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Justin Bieber Rant: I’m Not Like Lindsay Lohan, I’m Rich

Justin Bieber Instagram Rant

Justin Bieber wants his fans to know that he has love in his heart and that he is nothing like Lindsay Lohan because he’s rich.

In a rant posted to social photo sharing website Instagram, Bieber went off the rails on members of the press who he believes are unduly attacking his life decisions and strange behavior over the last few months.

In the Instagram post, Bieber writes, “It must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning [for me]. I know my talent level …”

At the end of his rant, Justin adds, “… to those comparing me to Lindsay Lohan look at her 2012 tax statements ;)”

We are not really sure what appearing to lose your mind has to do with considerable wealth or why Beiber chose to attack Lohan.

Apparently Justin Bieber or his handlers decided his entire Instagram post went to far. Shortly after it was placed online, the rant was removed from Instagram. Thankfully, screenshots were captured, and we have the full Justin Bieber rant for your perusal:

Justin Bieber Online Rant

I particularly like the part where Justin Bieber assumes his grandparents are too stupid to find a number for a member of the press.

Apparently, Justin Bieber associates his mental health directly with his 5 number one albums at the young age of 19 and his ability to “see the whole world.”

Justin claims that he has “love” in his heart, but attacking Lindsay Lohan is the exact type of reason that Bieber is receiving bad press. Bieber’s mental health has come under fire in recent months because he has attacked members of the paparazzi and was spotted wearing gas masks out in public among other run-ins.

In other news, Justin Bieber’s hamster died this week.

Do you think Justin Bieber is flying fully off the rails or is he just being a 19 year old kid who is still figuring out his life one day at a time?

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21 Responses to “Justin Bieber Rant: I’m Not Like Lindsay Lohan, I’m Rich”

  1. Cathy Ireland

    I'm not a fan of Beiber, actually I hate his music, but this shit is why he's flying off the rails. Quit being douche bags to the kid.

  2. Bobbie Newman

    He needs to settle down. Now bragging about his money. No wonder his pants were way down in one picture he is getting to big for them. I know him and Usher are friends I think he needs to get with him ASAP and sit this boy yes boy out. He is going to end up losing all this power he has over this little girls.. He got lucky to be where he is now and acting like a fool. Fact you get in that business you got to be ready for all is is complaining about pics, being followed. If you can't handle it Step Away. Like you said you have Money.. Go Away and grow up. Then give it another try since you know how much talent you have your words you said yourself..

  3. Lisandra DeLeon Pabon

    Leave that boy alone. I'd be pissed too if the media was always up my ass and talking shit. he is apparently fed up and is venting!

  4. Sharon Spindler

    He's just a kid! I hope he can keep his life together in a career in which that seems to be a very hard thing to do. I hope he makes it.

  5. SJ Tripi

    The curse of 27 can't come fast enough for this shit stain.

  6. Linda A Mangino

    I agree Bobbie…do not become arrogant Justin…believe it or not Lindsay was where you are and was a very successful movie star. Then came the drugs and the alcohol and the arrogance. Up until now most I think thought you were under control. The fact that you think being rich has anything to do with it is your downfall right there. Even if it is fact the difference is you never ever speak the words I am rich if you want respect. Anyone who has been around a little longer than your 19 yrs of age will tell you that 1 wrong investment, 1 wrong move, 1 wrong comment you cannot undo are all things that can bring you down. Do you think Tom Cruise would ever have thought he would tarnish his reputation when he jumped on Oprah Winfrey's couch? Selena was definitely good for you….do not undo everything you learned when you were with her. People who care if you are rich want nothing but your money. You need to find friends who love you even if you do not buy them things. The one who wins in the end is not the guy with the most toys…it is the guy who has touched the lives of so many in need without the paparazzi around. Oh and yes…the pants pulled down is so OLD it never was hip.

  7. Glenna Bible

    OK Mr. Bigshot, you are going to hit a wall eventually and wake up to smell the roses, or it might be too late, you might be a has-been. You may be able to sing, but if nobody buys your music, then what? Your fans made you and they can break you. Do you think you are smarter than Michael Jackson? Really? Look at his downfall. What about Britney Murphy. She was an actress, but look at her downfall. Kurt Cobain? Heath Ledger. Anna Nicole Smith? You need to get off of your high horse and plant your feet on solid ground. "What would Jesus do?" Whether you want it or not, you have youngsters watching your every move because they love you. What are you going to give them? Are they going to have to watch you dwindle down to nothing? You aren't any better than anybody else who has been in your position, what makes you think you are immune from failure? I want you to use the gift God has given you, because He can also take it away. What happened to your beliefs and your faith in Jesus? Have you left Him behind also? Is He also saddened by your pompous attitude? "Pride goes before a fall." Listen to your mom and your grandparents, they love you and will continue to love you, unconditionally. They will advise you for your own well-being and not expect anything in return. Don't let anybody use you, you don't need people around you like that. Quit partying. Don't do drugs. I will pray for you and my 2 grandchildren, who adore you, will pray for you too. Please don't disappoint them, I only want what is best for them. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Ignore the paparazzi Act like they aren't there. Try to avoid them. Some people are hardly ever harassed by them because they compromise. Let them take their pictures but leave them alone. Quit living such a public life, try to be private. And control your anger-GROW UP.

  8. Aiko De La Fuente

    Who freakin cares.. Justin Bieber is an asshole tool bag that like to hear himself talk… In fact all of do!!!! Nd I really don't give a monkeys what they say…. Is funny tho… But instead of talking bout important things in life we have to hear bout this crap instead of health issues or taxes or where the hell is my money goin when I work my ass off.. Can we talk bout something like that… Nd Justin Bieber is a snot nose punk ass kid who probably might get the stuffing beat out of him for talking way to much… That's my opinion….

  9. Kelly Yurasek

    Justin has accomplished more than 99% of people of the world have accomplished. He's a bit arrogant but I see it more as being defensive than anything. What's up with the press trying to drag him down? He's a young man – he is spreading messages of positivity. Leave him alone – stop trying to drag him down to the gutter along with most of the child stars – what's up with that? Justin has a good family dynamic and he hasn't really had the time to be a real teenager. If it looks like he's spouting off – hey – he deserves to – I'm very impressed with him and will support him no matter what. Justin – stay the course – keep remembering who you are – let the crap fall off you like water off a duck's back. Don't let the bastards get you down. You are a shining star and no one can take that from you but you. Don't over-react and make them right. You are good – you bring joy to the hearts of people. Music is God's voice. Please don't go the way of a lot of child stars that make it big and then crash and burn.

  10. Donna DeMuro

    You can tell he didn't make ANY of his money with his brains. I know when posting things, you typically use some sort of "shorthand", but the grammatical mistakes in his rant are numerous! "The people "in" my team(?) Should be ON my team. I could go on, but it's pointless. He's a talentless little boy who will have ABSOLUTELY NO STAYING POWER. Doubtful he'll be around for 30+ years like Springsteen, McCartney, The Rolling Stones…The tweens that now adore him will drop him like a hot potato as they age, and move on to someone more mature. Sure, he'll mature, but since most of his (and I use this word loosely) appeal is manufactured. He can't sing live, he certainly can't dance, and the costumes he wears on stage are just that, costumes. UGH! Gotta add one more thing, after looking at his picture. Someone should clue the person who colors his hair, that you're supposed to color the eyebrows too, otherwise the change looks waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too obvious, just like the picture posted in the article.

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