The term ILLEGAL says it all and then the law should be followed after that…

  5. Ross Lewis

    Yeah, the right to drain this country of its resources. They get free healthcare and schooling. That should be going to legal immigrants until they get their feet on the ground. If they are illegal, catch them and send them back from where they are from. I hoped it would. They should not have any rights whatsoever.

  6. Torrie Robinson-Neff

    When did illegal come to mean the same thing as legal?

  7. Torrie Robinson-Neff

    Oh I can go distribute meth to minors and adults!? I have rights, dammit!

  8. Torrie Robinson-Neff

    In our country it is better to break the laws and get here illegally, then it is to be born here. You get more government aid and breaks in lightening speed.

  9. Kyle Phillips

    Once again the illegal Mexican's get there way. They bitch and they automatically get their way. Mr. Vonk it has nothing to do with Racism. This is about what's right and what's wrong in the country. They are called illegal for a reason. It means they are here illegally. Hence they have no rights in this country. It's not a civil rights issue. It's a right for the American people to stand up and say knock it off. States that issue these people driver's license's should be held accountable every time one of them has a wreck or kills someone. They come here take jobs because they do it for nothing and then send the money back to their families in Mexico. Money not going back into our economy. Money used to bring that family here ILLEGALLY. It must stop or the American flag isn't going to look the same. The Stars are going to be replaced with the Mexican flag. No a very good image if you ask me. Whites are no longer the main population in Houston. You can go in any store down here and ask an employee where something is and they look at you like your crazy and say No Speak English. I just wish that American's had the same will to stand up for what they want and believe in like all the illegals do. Only one problem….we have to many American's standing up for them saying they have rights too. Just because they are humans doesn't give them rights in this country. The only right they have is to go back wherever it is they came from.

  10. Brett Crawford

    You know who else has a pink license? I do! the state of Ohio needs to change their pink license now so I don't feel affiliated with illegal immigrants.

  11. Phil Robinson

    You own literacy leaves something to be desired, sir.

  12. Phil Robinson

    Look at all these nationalists above me. I bet they read a lot. :v

  13. Joshua Haentges

    it's all abut the votes people! 11 million new voters to the first party that gets reform passed. Now, my plan would be to grant citizenship under certain guidelines. For example: If you have committed any crime here, goodbye! Also, to restrict the right to vote for any illegal becoming legal….so that this does not turn into a political pawn piece, which it already has.

  14. Joshua Haentges

    How is this racist anyways? Did the state specifically say " we want to put pink stripes on only mexicans that are illegal"? I am certain that there are people in this country whos visas have run out and are illegally here, so why is it that you go right to the race card? Oh, I know why, because you are a liberal racist your self. Illegal immigrants have the right to life, liberty and to find their own happiness in their OWN country, not this one!

  15. Chris Elliott

    I'm so glad that these damn illegal's get everything that they want here. It is quite disgusting. Instead of giving all of these people any rights, why don't we concentrate what is more important. Not to mention, now that our military personnel can't even go to college anymore but all the fucking illegals can go for fucking free. We need to find every last illegal in this got damn country and send them packing back to their own country. We should have done this a long time ago. If they become legal, then fine they can have their stupid rights. But being illegal, no, they don't deserve anything. And all of these people defending them, are you fucking stupid? if they were to put all that money back in our economy then it wouldn't be so bad but America thinks we have to help everyone around the world instead of taking care of what is in our own backyard. I fucking hate this country at time and love it other times too.

  16. Joshua Haentges

    AMEN…The main problem with this is that an amnesty program did occur back I think in the 80s. They said it would solve the illegal problem. Which of course it did not. Why do we keep letting it happen? Because you need to follow the votes. If obama gets this, his party has another 11 million votes and then the posterity of those 11 million. I think it is sick as well that we fund all sort of crap for people un-deserving and yet they ask me at Sears if I want to donate to help out soldiers in need of wheel chairs…..WTF? There will be a revolt and it is coming soon…

  17. Chris Elliott

    they might have rights, but they shouldn't have any here. Instead of us wasting our resources on them, we have our own problems in our very own backyard that need attending too. They can have their rights, in their own country but here, they shouldn't have any. stop defending them. i guess my right is i can start shooting stupid people in the country then, huh? including you!

  18. Chris Elliott

    Like you said, our government doesn't care about us, only everyone else around us. They can't even take care of our soldiers let alone their citizens. You better believe when the revolt does happen, i will be ready and willing.

  19. Joshua Haentges

    The US is tanking itself because of people like you. Have you ever looked at history? Why do you think it cannot happen now? Moron!!!

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