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Student Sexting Scandal Leads To School Staffer’s Arrest

florida high school sexting

Florida high school clerk Jody Onorato was arrested for sending naked photos to students. The school employee was confronted by the mothers of two teenagers before the allegations became public.

Jody Onorato is accused of sexting dozens of naked photos of herself to two Florida teenagers over the past year. The now former school clerk reportedly apologized to the mothers during her brief conversations with the women. Onorato has been charged with two counts of transmitting harmful material to a minor.

The 43-year-old Vanguard High School attendance clerk allegedly sent multiple sexts to students from the school. One student who received naked photos of the Florida school clerk is 17, and the other was 18 at the time of the alleged incident. Under state law, the 18-year-old student was still considered a minor when the alleged sexting incidents took place.

Ocala police officers were informed of the supposed sexts with naked photos when the 17-year-old student confessed to his mother about the illicit images. The mother reportedly questioned her son after hearing about rumors floating around the high school about the sexting photos.

The young man told law enforcement investigators that Jody Onorato sent him a total of 26 naked photos in the sexting messages. The other student also claims to have received nude images of the school clerk, but told police officers he deleted them.

Police officers recorded phones calls between the mothers and the Florida school clerk. The recordings appear to indicate that the divorced woman said she was sorry for sexting the teenage boys and claimed she sent the nude photos to get attention.

The teenage boys and Onorato all stated there was no physical contact involved. During questioning by Ocala police officers, the former school clerk claimed she did not recall when she sent the sexts to the students, but thought it had been over a year ago. A $10,000 bond was set in the Jody Onorato sexting case.

What do you think about the Florida school clerk sexting students nude photos?

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3 Responses to “Student Sexting Scandal Leads To School Staffer’s Arrest”

  1. Sandra White

    Unbelievable, now I know how my kids got into this kind of situation also. Teachers are on this kind of stuff?
    I have this kind of problem before where I accidently saw conversation with sexual nature on my daughter’s facebook account. She uses her smartphone to be on facebook all the time. I am concerned after reading about this sexting thing that teenagers do.
    Then I saw this software and installed on my daughter’s smartphone but if she access facebook from home computer, I won’t know about that. So I use an online service called pgguard ( that informs me on such suspicious incidents regardless of the device my daughter uses. Any parent wouldn't want their children to have scandal at a young age. But how can be so calm if the persons we trust to educate our kids are the ones teaching them this kind of stupidity?

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