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Two Gruesome Pit Bull Attacks In Four Days [Video]

two pit bull attacks in a week

New Orleans, LA – A gruesome pit bull attack on Wednesday in the New Orleans, Louisiana area resulted in the victim losing both arms, an eye, an ear, and a part of her scalp. Three of the adult dogs attacked 54-year-old Linda Henry in her home where she lived with the dog’s owner, her boyfriend. When Westwego police officers responded to the call, all four adult pit bulls attacked or lunged at them, forcing the officers to shoot them. A litter of puppies was also removed from the home.

As of Thursday, the victim was still reported hospitalized in critical condition.

“It’s the worst dog bite I’ve ever seen in 25 years of police work,” said Westwego Police Chief Dwayne Munch.

It was the second bold attack by pit bulls on unsuspecting victims in only four days. An attack on Sunday, which was captured on surveillance video, showed a pit bull running across an intersection in the Bronx in New York City in order to strike and maul a little girl described in different reports as being age four or age six.

Several nearby men rushed in to pull the dog off the tiny child, and she reportedly survived with only minor injuries.

You can watch that video below, but be warned. It’s disturbing — and not least because the reporter was told that the owner of the dog was ticketed but will be allowed to keep the animal.

The new attacks are certain to awaken the debate about whether pit bulls should be allowed to kept without a special license — or whether they should be kept at all. Pit bulls have recently been responsible for fatal attacks on babies. A two-year-old was killed by a pit bull in Texas in February while its owner allegedly simply stood and watched.

The frightening thing about both of the new attacks is that the pit bulls turned on vulnerable people without any warning.

As usual, the debate breaks out into two groups.

As a long time writer on pet issues, I’ve known some good pit bulls, and I’m always in favor of good pets having secure homes. On the other hand, I have to admit that I would be worried if a pit bull owner moved into my neighborhood.

My gut instinct is to suggest that pit bull ownership should be licensed, but I’m still thinking it over. What do you think should be done about pit bulls?

[pit bull photo courtesy Ildar Sagdejev and Wikipedia Commons]

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50 Responses to “Two Gruesome Pit Bull Attacks In Four Days [Video]”

  1. Melissa Stusinski

    I don't believe a pit bull owner should have to have a license to own the animal. That being said, their behavior is 100 percent the owner's doing. The only pit bulls I have met have been incredibly sweet, because their owners treated them right. The only time I have been remotely scared is when one of the dogs was protecting my from a suspicious person prowling around the house. If we are going to regulate pit bull ownership, we should regulate all dog ownership.

    Several other abused animals attack people. Most of these go unreported because the animal doesn't cause serious damage (I am one of these cases). The difference is the pit bull's jaw strength and tendency to latch on once they do bite. When treated properly and raised properly, a pit bull is about as likely to hurt someone as a golden retriever. And much more protective of its owners. When a pit bull does something like this, it is the owner who should be punished for raising the dog improperly or abusing it. The dog should be removed from the home and rehabilitated/retaught how to behave properly…lovingly and patiently.

  2. Sam Basso

    How many times does it need to be repeated: pit bulls aren't a breed, they are a type of dog, usually a mix of breeds with some common traits. It isn't possible to ban or regulate them with any sort of fairness. The way to stop this is to first preach responsible dog handling… how many of these dogs are trained, supervised, socialized, exercised and properly contained? Usually, that isn't the case at all. No big breed is safe if you aren't responsible with it. Same with owning a horse. If it was 100 years ago, we'd be reading about people being stomped to death by horses. Second, laws should always be crafted to define what is legal and to do with a dog, when a dog is allowed to bite and when it is a crime…

  3. Rebecca Furr

    Pit bulls should be banned nationwide! Enough is enough!

  4. Henry Wood

    That is not true, it is the breed that is a problem. Even these celebs that have these dogs because it is trendy to have a shelter case have problems with their pit bulls: Jessica Biel's 1st pit bull killed her 2nd pit bull that she brought home. Rachel Ray's pit bull bit the ear off a dog as a greeting once and has been in multiple bloody dog fights. Ira Glass' pit bull has bitten 7 people including himself, his wife, plus children all drawing blood. Do you really think Jessica Biel is beating aggression into her dogs, do you think Rachel Ray is kicking her dog everytime she walks by it or withholding food from it, NO! This breed is set by default to aggression! And their aggression when triggered (which can really be anything they have such a short fuse) is by far more destructive and prevalent than any other dog breed. They are killing and maiming children everyday in this country. Just choose another breed of dog, it's not that hard. There is no constitutional right to own whatever breed of dog you choose. This is not what they mean when they say America is a free country. We need to get our priorities straight: children come before dogs and their wacko owners.

  5. Jon Felosi

    Its gone way too far. The fanatical rabid pit bull owner and advocate base bombard people with lies and myths to portray these fighting dogs as misunderstood teddy bears. They spend so much time doing damage control and attacking those who speak out against them that they have done absolutely nothing to better the breed or ownership. They always scream "Get educated!" Then conveniently give you links to pro pit fluff, say everything is a conspiracy against them and pit bulls, etc; I think they should be licensed just like an exotic animal like a lion or hyena. We also need more of a blanket restriction or they will do like they did in the UK and call them something else like "staffordshires" They often spam that findthepitbull page, nearly every dog on there is either pit bull crosses or shares similar pedigrees, all of those breeds or anything with a similar pedigree and bloodlines should be restricted.

