No matter how good the Zune ‘Pink’ Phone is it will stink

Rumors are beginning to bubble to the surface – again – about Microsoft coming out with their own branded phone. Some suggest that Project Pink will see the Zune media device re-purposed into a hot new phone gadget running Windows Mobile 7. Others suggest that HTC and Microsoft will be responsible for the new Windows Phone.

The window for this announcement is being placed either at the Mobile World Conference, Feb 15-18, or at CITA in Las Vegas in March. Regardless of when and what is announced you can be guaranteed of one thing – no matter how good the product is it will be panned by the majority of tech writers and analysts.

It’s not Microsoft’s fault really. It is just an extension of the opinion that nothing Microsoft does is good enough. It will never be as cool as the iPhone and it will never be as good as the Android based phones.

There well be long diatribes about how Microsoft is too late to market and will never catch-up regardless of how good or cool their product is. Screeds will be written prognosticating just how a Windows Phone is going to fail.

Personally I hope that if they are going down this road they come out with a killer product that will make more than a few people eat some humble pie. Chances are though even if they do launch a great phone everyone will find some reason to say it stinks and that Microsoft is a company out of step.