Harry Styles Takes Onstage Tumble After Shoe Thrown By Fan

Harry Styles Hit By Shoe On Stage, Goes Flying [Video]

Harry Styles may be the object of millions of young girls affections, but that didn’t stop a fan throwing a shoe at the singer during a One Direction concert last night.

Inevitably a video of the bizarre incident has made its way onto YouTube, and in it Styles can be seen doubling over in pain after being hit in the groin by the shoe — before falling to the stage.

One member of the five-strong band can also be heard shouting: “Man down.”

Currently in the middle of their “Take Me Home” tour, the band were appearing at Glasgow’s SECC center when the shoes were thrown. Yes, that’s right, plural.

Before the second shoe hit Styles, another footwear item was flung on stage just seconds earlier, but didn’t hit any of the band. After the first one landed on the stage, Styles held it up for the audience, saying: “It’s a shoe,” Sky News reports.

A second shoe was then thrown at the 19-year-old, and this time it landed.

According to The Daily Record, the drama occurred at a moment when the band were taking Twitter questions on stage. However, after being hit by the shoe, Styles appeared flustered as he picked himself up.

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