  6. Jon Felosi

    Total bullshit and proven wrong every time. And who cares if toy dogs and other animals attack? When they start sending droves to the morgues and trauma units like pit bulls does then your argument may be valid but it is not. It is not "how they are raised" They are NOT a blank slate or a ball of clay, they have a genetic drive to kill, maim and lock on until you either kill them or severely injure them. You all say genetics matter in other animals but never pit bulls, its ridiculous and everyone sees your contradicting statements and philosophy. You are way beyond damage control now, how could you be against license owners when you say its all up to the owners? What other measures could be taken to make sure they are always contained and away from children and people? You cant, licensing is the only thing that would work.

  7. Jon Felosi

    Also its a big coincidence that only owners of pit bulls are having these so called ordeals with smaller dogs. Nothing to see here, nothing that hasnt been spewed 1000000 times before

  8. Jon Felosi

    Maybe if your side would spend more time "preaching" responsible ownership and trying to do something positive instead of trolling the net doing damage control and attacking those who support BSL, then maybe it wouldnt have gone this far, but it has.

  9. Jon Felosi

    Also if this was 100 years ago we would be reading the same ole articles. Its always been pitbulls. Pit bull advocates like to say the dobermans and german shepherds were picked on in the 80s and 70s (usually different date ranges are quoted, never consistent) but I have researched this looking at old articles and archives. Its always been pit bulls!. Also they never was called a nanny dog, or anything of that matter. That is a lie from one of the first pit advocates in the 70s, its always been pit bulls and always will be. And you bring up that there is other breeds, No they arent, they are other cross breeds of pit bulls and offshoots people tried to rename for image reasons, but they are all pit bulls.

  10. Rebecca Furr

    A pit bull by any other name is still a pit bull, an ill bred dog that is unpredictable, tenacious and lethal. Pit bulls were never intended to be kept as pets, they were bred to fight and kill. Since we have outlawed dog fighting, we need to outlaw pit bulls as well because that is what they were bred for and that is what they will do sooner or later. In the interest of public safety these animals must be either strictly regulated the same way lions or bears are or they need to be banned outright. They are a man made malady that has caused the death of too many innocent children, elderly and pets already!

  11. Dennis Baker

    While anti BSL, pro pit advocates celebrate what they consider victories. We mourn another death of a innocent child. Thus far this year there have been 6 fatal dog attacks. In every one of these deaths only one breed (type) of dog has been the killer.The pit bull has been the only type of dog to take human life so far this year. Please Pray for the families and loved ones of the following. (Braxton Berchardt, 14 months old ) ( Ryan Maxwell, 7 years old ) (Isaiah Aguilar, 2 years old ) ( Esile Grace, 91 years old ) (Christian Gormanous, 4 years old ) (Betty Todd, 65 years old ) What kind of people find celebration while lives are lost. At this rate within the next 10 to 20 days We will be adding another innocent victim to this list. Please join Us to bring regulation that will reduce the mauling and killing.

  12. Jon Felosi

    Do you see people advocate for lightning though? Its there and we avoid it, No deaths from pit bulls or other dangerous dogs are acceptable.

  13. Rochelle Tropiano

    They were always intended to be kepts as pets and have been since before the 20's. IT IS HUMANS that have turned this breed into what it is today. I have owned Pit Bulls since I was 13 years old, I am now 40. Not one of my dogs has EVER attacked anything. If you want to blame someone, blame the owner, not the dog. It is like blaming a gun for shooting someone.

  14. Rochelle Tropiano

    And to add to the above. IF one of my dogs did attack someone, I would be the first one to have the animal put down. As with any dog, you have to take the responsibility of OWNERSHIP. They should be the one doing the jail time.

  15. Sarah Parker

    Did you know that the golden retriever is the breed with the most bites made towards humans? A pit bull is an animal and a beautiful, sweet dog if raised correctly. I have a friend who was attacked by a labor-doodle and was severely injured! But you didn't hear about that on the news? I am 100% against breed specific legislation bc in the end it is about the owner. You "geniuses" who sit here and talk about how the facts put out there aren't "real" facts. just made up shit to make the pit bull look good are the ones who need to take a look at yourself. I have friends that have pits, actually where I live the majority of people have either a pit or pit mix and never have I come across a vicious or mean one. I have however had a little jack russell chase me down on my bike and try to bite my heels….hmmm? Ceasar Millan is an advocate for these dogs and also claims them as one of his favorite breeds, why? Bc he actually takes the time to know the dog! Any dog can attack a person it is not breed specific.

  16. Jon Felosi

    Rochelle Tropiano They was NEVER bred to be pets, they are game dogs ,fighting dogs. The funny thing is the dog fighters knew too well about the danger of trying to keep these animals as pets. Now we have a bunch of people who think they are lion tamers who are out telling people they are family dogs, well they arent. They was bred for fighting and nothing else.

