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Wrestler Throws Medal In Garbage After Winning Second Place

wrestler throws out medal

An Iowa wrestler threw his medal in the garbage after taking second place at a Big Ten Tournament.

Matt McDonough entered the tournament as the number one seed in the 125 lb weight class and was going up against a wrestler that he had beaten twice in the past.

McDonough couldn’t pull out the victory, however, and lost to Jesse Delgado during the Championship match.

McDonough, like several of Iowa’s other top wrestlers, were disappointed with the results of the tournament.

Black Heart Gold Pants writes: “For the first time since 2006 (and just the third time since 1970), Iowa went home without a single individual conference champion.”

When you wrestle for one of the best teams in the country (Iowa has won 23 NCAA National Championships since 1975) and when you’re one of the best wrestlers in your division, it has to be hard to hold a second place medal. Still, most wrestler’s wouldn’t throw a second place medal in the garbage.

Sam Louwagie, a reporter for the Daily Iowan, posted an image of the medal on Twitter and has received a lot of feedback from wrestling fans. According to Louwagie, the discarded medal shows that Iowa just isn’t satisfied with second place.

In other words, Iowa has a Ricky Bobby mentality toward sports: “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

Of course, Iowa should probably finishing watching Talladega Nights so that they can fully understand the movie’s profound message.

Do you think the wrestler should have been proud of second place? Do you blame him for throwing his medal in the garbage?

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27 Responses to “Wrestler Throws Medal In Garbage After Winning Second Place”

  1. Douglas DeForce

    Hes an idiot a loser and a poor sport.He should be proud of 2nd place he could have been in 12 place LOL that's where he is in life.

  2. Josh Moats

    Should be banned from any future events for poor sportsmanship..Iowa doesn't like 2nd place in wrestling because it is the ONLY sport they aren't consistently near or at the bottom of.

  3. Michael Szwargulski

    You pull your big boy pants up, accept the metal with greaditude and move on. Throwing the metal in the trash only demeans yourself. This night you were beaten by a better oppoient. That should motive you.

  4. Anonymous

    He was beaten plain and simple.Grow up…all great sportsman don't win all the time.Get a grip on yourself pansy.

  5. Paul Ducote

    I guess his coachs over the years never taught him about losing, plus sounds like hes a spoiled young man, needs to grow up. if I was his coach, he wouldn't wrestle again. I had to nephews who were great high school wrestlers, one was all-state champion, this boy couldn't hold a candle to them.

  6. David Slaughter

    what ever happened to sportsmanship and gentlemen……gone forever?

  7. David Slaughter

    whatever happened to sprtsmanship and being a gentleman? gone forever?

  8. Matt Longfellow

    How is he a cry baby because he threw the medal away? When you train to be 1st, you're coached to be 1st, and you're ranked 1st, 2nd place shouldn't be satisfying. If he would have acted like a d bag towards the winner or anyone else that's one thing. It's his medal though and he can do with it what he wants. I see it as his dedication to be the best, not being a cry baby. Not everyone is proud of failing to acheive their goals.

    To Paul, no offense, but your 2 nephews are not better at wrestling than the worst kid on the Hawkeyes. Not to offend you, it's just fact. Their worst wrestler is usually a 4 time state champion and has 2 or less losses in his entire highschool wrestling career.

  9. Josh Moats

    How is their worse wrestler a 4 time state champion…wouldn't that make him one of their best? Your logic is seriously flawed and who knows that guy Pauls nephews very well might be better.

    If a person cannot accept anything other than 1st place then they shouldn't compete because there's always going to be someone better than you

  10. Ned Nifty

    Wow what a sore loser. Even the best athletes lose sometimes. In this case, Matt McDonough was beaten by a better wrestler in his same weight class. Matt has brought shame not only to his Iowa school, his fellow wrestlers, his family and friends. Matt's immature, loser actions have made his loss more glaring, now that it is being seen on an international scale.

  11. Josh Moats

    Matt Longfellow well clearly this year the Hawkeyes aren't the best since they had ZERO Individual Champions

  12. Andrew Michael Storm

    His attitude speaks to WHY Iowa won no First Place medals! He was beaten by a wrestler who he felt he would beat due to PAST records and his ranking. He forgot that you have to put in Championship effort to win Championships. The other kid beat him and his attitude came out. Being from "one of the best" programs in the Country does not guarantee victories; and obviously it does not guarantee you have a winning attitude. It is a "winning" attitude you need, not an attitude that you SHOULD win due to who you are!

  13. George Hall

    Kudos (ha ha) to the editor for the line that states "wins second place". You don't win second place. If you win you finish in first place. You might win a second place medal but you don't win second.

  14. Duke Merren

    Takes a athlete to understand stuff like this….maybe he was right to dump it..don't talk what you don't know people..

  15. Duke Merren

    too much technology ruins the true sportsman….the true spartan..sportsman will start to look for tech to do the job more than his/her arms and legs..when last you seen a Cassius Clay or Eddy Merckx? huh?

  16. Donald E. Straub

    If the medal is accurately depicted, it is ugly. By itself, the act of placing it in the trash is just a matter of sensible housekeeping. In real life, there is seldom a reward for being the first loser. How many times do we tell someone to put his losses behind him and to move on? If it helps him to forget and move on, why grouse about how he rid himself of an unpleasant memory?

  17. Donald E. Straub

    Other articles make it clear we wouldn't know the medal had been thrown away if it hadn't been found by trashpickers. Eeeyoo! It could be he was merely careless, possibly dazed, and parted with it unintentionally. Any inferences about sportsmanship could be way off.

  18. Derick N Deanna Burton

    This isn't a question of his sportsmanship. He accepted the medal with grace and stood on the podium without throwing a fit. He tossed the medal out in a private moment that was eavesdropped on and then exploited in the Daily Iowan by a trash picker and sorry excuse for a journalist. Why is this even news. If anything, people should be upset he didn't toss it in the recycle bin, instead. Only true competitors understand where McD's head was at when he threw that medal in the trash. You learn from your mistakes, you don't need a shiney medal as a constant reminder.

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