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Woman Drowns Son For Having Small Penis

Woman Drowns Son

Sadly a woman drowning her own kin isn’t something out of the ordinary in a news cycle. However, this story stands out from the others, just from the supposed motive. According to the Huffington Post, an Indonesian woman killed her 9-year-old son for having a small penis.

The woman is said to have drowned her own 9-year-old son in the bathtub. According to a police officer, the mother was afraid his “small penis” would affect his prospects later on in life, and decided there was only one solution for the boy.

According police spokesperson Rikwanto, the 38-year-old mother told the police about her deceased son’s small penis, claiming that before he was circumcised he had a small penis. The mother then continued, explaining that his penis shrunk further more after the operation.

Rikwanto continued, telling the AFP about the mother’s horrifying reason for drowning her 9-year-old son, having said:

“She told police investigators that she killed him as he would have a bleak future with his small penis. She drowned her son in a bathtub filled with water. She then dressed him and laid him on a bed. After that, she went to a nearby police office to report her crime.”

Oddly enough, the mother was fully aware of what she was doing and was conscious of everything around her. Despite that, police had ordered a full psychological evaluation to assess her medical condition.

Are you shocked by how this boy died? Are you surprised that the mother was fully aware of what she was doing? Sound off here.

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6 Responses to “Woman Drowns Son For Having Small Penis”

  1. Margret Dupont

    WTH3LL is wrong with people? No sane person could do this. Who is she to play God? It disgusts me that there is NO END to the evil mankind can conjure up……just want to puke up my coffee on this one!

  2. Cheri Carpenter-Lundstrom

    You hit the nail on the head. No sane person……. Accept that insanity exists and stop worrying about so called "evil". Crazy is as crazy does with or without good and evil.

  3. George Hussein Cruickshank

    lol yeah; that's it. Nobody should be circumcised anywhere, because Indonesia is the benchmark for medical excellence.

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