142 mph dui

142 MPH DUI Gets Man Community Service

What does driving 142 mph with a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit get you? In addition to a terrible headache? Just 100 hours of community service.

Dean A. Suominen, 37, was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and more than $3000 worth in fines, fees and restitution after he was arrested for a DUI earlier this year.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Suominen crashed his Dodge Charger in Naperville, a suburb of Chicago, while driving with a.20 blood alcohol level. An on board computer clocked the car at 142 mph before it left the road and struck a billboard.

The driver was taken to the hospital after the crash with non-life-threatening injuries. No bystanders were injured in the crash but the Suntimes reports that one of the car’s tires, which flew off the vehicle during the crash, damaged a nearby Audi.

Suominen, who did not have any previous alcohol-related driving offenses, managed to avoid jail time for his 142 mph DUI but he will have to perform 100 hours of community service and pay more than $3000 in fines. City Prosecutor Mike DiSanto said that Souminen will also have to undergo an alcohol evaluation course and attend a victim impact panel.

Are you surprised that Suominen avoided jail time for his 142 mph DUI?