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‘X Factor’s’ Melanie Amaro Dropped From Epic Records

Epic Records

When Melanie Amaro won the first season of X Factor for the US, many people were wondering what would happen to Amaro, the girl, who from the beginning was a favorite to win. Now it seems as though we have that answer as Amaro has been dropped from Epic Records.

The reason for Melanie Amaro’s departure is simple, the 20-year-old failed to capture an audience past the 2011 season of X Factor. Despite all of her promise she had to offer, and the championing by music expert Simon Cowell, Amaro’s journey was short-lived and most people are only familiar with her from her Super Bowl commercial she released with Elton John after her X Factor win.

In addition, Melanie Amaro was dropped because Epic Records tried to place her on top 40 with three singles, but all three failed to gain any traction. Her most recent single “Long Distance” from her debut album “Truly” was released around December, which was followed up by a liveX Factor performance, but it still didn’t gain the attention, with the song a flip. In addition, Amaro’s debut album was supposed to be released in 2012, but the album was delayed multiple times.

So far the album has been pushed back to December 31, 2013 but it’s not known whether or not it will actually ever come out, as Amaro has been dropped from Epic Records’ artist roster. In addition to the record contract, Amaro walked away with a whopping $5 million dollars, but we’re wondering if that’s going to happen now.

Right now Epic’s top horses on their roster is Jennifer Lopez, Sean Kingston and Ciara. Hopefully for the label’s sake they focus more on Jennifer Lopez.

Epic Records

It looks like X Factor has forgotten Amaro as well even though they gave the singer a spot to perform her third and what’s assumed to be a last single. During the finale of this year’sX Factor there was a lot of build up to the next chapter in the contestants lives but not one mention of the actual winner.

Are you surprised by Epic Records decision to drop Melanie Amaro? Do you think this is a reflection of X Factor’s streak or the collapse of record labels?

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45 Responses to “‘X Factor’s’ Melanie Amaro Dropped From Epic Records”

  1. Kalyn Klock

    Lmao…is this who won?? Oh I only remember Chris Rene who is still signed to Epic.

  2. Michelle Glick

    lol omg ur to funny Kalyn!!! i love that u put that!!! well srry this girl didnt do anything, and if supposibly America voted for her to win so where did all her fans go??

  3. Monique Hamilton

    So it's finally official. That sucks. They did nothing for her.

  4. Richard Taylor

    sorry guys tired of hearing bout chris rene with out auto tune the guy cant hold a note on the other hand the songs that were written for Melenie were terrible. She just needs to find the write songs and a label that suits her. Lets not forget Lady Gaga was dropped once too!

  5. Bernou Reekers

    my goodnes.. I dont agree on what you said though! because XFUSA isn't a joke, IF you work hard and get signed to the right companies it should work out for you.. there must have happened something else to make this decision! compare it to E3 and 5H I know that they are working their butts of now as well.. and as far as that seems it's going to be atleast a little success! but we'll have to wait and see. All I'm trying to say is we don't know what's going on inside the company

  6. Amy Joyce

    I know this is not the popular vote but I don't think she did anything wrong. She was not my choice but to be honest I really wished the best for all of them. There is enough room in the music world for everyone.
    Sorry, I got a huge reality check today and I've learned a lot about what's important.
    With that being said Jersey you know I love you <3

  7. Arlene Jaye

    It's a plain and simple case of mismanagement. Melanie was kept out of the public eye and forced to record songs that did not showcase her talent and were not hit material. I hope Melanie has hung onto enough of the money that she won to invest it in her career, and that she finds a new label that will recognize what a brilliant, very marketable talent she is.

  8. Shanna Bookal

    Um…I don't appreciate the negativity from most of you. Shame on you for thinking its okay to belittle another person just because you feel like it- it's a horrible display of character and even more horrid example of how to act on social media. Melanie goes to my church so it is a FACT that she is truly talented and blessed. With the help of God she'll find the right path for her despite any of what you nay-sayers think.

  9. Laurie Clark

    Seriously think Epic stinks. I forget who they signed? Her, Chris, Marcus and think Astro too? I don't know how they promoted ANY of them! I obviously have NO understanding of how this business works, but think they did a REALLY bad job. And I think her singles were terrible. Maybe she'll (and ALL of them) will end up signing with someone that knows what they're doing! i am surprised they would drop her already though.. she already gets the big bucks, so why wouldn't they just try to go in a different direction with her? Or team her up with someone else? Idk, I don't get the music industry at all!

  10. Amy Joyce

    This is not how the music industry works when done correctly and you know that I know what I'm talking about . There is something that we just don't and never will know about. I still stand by my belief which is that although Melanie is so far not what I choose to listen to her voice is undeniably beautiful and if she were to come out with music that I liked then I would buy it.

