Grace Montgomery Cast As Lead In ‘Gothica’

Gothica, CBS’ new “monster drama,” has finally found its leading lady. Janet Montgomery has signed on to play Grace Van Helsing. Montgomery is probably best known to US audiences for her work in the short lived family drama Made in Jersey that was canceled after just two episodes aired.

Not to be confused with Gothika, the Halle Berry movie about a woman who gets locked in an insane asylum with a killer ghost, this CBS Gothic soap opera blends the mythology of a couple of the greatest monsters and villains in the history of literature.

The Hollwood Reporter says that Montgomery will star alongside Chris Egan (playing Dorian Gray) and Tom Ellis (playing Victor Frankenstein). It appears that there will be a bit of a love triangle between Grace Van Helsing, Dorian Gray, and Victor Frankenstein. The story is set up so that Van Helsing once dated Frankenstein, and he is still in love with her.

Deadline says that the situation is complicated when Van Helsing (who is a pulitzer prize winning writer from New York) comes back to her home town to take over her family’s newspaper and find out who killed her parents. Egan’s Gray gives her the $20 million it takes to retain control of the local paper.

Reports indicate that these three are not the only names that will jump off the page at audiences. As the series evolves, viewers will be introduced to Dracula and Jekyll and Hyde type characters. One interesting tidbit is that this is the second show in two years to have a character that will re-imagine the legend of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Gothica is likely hoping that its re-imaging will do better than the show Do No Harm which was canceled after also airing just two episodes. Janet Montgomery had been sought after by several new series so some in Hollywood are looking at Gothica landing the young british actress as a bit of a coup.