PC Modern Warfare 2 gets patched, PS3 and Xbox 360 fixes on the way

Can you believe we’ve had 19 days of 2010, and I’ve not mentioned the biggest game of 2009 in a single post? Let’s correct that!

Modern Warfare 2, then. It was A Big Deal in 2009, and it’ll be pretty important to a lot of people in 2010. And now, it’ll be a little less glitchy. That’s because a patch for the PC version is available for download from Steam, fixing two fairly major hacks: the one that zaps million of XP points from the unfortunate victim, and the one that makes everything in the game move at freakin’ hyperspeed.

“But hey,” you console players cry, “where the frig is our patch?” Well, it’s coming, so calm down. Joystiq contacted Infinity Ward wise man Robert Bowling, who confirmed a console patch is “currently in test for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.”

Until then, I advise carrying a sick bag at all times to deal with this nonsense:

[Via Joystiq]