  11. Amy Joyce

    Hahaha Laurie it won't let me tag you all of a sudden

  12. Kalyn Klock

    A previous article states that the people responsible for the Xfactor talent were fired. Promotion was never done correct for any of them. There are new people in place, after Chris's meeting several of them including a VP tweeted & followed many of his fans. That bein said, I personally dont care for Melanie, her voice is not unique for me, to me she's just another who sounds like Whitney or Mariah. My opinion though.

  13. Kalyn Klock

    And honestly when I wrote my comment to this article I had no idea it would post to my FB LOL

  14. Linda Griri


  15. Lili Perez

    I am happy they dropped her. they just slowed her down. she will go on to bigger and better things. Love you Melanie Amaro.

  16. Krista Smith

    I think it was because Melanie didn't hop all over the stage….people can't just sit and listen and watch a person with an amazing voice and beautiful eyes sing anymore, if there isn't smoke, lights, dancers and gliz they consider them not worth watching. Epic didn't market Melanie, LA was to busy worrying about her weight. I hope later down the line a smart label signs her and we get to hear more of her amazing voice. There is a market for her music…if someone markets her right.

  17. Kalyn Klock

    U couldn't be more incorrect!! Have u seen Chris live?? I have many times, he has a beautiful voice & doesn't need auto tune! He sings acoustic & until u see him perform live maybe u should keep ur incorrect comment to yourself!!

  18. Robert Anton

    There's dozens, if not hundreds, of instances of artists being dropped by one label only to find a home and become successful at another label. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, The Jonas Brothers, etc etc. If she continues to believe in herself and pound the pavement; maybe she'll come out on top.

  19. Robert Anton

    I liked Chris on his orignal songs. Didnt he perform one of them 3 times during the season? He was pretty bad on most of the other things he did.

  20. Richard Taylor

    im not the one that brought him up. i wish him all the best just tired of peeps like you that put others down. and just because he sings like does not mean he is not auto tuned. just sayin

  21. Mary D

    She has an amazing voice but completely lacks the charisma to be a superstar. I'm not talking about appearances because she is a beautiful girl, but she just doesn't have the personality to shine in an incredibly competitive market.

  22. Gary Rhyne

    Stacy Smith-Mason -Not me , I don't feel sorry for her !….I could confirm there were times that her, XF success was going to her head therefore, setting herself up for failure . I feel like a damn fool voting for that fake on and off accent mega-diva- wannabe for 2 straight hours ;A complete waste of my time when could've been getting laid ! It's very important for these newly aspired tv/reality talent show contestants to be very humble and genuine to the media and the public eye alike for, these very same people can make or break these successful talent show contestants with new- found fame just ask Melanie,lol !

  23. Jeanne Stewart

    She was not dropped. Epic records said she wasn't. When she won the contract she has had to pay for her own recording from the money she has gotten that is what the hold up is. She is still signed!

  24. Bonnie L Handwerker-Horowitz

    So sad that my hometown girl never got the much deserved opportunity she had hoped for. Simon Cowell totally dropped the ball on her. You cannot wait an entire year after winning a show to market a person. The core audience today being so young has an attention span of 3 seconds and whoever handled her selection of music destroyed a once promising career of a talented girl. What a pity. If I were her, I would find an independent label to help market and showcase her talent and lead her on the right path.

  25. Michael Bishop

    Owned the show?!?! I have no clue what show you were watching, but it was not XFactor he was at best, mediocre.

  26. Anonymous

    Larryj Corbett — Actually, you are the loser for not being capable of spelling the word correctly!

  27. Anonymous

    Richard Taylor — Kaylyn sounds a little butt hurt over any criticism of Rene. She wants to be his bitch but she does not exist for him…. Tooo Bad, insignificant little girl!

  28. Anonymous

    Michelle Glick How is that even funny. It sounds more like jealousy from two no talent bitches!

  29. Gunny King

    I'm not sure that is true. She gets one million a year for 5 years just for winning and does not need to pay for her recordings. Simon stated that in an interview.

  30. Ann Kerkman

    I also agree that X Factor and Epic Records failed Melanie. They gave her songs that did not suit her and did not market her correctly. She has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. I got goosebumps hearing her. There is a market for her music. I would buy her album in a minute. I hope she is strong and hangs in there and finds her audience. She has so much talent.

  31. Wanda Williams-Ebron

    Melanie is great, I agree with Ann K., X Factor failed Melanie. Often times people try to change the very thing that people like about an artist in an attempt to encompass every genre of music instead of developing what is already great.

  32. Latrena Amaro

    my name is latrena Amaro she is related to me I think she just fine she will fine her way on the path that god send her on we all know what you have to do to get to the top and who you have to serve to get there if she choose god way because she is a christian then so be it. I would not want to see my family go crazy over money what ever she do i will support her but she doing what she need to do not what everyone els want her to do we love u mel keep it up

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