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Jenelle Evans Leaves Rehab After Four Days

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has left rehab after four days.

This is reportedly the second time in nearly two weeks that Evans has left a rehabilitation facility after only a handful of days. She was supposed to receive treatment for her alleged heroine addiction.

Jenelle Evans previously entered rehab towards the end of last month. However, she decided to leave that facility after only a few days as well.

“Jenelle just needed to spend some time trying to figure things out,” one source explained to Radar Online. “She wasn’t in rehab that long because she doesn’t think she really needs it. She’s ready to live her life like a normal person not on drugs or dealing with the crappy guys who were around her.”

Although Jenelle Evans reportedly checked into rehab in order to deal with some personal issues, she apparently no longer feels she need treatment. Shortly after she left the facility, the Teen Mom 2 star quickly returned to the world of social media.

Evans has already posted pictures to Instagram and sent out several posts on Twitter. She stated that she isn’t addicted to drugs anymore and that she’s exactly where she wants to be in life.

“I’ve been sober since November of 2012 and everyone knows this,” she wrote on the micro-blogging website.

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