Netflix Launches The ‘Flixie’ Awards

The Oscars might be over, but Netflix is hoping you haven’t had your fill guessing at award winners. The streaming video site recently announced that it will be having an awards service all its very own called the Flixies.

Now boasting more than 30 million users, the company is apparently looking to find new ways to get noticed. The Flixies isn’t your average, every day kind of award initiative. The program, which is open to anyone who wants to go vote on the official website, divides a plethora of movies and television shows up into distinctive categories.

Instead of voting for your favorite actor, you can vote for the movie or television show that serves as the best “Bromance.” Instead of trying to cast a vote for best animated film, you can cast a vote for the best “Tantrum Tamer.”

As VentureBeat points out, the Flixies are essentially a way to try and get people to think about the emotional responses elicited from these shows rather than who our favorite director is. In total, there are seven different categories in which you can cast votes.

In addition to “Bromance” and “Tantrum Tamer,” you can also choose the best “Hangover Cure,” “Commute Shortner,” “Guilty Pleasure,” “PMS Drama,” and “TV Marathon.” Netflix is also looking to get suggestions from voters on names for new categories. Whether these suggestions will actually be used on the Netflix site or the next Flixies in unclear at the moment.

Netflix told The Next Web that the Flixies are designed to honor “the new viewing habits of today’s entertainment watchers.” Netflix is, of course, talking about the people who choose to stream hours of video to their home computers, televisions, or mobile devices as opposed to renting DVDs or movies on demand.

The Flixies voting runs through March 10, and the top three selections from each category will be announced on Monday, March 11.