  17. Kimberly Ann Murton Popelka

    It's not the breed its the owner! All breeds can be dangerous! A vicious dog is a vicious dog DO NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THE BREED MOST ARE GREAT LOVING DOGS !!

  18. Tom Jones

    John your research is biased. I have done extensive research on the breed and no where did any of it state the b.s. you are writing. I own 2 and they are the best pets ever. I do not care what any of you say about the breed you will never convince me that my dogs are evil animals. Pull your heads out of the sand and stop hating the breed just to hear yourself sound like you matter. I love the breed you all hate them so who cares. Live your life and let others live theirs. The problem is you guys can't stay out of it you have to be heard. So if the powers of the world want me to get insurance and license so be it I will do so, question is when the license are all in place and us ptibull owners towing the line that you guys all want to happen. what happens when next time another breed bites? What then? I guess I will be hearing all of you chasing down the next criminal dog with all this crap. Just shut up I say and instead of siting B.S. do some real research until then keep your lashing out statements to yourself you opinions really don't matter.

  19. Janis Wiley

    Tom Jones – They are not evil animals like Jon Felosi wants us to believe. I too believe pitties are made into viscious dogs, they are not born viscious, AND they were called "Nanny dogs" in spite of what is posted above. I would love to own one, but live in an apartment community with breed restrictions.

  20. Rebecca Furr

    Pit bulls were BRED to FIGHT! What part of that do you not understand, pit pusher?

  21. Rebecca Furr

    Kimberly Ann Murton Popelka It IS the breed. It is NO coincidence that pit bulls KILL more people than ALL other kinds of dogs COMBINED!

  22. Barb Matthews

    What's amazing is the dog that attacked that little girl was returned to its owner with a citation to appear in court for a dog running at large. Wow.

  23. Shelley M Eaglesham

    You are a sick, twisted person & I personally hope you are NOT ever allowed around any precious fur babies. You & people with your mentality need to be locked up & the key thrown away

  24. Marko Boskovic


  25. Michael Laprise

    come fuck with my dog ill cut your cunt right out of you like a clam being shelled.

  26. Nannetta Cook

    What needs to be banned is uneducated idiots like you who posts threats on FB that target a specific breed of animal to do harm to get a reaction from the public. Hope you get the pyschological help you need before it is to late.

  27. Open Heart Rescue

    PEOPLE LIKE YOU NEED TO BE BANNED!!!!!!! YOU STUPID @#_&($)&*^#@$*_(&@#$&@#_(&@#(*$*_@#&$_)+@#*$%@#*(+$%@&#()+$&@#)(%*@#_)+&%*@#$()*@#)$%_@&#%*(^@#)($)@#(%&)*(@#%^)@#*$%)

  28. Rima Christie

    Rebecca you are a very DIM witted person… you don't know what you are talking about… just wondering if you graduated from nursery school…. try doing some research before your flap your lips and I do believe that your lips are the ones you are sitting on…

  29. Rebecca Furr

    Ah the usual obscenity laden drivel coming from the pitbull propaganda pool.. aka the scum of society. Do you idiots really think you are scaring me? Or do you think you are making me feel bad for hating pit bulls? Dream on.. because that will only happen in your dreams.

  30. Rebecca Furr

    Rima Christie YOU are the one who is DIM WITTED because you have the audacity to actually think that BREEDING has nothing to do with how an animal behaves. If breeding didn't matter, they would be racing MULES in the Kentucky Derby, hunting ducks with Greyhounds or pulling sleds with Yorkshire Terriers. Pitbull pushers are unbelievably dim witted with absolutely NO common sense. They are also the most inconsiderate people I have ever had the displeasure of communicating with. They care more for their ill bred mutant dogs than they do their neighbor's kids or even their own kids. Of course I wouldn't expect any different from people who are SO insecure in themselves that they have to live their lives vicariously through their dogs. Geez.. get a life!

  31. James Edward Davis

    That is wrong in so many ways…..these dogs, unlike lots of other breeds, are extremely unpredictable…a personal case…..A family in my apartment complex owns a pit bull ….he has been a part of their family for over 7 years and were told he is the sweetest dog…..I was walking behind a young lady walking a pug,,,,the pitbull and their owners we just walking by, and the pitbull went OUT OF HIS WAY to attack the pug….we all tried to pull the pitbull off, but weren't strong enough……the pug later died, and the police took to pitbull and he was later euthanized……good riddance…..people are nuts, if they think these dogs are not dangerous…..time after time after time, they are proven wrong, usually with horrible examples of vicious unprovoked attacks. My complex is now banning them….good riddance

  32. Robin Dopson

    my amstaff/pitbull and i were walking in my neighborhood. she was on a leash, licensed, and vaccinated. my neighbors akita got loose from his yard and nearly killed my dog and bit through my legs to get to her giving me several puncture wounds. my vet said he sees many pitbulls torn apart by akitas, but alas, its only pitbulls who are subject to BSL. any large strong athletic dog can be dangerous under certain conditions. people must be responsible owners, just like my neighbor. he should have had a secure fence. its not the breed, its the owners. yes they are a powerful athletic dog, but so are many others and they are not being banned.

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