NBA Jam slam dunking on Wii in 2010

Mega-publisher EA just announced plans to release a 21st Century remake of NBA Jam, the basketball videogame for people who aren’t that interested in basketball (me), but who are interested in videogames (again, me).

The original game was released in 1993, and its wacky, tongue-in-cheek brand of 2-on-2 basketball quickly ensured it was a hit. Rumors in recent days have mentioned a return for the series, and today EA confirmed the speculation was true – NBA Jam is getting relaunched later this year on Nintendo’s Wii console.

So what’s it going to bring? The press release isn’t packed with detail, though we are told it will feature “new game modes, characters and gameplay depth” and some fancy new visuals to boot (calm down, that’s the SNES version above). But to heck with all that: if it still has Big Head mode, I’m happy. Now let’s enjoy some old skool Jam:

[Via press release]