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Meet The Fokkens: Twin 70-Year-Old Amsterdam Prostitutes Announce Retirement

Amsterdam's oldest prostitutes

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Twin 70-year-old prostitutes have announced their retirement after a combined 100-year career and a sex quota of over 355,000 men.

Louise and Martine Fokkens are believed to be the oldest prostitutes in Amsterdam, and successfully worked the red-light district for decades before announcing their retirement, work on a tell-all book, and a recent documentary detailing their careers.

The twin prostitutes actually began their careers separately, and both after leaving violent relationships. Louise jumped in right away, explaining:

“My husband’s friends said it was the best way to make money so we decided to find out. I was 20 or 21 the first time. At first it was a problem for our mother and father, but later we all lived normally with it.”

Martine worked into her career slowly, beginning as a brothel cleaner before deciding to try her hand at prostitution to make more money. The two worked independently of each other until Louise visited Martine in the hospital while she was having her first baby. Surprised, the two talked it out and decided “that’s life” and moved on.

So why are these golden girls hanging up their g-strings for good? They simply say that they’re too old for the business. Louise, a mother of four, says that her arthritis now makes sexual positions “too painful.”

Martine, herself a mother of three, says that it’s getting hard to attract new partners, though she does have one elderly “steady” who drops by for a little S&M every week. “I couldn’t give him up. He’s been coming to me for so long like it’s like going to church on a Sunday,” she said.

The twins were the subject of a documentary film last year called, you guessed it, Meet the Fokkens, and have written a book about their career called The Ladies of Amsterdam.

They recall fondly the “golden years” of the oldest business in the world, before the Netherlands legalized prostitution and the sex trade was taken over by “eastern European mafia.”

“It is very different now. We used to sit in the windows with clothes on. Today they are totally naked,” said Louise. “There are few Dutch women and no sense of community these days.”

“The legalization of brothels in 2000 has not improved prostitutes’ lives,” Martine added. “There is no point working just for tax. That is why the girls are working from the internet and from home – you are less likely to be spotted by the taxman. It is better for the pimps and the foreigners, but not for the Dutch girls.”

Martine and Louise say that they hope to now live off their earnings from their book and film.

Twin Amsterdam prostitutes

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21 Responses to “Meet The Fokkens: Twin 70-Year-Old Amsterdam Prostitutes Announce Retirement”

  1. Fay Thacker

    Good for you ladies,,, hope you have a ton of money put away,,, my husband always said why give it away when you can make a living from it,,,, the government said it our body so we can kill a child that we conseaved knowing what we were doing could result in getting with child,,,,so if I can kill a child that I put inside me,,, why can't I legally charge to rent out my body .

  2. Fay Thacker

    I never have ,,, but I will not try and take your right to do,,,,again I ask if I can kill a baby,,,because it is in my body,,, why can't I rent that same body out,,,,

  3. Scott Woody

    fitting coming from a person with female look alike parts from Kentucky, was your husband also your brother… or maybe your daddy?

  4. Roberta Welch

    i dont like the fact some whore is out there messing around with good womens husbands. if they dont like whats at home they need to move on.

  5. Fay Thacker

    Scott, I am sorry you manly parts aren't up to,,,, well anything ,,,lol.. But you could get help for that,,,,my Daddy was a coal miner who worked underground to take care of the family he brought into this world,,,, he didn't try to kill them so that he could save a bit of money,,,, so my question remains the same if you can KILL a child simply because you don't want to Carrie that child,, why is it illegal to rent your body out,,,, Scott you may need some little blue pills,,

  6. Dan Fitzpatrick

    What kind of targeted ads are you receiving since reading that story?

  7. Kelly Fitzpatrick

    Funny you should ask, Dan. Just got one for "Cheap Amsterdam Hotels".

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